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    Has anyone tried gnome 2.7.1 yet?

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    Found a cool program called Webmin

    Been using it for years.....and I love it.
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    Evil Genius Union Signup

    OS: Ubuntu Dapper Drake with compiz + xgl Hardware: Pentium D 820 (2x2.8ghz) overclocked to 2x3.73 ghz, 1gig DDR2-667 cas3 Plans to take of the world: Underway already. (H5N1 is my pride and joy)
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    Middle click on feature articles!

    I am using "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20060111 Firefox/" and I cannot middle click on the feature article ie: "ASUS A86 MVP". I can still do it on the image to the left though.
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    Post your Smoothie/ipcop/etc. specs

    1 ghz Celeron 256 mb SD RAM 80 GB HDD (Samsung)
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    Pentium M + 915 chipset...
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    11th commandment - 1st book Moses : Exodus

    What speed have you been able to get that processor up to?
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    What board to get for overclocking a Pentium D 820?

    It does look like a great board, but it is certainly not very cheap. :(
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    What board to get for overclocking a Pentium D 820?

    Topic says it all, I have been looking at the Foxconn board and the Abit board and was wondering if anyone had any experience with either. I like the 945 chipset (955 is good to, but I don't want to lay out a bunch of $$$). I will be putting a Pentium D 820 in and I will be cooling with water.
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    Any way to rig up a Centrino antenna?

    I agree, you will have to fish the antenna around inside your laptop anywhere it will fit. I'm not suprised at all that the wireless doesn't work unless your laptop is practically touching your access point.
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    Undeletable "logs" folder

    Use Process Explorer to find which process is hanging on to the file handle.
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    Are your DESKTOP computers wired or wireless?

    Gigabit or bust! Intel Pro 1000 in all machines, with the file server running 66 MHz PCI.
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    Let's Benchmark Our SMP Systems

    this other relative computer computer performance Dhrystone 2.1 6262 11682 kDhryst. 53 percent Whetstone 1542 2522 MFLOPS 61 percent Eight queens problem 9980...
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    Ultimate Boot CD

    Cool....I was half-assed working on a BartPE CD like this a while ago and gave up!
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    P4 3.2 Prescott heating problems

    Any 3.2E's that I have seen run very hot even with intel approved cases with the side tunnel and case fan. =-/
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    Why Linux?

  17. J

    General Mayhem??

    You mean December 2000, right? ;) -Regards Stoltenborg
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    General Mayhem??

    $25 is toooo much.
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    General Mayhem??

    heh, I had almost forgotten about the Animal love :)
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    General Mayhem??

    That station wagon was the best chop thread ever, IMO, on either genmay
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    Installing Gentoo

    Yes and Yes :)
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    General Mayhem??

    Might as well post this for people that are out of the loop :)
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    Evolution 2

    I've been using development versions of evolution for a while now, and they have been good to me :)
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    Post your Linux Programs

    Mozilla-Firefox - Web browser Xchat2 - IRC Client Ximian Evolution - Mail client Gnome-dev 2.7.1 - WM Ximian patchset - Office suite Gaim - IM client
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    Has anyone tried gnome 2.7.1 yet?

    Portage on Gentoo pretty much did everything for me, all I had to do is download a tarball of ebuilds from and type in "emerge -u world" :cool: I would assume that someone out there has the binary on an apt repository that you could use.
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    Going from XP back to ME?

    I have ran XP on a Pentium 233 system, and with 256 megs of RAM it was usable. I would use _Anything_ over Windows ME if I had the choice. With windowsXP, did you tweak the UI at all? There is quite a few bits of eye candy and services you can turn off to make the system far more responsive...
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    How to increase font size in new forums on IE based browsers?

    IE sucks donkey nuts.
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    Has anyone tried gnome 2.7.1 yet?

    I've been poking around once and a while still :D Been hanging around genmay mostly. Here are the new things I have found so far, most of them open with warnings about how they are definately pre-release ;) From what I can tell so far, gnome 2.8 will be pretty damn sweet :cool:
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    Has anyone tried gnome 2.7.1 yet?

    I am compiling it right now, if anyone has it already, I wouldn't mind hearing about it, good or bad.
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    Opening Lan Center: need T1soCal

    Why not get some sort of commercial Cable connection for far cheaper?
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    Cisco 2620 help?

    A)You will need a rollover cable B)Use hyperterminal or something similar to connect to the router C)If the router is password protected - D)learn how to use the thing :)
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    What Distro of linux are you running?

    Just kinda curious about what everyone is running. I have been running Gentoo myself for about a year. Today I just deleted my WindowsXP drive (80 gigs) and dedicated it to linux storage :cool:
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    AMD Tm 1035 Cmp

    banana phone!
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    Hey the [H] is back!

    ya....what took so long?!?