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    Moving Sale - College Apartment Stuff FS (Local Pickup Only)

    bump for hawt price on those speakers for what might be an easy repair.
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    Yamaha CRW-F1 USB 2.0 CDRW Drive (external)

    Bumpage bercause i have one, and the first time i used it i put nekkid ladies on the back. mmm -mike
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    WTB A64 SFF Socket 754

    In a nutshell: ME WANT a64 SFF for my Paypal Cash (black preferred) and 512 mb pc3200 / decent Vidcard if price is right. By decent, I mean better than my GF mx440, needs to have dual monitor out in some form. Hey Hey, Just put my DOA Ideq 200p up for RMA to Newegg, and I'm getting a...
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    Read the rules, or your thread(s) are toast

    let the "Why did my thread get deleted" threads begin! Heh, some people will never get it, but hopefully this will help. Thanks for putting up with everything to make my experience joyful! -Mike
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    160CFM Delta 1212SHE fans $4!!!

    i'll have to stop by their store some time. right down the street from fry's. -Mike
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    Where can I buy a keyboard for the blind

    That sounds like an idea, thanks. I was thinking of picking up vinyl letters but these would probably be easier to feel. Good suggestion, -mike
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    Where can I buy a keyboard for the blind

    Short version: I need a keyboard with embossed letters, fairly raised so that a blind person can feel the letters. Where can I find one? My uncle is blind from a brain tumor many years ago. He was never sensitive enough to use braille, but he has been learning to use a computer slowly, and...
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    FS: Media Center PC +AMD/Intel CPUs +15" Dell LCD +Rackmount +Laptop Parts

    I'm also diggin the telecom rack i was lookin for one of these. dfw ppl betta eat that up
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    FS: XP@ 2.6, 1g PC3200, Abit NF7, 40gb HD,

    i guess i'll hop next in line for ram. -Mike
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    FS: buch of small and radom stuff

    interested in the game boy advance, gimme an hour or two to decide whether I will have time to play it... -Mike
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    - + My first FS Thread + -

    What transformers you got? I'm missing a constructicon my friend bit the head off of. I want the whole set! that and my old school Optimus Prime is busted. Let me know, here or email
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    Parting out whole main computer:)

    I sent you a pm yesterday on the ram, very interested, -Mike
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    project: smallest case using standard size parts

    I say make a cover for the top I/O panel as well, maybe route the cables from the top under a cover to the back so that you can easily manage your cables, and give the top a little more style to go with the rest of the sexy design -Mike
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    Selling my Athlon 64 3000+ chip

    I'll take next shot if you have refs etc. -Mike
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    WTTF:Shuttle SN85G4V2, AMD 64 3000+, DVDRW,RAPTOR 74GB

    how much for the shuttle with the ram you said you had? I'm looking to upgrade, and you look the person to help me, but I think the ram might be too pricey for me(wish i could afford it and the x800), anyways PM me prices with/ without ram to 95035. Thanks, -Mike
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    Baby on the way, time for a big F/S thread!

    how much for the aria to 95035? very interested
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    Brand new parts for sale

    Where in the bay area are you? How much picked up from you for the 2x512? -Mike hell i can stop by after work today if you get back to me.
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    Need to sell lots of stuff - school to benefit.

    I live by a computer surplus store as well. I bought a 24 port 10mb hub there for $25, If you want, I can look for one for you Last time i checked, they had a 48 port patch panel for $20 and they still had plenty of these 10mb switches. Let me know, -Mike
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    80 gig western digital for $50 after rebates

    but $45/80gb =56.25 cents/gb
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    Potential Hot Deal | BBA Radeon 9800 Pro

    BB doesnt even pricematch, so good luck with that. You have to find a CSR that is total n00b and maybe they'll make a mistake and give it to you. Plus, they look at prices after rebate usually, so its tough to pricematch these things, usually using an AMEX card is more successful...
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    FS: DVI Infocus Projector, Geforce 4, PIII450 , more

    ahhh projector or new computer! grr Hows this thing look in moderate darkness? I can't get a room completely dark during the day, it will be used solely for tv and movies though. -Mike
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    What is the best PCI video card out there?

    That is some serious power you're getting for that. IMHO at least for the engineers who do drawings, you NEED a good video card, i would think the same would hold for animations, unless this server is just doing like rendering calculations or something, although I can't see why graphic arts...
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    My BIGGEST FS/FT thread ever! parted out my PC!! MB, DDR, 4 hard drives, cdrw+++

    they have a 7% off coupon going on right now: check out save 4 bucks, so it covers shipping. :rolleyes:
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    My BIGGEST FS/FT thread ever! parted out my PC!! MB, DDR, 4 hard drives, cdrw+++

    Ill buy your keys and your wallet if you give me your home address. jk free bump for you! might try getting the mx duo from overstock, i got mine there with a 10% off coupon, was $53 shipped, I think the coupon expired but headsup -Mike
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    FS: SOYO Dragon Plus! Mobo K7V and others

    I want your remote, got any refs? -Mike email me at
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    A few words about external hard drives

    Good article, I was thinkin about slapping a 250 gb hdd into one of those enclosures, going to have to pick up a firewire card it seems. -Mike PS you made the front page :cool:
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    7/12 Only Dell Home LCD Deals w/ $30 coupon & 10% off Coupon w/ free shipping

    its at 750 with 25% off coupon from small business (has tax) -Mike cpn code 2VQ?RRPR8NWGL4 Exp 7/14 from
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    Quick keyhole switch question

    Heatshrink is a good investment if you really want to do a lot of wiring jobs. It just looks so much better, is really cheap, and I just use a cheapo heat gun to get the job done (it's actually an embossing heatgun from michael's but works really well for everything from melting plexi-glass to...
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    feasability of converting a serial device to usb.

    Just pick up a serial to usb converter cable from a store for cheap. They run for as low as $10-$15 and emulate a com port. -Mike ex: Heres a cheap WRONG one from compgeeks Sorry, I didn't read all the notes on that cable, yeah fork over the extra cash and get one that emulates the com port
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    What is a good Soldering iron?

    I highly recommend a stand with any iron. The smell of burnt skin and and bubbly finger tips is not fun. I bought a decent Weller station, (I'll upgrade later to a Hako) and I haven't burned my fingerprints off since. Trust me, when you can't hold a pen for a week without wincing in pain, you...
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    TI-86 Calculator LCD Screen

    I can't remember if you can push screens to the calculator from the graphlink software. If you could, It wouldn't be too hard to write a program that pull certain pieces of information and updates the calculator screen periodically. It wouldn't be very elegant or anything, but if you really...
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    Help Building a Server

    :clap: Also, very important: Not stopping a backup while raid is rebuilding locks a rebuild, corrupts the new drive and the backups at the same time. :D The support is basically, can/will your IT guy live at the office for the day it takes to get things running or will you pay upfront to...
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    Help Building a Server

    If you're doing a lot of database work then definitely you're going to want a good server, something on the order of 2 gigs of ram and dual procs. HDD space as you need it. I would say don't push backups from the workstations to tape, have users store valuable information on user or other...
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    Help Building a Server

    How important is data security/reliability? Drive access performance? Are all the files going to be stored on the server? How powerful are your workstations? I imagine you need a lot of stability because of the nightly backups. I would def recommend a prebuilt server, as they aren't much...
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    Low End Projector or New SFF PC?

    Forgot to mention I don't have a TV, it would be for lounging and watching tv and movies on a big screen. I know the bulbs run expensive, but I don't think i would replace it, seeing as It would be a while before it burns out, or drastically loses performance, I would just replace the whole...
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    Low End Projector or New SFF PC?

    Just got paid nay 5 hours ago, and I'm already thinking about what to spend my money on. I figure I'm going to limit myself to these two options. 1. Decent mid-low end projector <~$1000 or 2. SFF System or maybe a new one of those 5lb dell laptops if they go on sale. I currently have...
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    ps/2 to usb?

    Yeah, they sell these for laptops and its pretty cheap. I think most people are confusing female USB to Male PS/2 as opposed to what i think you need (Female PS/2 to Male USB), correct?
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    Building a new system - advice needed (long)

    Also, USB 2.0 uses the same headers/pin configurations as USB 1.1, hence the ability of my former employer (BB) to sell rebadged 1.1 cables as 2.0 cables for more money :eek: -Mike PS They also do sell firewire/audio jacks that can be mounted in a bay, as i think you said you found.
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    MIG or TIG for a n00b

    so it's like a weld for 5 seconds wait 45 type of thing?