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    How to set up vpn server on my home pc so I can connect to it anywhere?

    you can still use your phone to access your stuff, or use it as a hotspot for something more powerful.
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    How to set up vpn server on my home pc so I can connect to it anywhere?

    I use wireguard on a rasp pi 4. That way I do not have to expose any of my services to the internet, but still have access. Install is easy, I used piVPN and selected wireguard (over openVPN). The pi needs a static IP so you can open it up via router/firewall settings, but then that is the...
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    Does Adjusting Graphics Settings Lower Than the Game Allows Constitute Cheating?

    beat me to it, but yea- we did this all the time with q3a special .config files to alter gfx and sound
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    Half-Life 2 Looks Great in Unreal Engine 4

    this feels blasphemous
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    Dell H625 Color Laser AIO $175, your inbox may have -30/100 or -50/200 today

    Received my printer yesterday, I was not home and FedEx left it at the door. Looks like the driver was smart enough to use a hand truck for the 70lbs box. Printer is up and running, Win 10 machines and mobile devices found it before I even got to them. Tested scan via feeder and single sided...
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    Dell H625 Color Laser AIO $175, your inbox may have -30/100 or -50/200 today

    Thanks guys: $153.69 after shipping
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    Game/ statistics server

    Thanks modi! I'll look through all these links. I knew this had been done, however my previous searches were not successful.
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    Game/ statistics server

    I'm looking to host an old school throw back LAN party (except over the internet, but in LAN party style). I'd like a web server as a central means of tracking player/ server statistics. I plan on pword protecting each game server, so the site would provide the password, connection details (ip...
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    HOT - Dell S2825cdn Multifunction Color Laser Printer $150 shipped!

    could use one. I'm replying so I can find this thread later and keep checking if the deal is back live
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    Windows 10 Pro, Office 2016 , others -CLOSED, - new thread.

    contacted ickywu, few hours later both keys were activated. easy peasy
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    Battery-Powered Plane Completes First Test Flight in Australia

    maybe but not when you factor in having to drive to airport, taxi to takeoff, taxi after landing and drive to final destination. Furthermore, a VTOL aircraft's wings will be designed for flight only as opposed to takeoff and landing as well as flight. Stipulated that the cost of a VTOL...
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    Battery-Powered Plane Completes First Test Flight in Australia

    There are always going to be trade offs, but if the idea of this aircraft is battery powered and can only achieve short flight times, then VTOL is going to be a better option when it comes to daily commutes and safety.
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    Battery-Powered Plane Completes First Test Flight in Australia

    This does not excite me: the charging time and flight times make it inconvenient. I would have liked to see solar panels on the wings, so long as they are efficient enough to extend flight time. I do not see this replacing cars to ease traffic congestion because you still need an airport to...
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    Microsoft Says It’s Time to Kill Off the Password

    It looks like Windows Hello is PKI based, and your face replaces your PIN. Can anyone corroborate my understanding of the underlying technology?
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    Microsoft Says It’s Time to Kill Off the Password

    That is actually biometrics OR password
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    Elon Musk Reveals First Look at Boring Company’s LA Tunnel

    With all this talk about AI, and tunnels, I feel like we are looking at a Matrix style world soon. How much do you think an apt in Zion goes for?
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    Monoprice Not Keeping Word on Warranty

    So whats the monitor for?
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    Mozilla TALK with Better Butthurt Exclusion Tools

    dont forget the SPAM posts about how you can earn $1,000 a week working from home if you sign up here
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    KIA Dealer Remotely Disables Car over $200 Fee

    bet he bought the used car "as is"
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    Microsoft Invites Valve, Nintendo, and Others to Join Xbox One and PC Crossplay

    I see what you did there But probably because of Dota
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    Alibaba Is Bringing "Car Vending Machines" to China

    I'm not buying a car from a building with a giant cat face
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    Valve Announces New Game

    kind of saturated with card games at this point
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    AMD Radeon RX Vega GPU Specs and Pricing Revealed

    the bundle with a freesync monitor discount actually seems like a good sales tactic.
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    What kind of routers does the NSA use?

    I have no idea, but I would hope they use something commercial that can integrate into a PAM tool to fully manage admin passwords.
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    WD Mainstream 3TB Internal Drive - In Store at Best Buy - $60-65 YMMV

    The product page says that it is VR ready, so they have that going for them!
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    Ubisoft Announces Another Assassin's Creed Game at E3

    Are pyramids made from reflective metals?
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    I AM BANE!!! I Break People, Mom

    If this works, I am now ok with in-air phone calls.
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    Custom Desktop Computer for sale i7 4790k...

    Learning life lessons the hard way always comes at a cost. In this case, your cost is actually financial. You should have used this forum to help you build you're own, like you suggested. I'm not sure that you're takeaway is here, probably something along the lines of: doing more research...
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    Custom Desktop Computer for sale i7 4790k...

    I did not hear from him
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    Custom Desktop Computer for sale i7 4790k...

    my offer is off the table, I bought a different system
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    Android Creator Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone Looks Stunning and Will Cost $699

    I think I'll wait for 2nd gen. I do like the integration of a modular accessory connection. And the OS better be rock solid. But right now, I can wait to see if they flop or put out another phone to build on their successes
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    FS: Gigabyte Z170-HD3P and Intel i5-6600K

    TTT - working with seller on a different hardware purchase
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    Custom Desktop Computer for sale i7 4790k...

    I'll give you $350 shipped for the motherboard, CPU and RAM
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    Assassin's Creed: Origins Details Leaked

    Wasnt this originally supposed to be one game, that if it did well was going to be a trilogy?
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    Google’s “Fuchsia” Smartphone OS Dumps Linux, Has a Wild New UI

    Isnt part of the appeal of Android that it does no rely on the overwatching eye of Big Brother Apple?
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    Ranger is Back in QUAKE Champions

    Without playing the game, you're going to argue the comparison based on nostalgia? Sure, Overwatch took a page from the Quake-style game by making a FPS and putting them in an area for team Vs team play. Quake Champions 'borrowed' microtransactions to unlock characters or cosmetic junk...