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    guild wars beta event this weekend

    I'd like to hear some of your guys opinions. Having become disenchanted with WoW, I've been interested in Guild Wars.
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    HardOCP vs. Infinium YAY

    Congratulations Kyle. Anyway you look at it, a quarter of a million dollars is a lot of money and we can only hope there won't be a repeat.
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    The crashiest game

    "I like verbing words. It weirds the language." Calvin As for which game I've played that crashed the most, well, it's probably Morrowind as well. The expansions weren't so bad, but before those, nearly unplayable for me.
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    Somebody wanna loan me $100,000?

    He should just set up a museum and charge nerds to view it. I know I would go. ;)
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    Greatest game ever??? (THIS ONE!!)

    Other. Too many RPG's to list.
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    Mount Directory As DVD?

    You can rip the image of the DVD and mount that using Daemon Tools. I don't think copying the files works. However, in my experience, ripping a CD/DVD with errors produces an image with errors.
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    General Mayhem??

    I'd rather pay a one time fee than a yearly subscription, even if that was more than $25. However, even a lower price would keep out most of the internets trash. Considering how the majority of asshats are 18 and under, it'd be difficult for them to secure mommies credit card. Even if they did...
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    LMAO Planetside $9.99

    Meh. It's decent and all and could be really fun at times, but there wasn't enough to keep me interested. Mind you, it actually involved strategy and flying around was just :cool: I wouldn't really get into it again though, especially after they added the expansion.
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    What is everybody playing right now?

    Gothic II Although the game just bugged on me and I don't have any strength trainers, so I have to restart. :(
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    Halo 2!

    My friends and I are planning a massive LAN party for when it hits. It'll be killer. I can't wait.
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    Guild Wars Impressions

    I played it for a couple of hours, and I wasn't too impressed. Given more time I may come to like it, but my initial experience I found it lacking somewhat.
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    Choosing an MMORPG

    I have to agree. I quit L2 about two weeks ago and sold my account after reaching level 38, which is a lot of time spent grinding. I realized that the only thing to do was grind. Sure, there are clan battles that will penalize you heavily until the Chronicle 1 patch is issued, one of 12 patches...
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    Good job on bringing back the forum..

    Give me a break. You openly acknowledged your disdain towards people who singled out your physical shortcoming and in recognition of its stay as a worn out cliche throw out that oft quoted title, you admitted humoured even you, as a joke. Now, were I taunting you, I could have instead posted...
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    Good job on bringing back the forum..

    Get over yourself. I'd never insulted you in the past, nor did I consider this it. If I can recall correctly, you had a rather candour attitude towards that particular title. Forgive me if you can no longer keep up the facade.
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    Good job on bringing back the forum..

    It's ironic, you have big ears but you can't hear a damn thing. Just kidding. Seems odd posting back at Hardforum though.
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    ***stop Policeware On Our Pc's***

    It's pretty good. :cool: Well, as scary as this may appear, I have to believe it'll die before every becoming possibility.
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    Just how cool is the Fry Cry Physics? Look inside..

    :D That part was awesome.
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    Stuck on Far Cry on the Rebellion Level.

    You can jump the bridge with your beefy 4WD if you happen to have one. Although I'm sure there's an alternative way to do it if you you're lacking a vehicle. That level was fun.
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    My FarCry Screenshots

    In one bunker I stood and stared at the wall. It looked amazing. And it was nothing more than concrete. Also, I love the blood splatterings. Most notably, after a headshot and there's just a smear on the wall. And as for the player's looking as glazed as a McDonald's commercial burger, well...
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    This Changes Everything (Farcry)

    I played it through a few times. I rarely do that with demos.
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    WT, very weird

    He doesn't have an Apple. I'm kidding.
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    Michael's Computers

    LoL. I Googled 'TXK Hyper drive' with no results.
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    Michael's Computers

    But the resulting drama that ensues guarantees hilarity.
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    WoW NDA lifted: ask away

    How does it run on your computer?
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    fianlly started Halo...

    Took you long enough to start. :p I prefer it on Xbox. It's much easier to LAN with.
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    FFXI .. PC or PS2

    Concurred. I'm waiting for the PS2 version so my friends can play. But my PC will own them.
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    TWO Final Fantasy VII: Advent Chilren trailers...Subtitled versions avaliable!!!

    1) It's a movie. 2) There is a high quality version. But don't ask me where. I've forgotten.
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    TWO Final Fantasy VII: Advent Chilren trailers...Subtitled versions avaliable!!!

    You can create subtitle files and manually direct media players like, say, Media Player Classic, to input the subtitles directly into your nonsubtitled clip. I find it works better than having an entire movie, or in this instance, trailer, subtitled.
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    TWO Final Fantasy VII: Advent Chilren trailers...Subtitled versions avaliable!!!

    Hmm, I've got the second trailer in high res. It would be better if they had made subtitle files to download. Those were short trailers. But thanks, now at least I have some understanding of what was said.
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    Good Grad Gift...

    That's one option. But there are programs that compress it to fit on one DVD at little loss in quality. It just takes time to re-encode. But you're probably better off waiting for dual layer burners in this case. UT2004 would be good, but in my opinion, Thermaltake cases are fugly.
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    holly ram hickes batman!

    Heh, same thing happened to me. Price jumped $50 CAD from one day to the next. But I just pricematched it at a lower price and I was happy again.
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    have you tried the savage2 demo?

    You said Savage 2... I thought it was something else. I was heavily addicted to this game. So I deleted it. But I want to play again so badly. Gah. So much fun.
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    silly flash games

    You know what? Those anti-violence in video game activists are right. I've got a sudden urge to head to the Antarctic, find me a massive spiked club, and rocket penguins into a mine field. ...
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    OH NOEs!

    Damn, that sucks. I suppose I can convince myself they'll add it later. I hope. Bah.
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    coolest trailer (onimusha3)

    I saw a high-res trailer at my friends house. But the URL escapes me, sorry. Didn't Penny Arcade do a comic on this not too long ago?
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    l computers

    Umm, I'd like to buy one of those Pentiums with a million jiggahurtz. I don't have a budget. I hate idiot consumers.
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    Dual Layer DVD = DVD9?

    Joo is correct. On the first count.
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    halflife - what does end boss guy say at end of game?

    Hey... your name is from Xenogears. Awesome. No clue on your question though, I just had to comment on that as I'm playing it for the first time. That boss was lame. Lame^c.
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    Steam is not evil!

    I had to do it.