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    The Division Discussion

    If you are playing on the xbox one and need someone to team up with in the DZ add me Akinw.
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    The Division - officially announced for PC!

    If anyone wants to team up for some DZ fun add me on xbox gt Akinw. I am level 21 and 20 in the DZ.
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    [H] Forza 6 Players

    MY xbox live gt is Akinw
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    FS: Alienware 15 (2015) 4K 16GB RAM 256GB SSD

    What is the battery life like?
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    WTB Dead or Alive bad ESN OK Galaxy S3

    I have an s3 that doesn't have a cracked or scratched screen though it doesn't seem to want to power up anymore though. If you are interested shoot me a msg
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    Ashley Madison Offers $500k Bounty

    Not everyone that used that site was in a relationship. Quiet a few single guys used it as well due to the easy accessibility of the site.
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    Corsair Graphite Series 780T Lucky Draw!

    It is pretty yet efficient .
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    Destiny - Discussion Thread

    I have a level 26 Warlock if any of you guys have a xbox1 and you want to try the vault of glass. My username is spliffstarr1976!
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    Destiny - Discussion Thread

    Anyone interested in playing together i have a level 10 warlock and my xbox id is spliffstarr1976.
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    Thinking of going to 7.1 from 5.1...worth it?

    I will address part of your rant as i can not really be bothered to waste my time going back and forth with you. Yes my sample size is one of each. At least i have actual experience owning each one of the devices that i am talking about do you? Second the 1040 is $600 not $500 so i am not sure...
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    Thinking of going to 7.1 from 5.1...worth it?

    I have owned both the Sony that i am using right now that is rated as the best receiver that you can buy under $500 and also a Denon which died on me causing me to upgrade. So this assertion of yours about Sony being inferior is garbage that you cannot backup with actual facts. If his budget is...
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    Thinking of going to 7.1 from 5.1...worth it?

    If you are talking about my reciever yes it does have pre-amp outs.
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    Thinking of going to 7.1 from 5.1...worth it?
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    Thinking of going to 7.1 from 5.1...worth it?

    Thought you might also find the info on this page useful :-
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    Thinking of going to 7.1 from 5.1...worth it?

    Dude i am extremely impressed with the DN840 the sound on it is really good and the amount of features that are there for you to play with are also very impressive. I have only had it for two days so i am still exploring all the options and features myself. Grab one if you can you will not...
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    Thinking of going to 7.1 from 5.1...worth it?

    Looking at the reviews on cnet for your receiver it would seem that one the complaints about it was the sound quality so i guess what you said makes total sense now.
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    Thinking of going to 7.1 from 5.1...worth it?

    I have a Sony STR-DN840 and a 7.1 energy speaker system and it sound glorious to be honest.
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    Thinking of going to 7.1 from 5.1...worth it?

    What type of receiver do you have?
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    Thinking of going to 7.1 from 5.1...worth it?

    You do realize that you can enable virtual surround sound right (7.1) to mitigate that issue. Mind you have only had my 7.1 setup for two days but i absolutely love the level of extra immersion that you get. But if i had got my extra pair of speakers for $130 shipped i most probably would not...
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    What do you guys think of this setup?

    Got to say that my expectations were exceeded once i got everything hooked up, thanks guys.
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    What do you guys think of this setup?

    Thanks for your response i will be getting the receiver today and I am looking forwards to setting things up. Thanks for the tip about the harmony remote i have one as well and i was planning on using it. That is a very big design flaw with the included remote.
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    What do you guys think of this setup?

    I went with the Sony receiver based on the reviews it got on cnet as the best receiver in it's price range (500) plus all the features where also a huge selling point for me..
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    What do you guys think of this setup?

    So over the holidays with all the sales going on and my old receiver dying i decided to upgrade my audio setup. I grabbed the Energy take classic 5.1 while it was on sale for $499 here in canada and also grabbed an additional pair of satellite speakers from energy (take 20) for a $120. I went...
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    $10 off Origin Store code to give away

    I am interested in it if it is still available.
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    FS: Battlefield 4 AMD redemption codes

    Do you have heat? I am interested in buying one from you.
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    upgradin cpu

    If you overclock yes I made the same change 2 months ago. Otherwise the difference is negligible at best if it's stock.
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    cannot update gfwl batman error

    While doing some additional research online i cam across this which actually seemed to work using the command prompt on win 7 "C:\Patch\setup.exe" /f "<path to game folder>". Shame i had to go through hell to get this game to work. Thanks to everyone that tried to help me :D
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    cannot update gfwl batman error

    First thing i tried and no love there either :confused:
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    cannot update gfwl batman error

    No get that error after gfwl downloads the patch and i exit the game to install it. Like i said earlier on i even downloaded the stand alone patch from the arkham forums and i got the exact same error. The real unfortunate part is that the game is pretty much unplayable with the patches...
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    cannot update gfwl batman error

    No joke i have spent atleast 2hrs scouring the net for a fix with no luck and yeah you are right if the game wasn't so freaking awesome i wouldn't have even bothered at all.
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    cannot update gfwl batman error

    I bought my copy of batman arkham city before the game came out off greenman gaming and just finally got back to reinstalling it for a play through with all the dlc's. As soon as it boots up and attempts to download the first patch and patch the game an error pops up and prevents the patching...
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    [H]ardOCP & ASUS GeForce GTX 660Ti DirectCU II Giveaway

    DX11, power efficiency
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    Antec Case & PSU Combo Lucky Draw!!!!!

    They make nice cases. Still have fun memories of my p180.
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    Metro: Last Light Live Action Short

    Am i the only one that got emotionally touched when the woman with the baby was begging the soldiers? Wasn't expecting it to be as good as it was.
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    Canadian Man Uses iPad to Enter US

    Exactly :rolleyes::confused::rolleyes:
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    Looking for a samsung galaxy s 2 (t-mobile)

    no it's a galaxy s (ver 1) phone and besides it's a sprint phone i am only looking for a t-mobile phone. I have a dealing pending for a samsung galaxy s 2 (t-mobile) right now.