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    FS: sold

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    Need help with a Issue with alot of computer's coming in my shop.

    Grab a motherboard speaker. Listen for beep codes and they'll generally tell you exactly what's going on. Here's one: Also are you trying to swap out power supplies? Those tend to be the first things to go with your big...
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    New skylake build, looking for help - haven't built a new pc in several years

    Grab the 620w Seasonic, just a few bucks (less than $10) more and an extra 100w. I'd also say grab a 256gb SSD then a regular HDD for storage, I prefer WD black myself but whatever floats your boat! Other than that, looks great to me :)
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    Just upgraded to a 970 but I'm getting very low fps like in the 10 fps ?

    How old is your PSU? Might be having trouble coping, though you *should* just be okay. As mnewxcv said I'd make sure you clean out your drivers first then reinstall. Also double check the PCI-E power connectors are attached to the card.
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    I need help picking between Fury X and 980 TI

    At 4k I like to think you'd like to keep the option open to add another card later. I don't know if this has been touched on in reviews, but can't see there being an option to crossfire fury x's with that cooler that takes up a fan slot. With the 980ti on the other hand, just throw in another...
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    PA/NJ FS: EVGA GTX 980 ACX 2.0 Superclocked $325 and much more!!!

    Jesus man if I didn't just pick one up two days ago I'd be all over this :((( Good luck with sale, did you try Craigslist?
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    AMD Radeon R9 Fury X Video Card Review @ [H]

    Wow I honestly thought AMD was gonna bring something strong to the table, especially considering their "leaked" benchmarks. I've stopped listening to marketing a while back thankfully, but this whole misleading "built for 4k gaming" bit has to stop.
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    The [H]ardOCP Mini-Giveaway Sponsored by ASUS

    Smaller is better because the best things come in small packages! Although she said it was a good size!
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    Is brand loyalty worth it? AKA: My x58 build went poof

    I used to be ASUS only. I'll spare the life story and answer your question: No, it generally doesn't pay to be brand loyal. My past few motherboards have been ABIT, evga, gigabyte, and now MSI. Find features you like, check some reviews to make sure there's no obvious problems, and forget about...
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    PowerColor's Next-Gen Radeon R9 390X Pictured

    That is one ugly looking transformer...I mean video card
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    Analysts Claim AMD Will Be Bankrupt by 2020

    Will they go bankrupt? Maybe. Will they go under? Highly unlikely. Competition is needed...and I'm not saying that for the benefit of the consumer, I say that for the benefit of Intel. You think they want a Microsoft-style Monopoly court case? Nope. It's much cheaper for them in the long run to...
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    WTB GTA V PC Steam

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    WTB GTA V PC Steam

    Bumpity bump!
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    WTB GTA V PC Steam

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    WTB GTA V PC Steam

    Game found, closing thread
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    AMD: Zen improves IPC by 40%+, AM4 FX CPU Announced

    Please be true, please have decent clocks, please create some competition.
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    FrozenCPU Shuts Its Doors

    That's sad. Ordered a few things from them over the years. Good customer service
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    500 Million ASUS Motherboards. The Celebration Starts at [H]. - Lucky Draw

    My humble beginnings with ASUS began with the stellar A7N8X, to the A8NE, and continue to this day via mobos for builds, and their outstanding aftermarket video cards. Keep it up ASUS!
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    Refurb: Corsair Power Supplies at Newegg (1/4/15)

    I got an AX860. Works great (so far!) Only thing that was off was they gave me a modular SATA power connector that was for the wrong model PSU. Figured it out after cable management so was a minor hiccup but other than that no complaints. Thanks OP!
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    North Korea's Internet Under Mass Cyber Attack

    Yes, and my only logic being: 'murica!
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    North Korea's Internet Under Mass Cyber Attack

    Because we're 'murica. Shock and awe, punish the damn near defenseless country in a show of force. Makes us incredibly weak to China, who only wants to work with us as a chess move to learn our strategies for when it inevitably turns against us.
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    North Korea's Internet Under Mass Cyber Attack

    Extremely poor decision on our part, from a defense standpoint. Showed our hand to the world (Russia, and China I'm looking at you,) and now they know our preferred method of attack, and origination points. So at any point they decide to get cute, we are effectively neutralize.
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    "some claim that AMD is close to the grave"

    Not even reading the article. Who makes the cpu/gpu for current consoles? Who makes APUs that are superior for the average user doing light gaming? These markets are far larger than the enthusiast market, and even in the enthusiast market, AMD video cards compete in the middle and high end every...
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    120Hz HDTV and HDMI issue

    Sorry about that I forgot to check the thread! It will typically appear like that if you have it set above 60hz on HDMI, which is why I mentioned it. So if you set it to 120, it'll still display, just all corrupted looking.
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    120Hz HDTV and HDMI issue

    HDMI can't transmit above 60hz @1080p. Need to use dual link dvi or displayport.
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    Finally retiring the Q6600 -SLACR?

    Yeah I was gonna also agree with 16gb. May as well grab it while you're upgrading, and see how you fare with your new CPU before upgrading video card.
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    What is the performance jump which triggers you to buy new card?

    Nowadays it's when the games I play don't run as smoothly/with as much eye candy as I like. The price range (used) generally stays the same. So figure every 2 years or so, $150-200 or so, I'd say 40-50%?
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    WTB Non-reference 290

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    The Case For 30fps PC Gaming

    Made the move to a 144hz monitor. Sit one next to a 60hz monitor and tell me your eyes can't see the difference. But to say they shouldn't be higher than 30fps?? I want some of whatever they're smoking
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    WTB Non-reference 290

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    WTB Non-reference 290

    12/2: Found card, closing thread
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    Power Supply Capacity Review

    No worries at all on the power front, even with some mild-moderate CPU overclocking.
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    Computer turns off after being on for ~30mins

    @OP I just helped someone fix this the other day. I'd venture a guess you have that horrible auto-overclocking switch turned on. Epu/tpu or some such nonsense. My buddy had it turned on, and it clocked his bclk to 125hz. Check cpu-z to confirm, flick switch to off and enjoy.
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    OC AMD A10 6800K

    @OP: Are you using Windows 7? If so, search for core parking and disabling it. It increases frame rates on SC2, and WoW by a good margin.
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    List all the GPUs you've ever owned

    nVidia MX 440 nVidia 4200ti ATI 9800 pro nVidia 5800 ATI X800 PRO ATI 1650? nVidia 8800gts nVidia 260 Radeon 5870 Radeon 6870 Radeon 6950 Radeon 280x
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    System unstable under load: MB to blame?

    Could be power issue, also try setting your memory command rate manually to 2T (if it is currently at 1,) this has fixed numerous intermittent issues for me in the past.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Overclocking Video Card Review @ [H]

    Now THIS is a proper head to head article. All cards overclocked, all drawbacks mentioned (limited TDP slider.) Either AMD has something big up its sleeves, or is shitting itself thinking about how well a higher TDP Maxwell part will clock/perform, power draw be damned.
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    WTB Borderlands 2 PC

    bump, anyone?
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    WTB Borderlands 2 PC