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    Final Fantasy XV: NA vs Euro edition issues

    Thanks, forgot I can sign up for one. Do you know if the save file would work though?
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    Final Fantasy XV: NA vs Euro edition issues

    So Amazon screwed up and gave me the euro edition of the game. I complained and they gave it to me for free but I'm stuck with it for the moment. I tried downloading some dlc but it's incompatible. I want to play the dlc so what are my options? 1. Buy NA version of the game and then I'm able to...
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    Remastered “Half-Life 2” Coming to Vive & Rift with VR Controller Support

    Finally... was getting tedious downloading each new iteration of FakeFactory's Cinematic mod :P
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    How ‘Rogue One’ Brought Back Familiar Faces

    Gotta say, when Senator Mon Mothma came on screen, I was like "DAAAAMN she didn't age.... or they found someone that looked just like her." Then Tarkin pops on screen and I realize the rest of the film is gonna have CGI cameos...
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    Logitech MX 518 Wired Mouse Replacement ?

    Still have my mx518, but recently opted for wireless. The Logitech G602 has the same comfortable hand position / "claw"seating as the mx518, with a ton more buttons that don't get in the way of my thumb like I was expecting them to. The matte finish gives it a great grip feeling as well. It's a...
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    System optimizers?

    Thanks for the replies. Because it's old, the battery life isn't that great on sleep. If I know it's going to be more than 1 hour before I open my laptop again, I choose hibernate. The issue I was having with hibernate is that when I wake up the laptop, it takes a good 3 minutes of disk...
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    System optimizers?

    I'm trying to keep my laptop up on it's last legs. Windows 7 Toshiba laptop. I use it for work, email, MSoffice, surfing, maybe the occasional snes emulator during a boring meeting. So are they any actual decent system optimizer programs out there or is it just snake oil? I do use CCleaner and...
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    Looking for video card suggestions

    Rig in sig, but looking to upgrade my video card for gaming. I'm planning a major upgrade in about 2+ years, so this is just something to tide me over until then. Budget is less than $200, not including shipping. My resolution won't go past 1920x1200 at this point, so no need for an uber card. I...
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    ASUS Matrix OR Poseidon - CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON!

    Replacing my GTX285 and getting back into folding for the [H]orde!
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    Wii U’s New Mario Kart 8 Trailer

    WOW did anyone else notice the name of the sports drink around 0:48???
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    Steve Jobs Statue Unveiled

    Reminds me of the T-1000 at the end of Terminator 2...
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    PS4 vs. Xbox One Everything You Need To Know

    did anyone else watch the comparison video? I was surprised the ps4 was a little bit faded and were missing some of the graphical flare the xboxone had.
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    Humble WB Games Bundle

    awwww yeah, definitely bit on this one for the batman games alone. Always wanted to try out the remainder of the fear series as well... can't wait to see the bonus games :3
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    Today Marks the 25th Anniversary of Computer Malware

    THIS. what the hell? I got the random movie clips, but... ET?
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    Half-Life 3 Being Actively Developed?

    So help me god if they make this a steambox console exclusive.... ;)
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    Humble Origin Bundle

    EDIT: had to contact EA tech support. Don't know what it is, but for some reason I could log in to, but not Tech support helped figure it out in about 10-15 minutes. Anyone else having an issue with the sims expansion keys? I'm following the directions on the...
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    Humble Origin Bundle

    bit on the deal, but gonna wait out the crush of people activating games. can't wait for the extra games though :D
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    Xbox Live Achievements/Steam Achievements/PSN Trophies

    At the time, it's awesome instant gratification to get more and more trophies, but they're kinda useless in the end.
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    NSA Claims To Only Touch 1.6% Of Internet Traffic

    This. The 1.6% is probably the only useful information out there on the net.
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    That TOR Exploit Wasn't the NSA After All

    I don't think he was talking about cell phones. I think he was trying to parallel that what you do on the net isn't private at all. Perhaps it's more like people think that the little status they just posted on facebook is nothing, but the amount of "insignificant" posts, likes, and comments...
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    Broke SATA power plug: advice?

    Thanks for the advice. I've got a spare adapter lying around somewhere. Gonna have to use one anyway, seeing as it messed up two of my SATA power plugs as well... As far as glue goes, any recommendations? I've got superglue but I know that doesn't mix well with some plastics.
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    Broke SATA power plug: advice?

    So I got a new hard drive today and while installing it, I managed to break the old drive that I was replacing: The part that the power prongs lie on snapped off due to a cable that got stuck (I honestly thought the horrid sound was the cable wrapping that was rubbing against the case:()...
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    Humble Bundle Weekly: Serious Sam!

    From the slickdeals thread, Legend of Beast for SS2HD and Jewel of the Nile for SS3 are on sale as well for $1 and $2 respectively. Credit to Castaa
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    Sued For Making A Counter Strike Map

    didn't this also happen with the WMATA metro for fallout 3? Some of the names were kept but they couldn't map a replica of the system?
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    Free Street Figther X Megaman

    For Capcom's 25th Anniversary, they created a Street Fighter and Megaman Mashup. :D Pretty sweet fan service, I think :)
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    Weird network problem just started

    Thanks for the suggestions. This setup worked fine for about 2 years, so it was weird that it started messing up all of a sudden. Anyway, I figured it out. The issues related to the entire wired house messing up were a separate incident. I think the verizon router was messing up, giving me...
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    Weird network problem just started

    DHCP is shut off on the DDWRT router, and since it's in router mode, the NAT is shut off as well. What do you mean by exit interface? Thanks
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    Weird network problem just started

    The set up I have is Verizon Fios wireless router (router 1) and a WRT54G running a DD-WRT in repeater mode (Router 2). Router 1 is both wireless and wired, but router 2 is only wireless and has no wires. I had it set up in such a way that regardless of which I was connected to, I could access...
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    Burning [H]ot: THQ Humble Bundle

    NEW GAMES JUST ADDED!! :D "Titan Quest and Red Faction: Armageddon’s mission pack, Path to War, are now part of every bundle purchase! If you’ve already picked up your bundle, you’ll find Steam keys for this content available on your download page. If you haven’t, name your price and pay over...
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    Recovering deleted emails from thunderbird

    Mod: Please Close, I figured it out. For those interested, I copied my desktop's Thunderbird folder in roaming to my laptop's Thunderbird folder, turned off my internet, copied the messages from my inbox, archive, and sent folders to separate system folders, reconnected to the internet, and...
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    Recovering deleted emails from thunderbird

    So my thunderbird was acting up for my two gmail accounts. Long story short, I unchecked the box which archived my gmail accounts, deleted all messages in my archives, then deleted from trash, then went into the inbox to see that all of my messages were gone. I thought I was just deleting...
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    FBI Ordered to Copy 150TB of Seized Megaupload Data

    Probably took that long because they're unregisterd users and have to wait each time before they download :D
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    Why Pirates Failed To Prevent The Avengers' Box Office Record

    Had to buy the 3-D ticket since regular sold out (great in a newly renovated theater :D) The movie was crafted to be a solid summer blockbuster. It wasn't ground breaking, and didn't try to finesse anything, but managed to get everything "just right." It was such a solid B superhero film that...
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    Half-Life 3?

    Now the real question is, what will come out first: Black Mesa Source or Half Life 3?
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    Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Trailer

    Wait, was that serious? Who the.. no seriously, what in the hell was that? That was the biggest clusterfuck of "let's steal cool shit from other games and combine it into one" that I have ever seen. It looks like metal gear 4 and battlefield abortion. AND HORSES?!
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    Video Games Help You Get Laid

    oh god, my sides XD
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    Harmonix to Release Rock Band Blitz This Summer

    Did they hire a spammer to do the advertisement for this thing? Cuz it would have been awesome to see the game play and not some pop-up every 5 seconds
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    Hardcore Gamers Still Prefer Physical Media

    I think I still prefer physical media over digital only because I've got fond memories of unboxing from only a decade ago. I mean, it was common for most games, Tribes, Homeworld, and many other awesome games came with entire books and histories to substantiate the game with lore. Now, that kind...
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    Win A BF3 Tribute System

    if anyone was still following this, the contest and winners were just announced.
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    [DEAD] 9 hours of Bach for $ .99 at Amazon

    So this is 9 hours, Bach to Bach? *Ba dum PSSH* But seriously folks, looks like a lot of people are buying. Heck, at 99 cents, it shouldn't leave anyone Baroque *ba dum PSSH* Oh god...