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    Man Fined $500 for Writing "I Am an Engineer" in Email to Oregon Engineering Board

    I am not sure about Canada. But in the US outside of Civil Engineering. The majority of Engineers do not work in a field/industry that requires a PE. Out of all of my professors in school only 3 in the EE dept have their PE and all of them have year of experience in their fields. And not to...
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    Man Fined $500 for Writing "I Am an Engineer" in Email to Oregon Engineering Board

    Getting a degree in engineering for an ABET accredited institution is usually enough to call one's self "Engineer". Most people even PhD engineers do not get any licensing because outside of a small fraction of engineers no one needs it.
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    AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit Giveaway

    Posting hope I win.
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    40" Samsung UN40KU6290 4K $290 at Best Buy (or $265 with $25/$200 Amex offer)

    Can someone move this fucking thread out of here.
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    Mazda Claims There Is No Demand for Electric Vehicles

    I dislike them because they are a fucking disaster of a design. Who cares if its revs to 10k emissions/fuel consumption are a shitty balancing act on that engine. It is a poor design hence why it is not used anymore. If you would like to argue that we can compare any 2017 rotary powered car to...
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    Mazda Claims There Is No Demand for Electric Vehicles

    It was a joke, Rotary engines are shit, and Apex seals do not wear like piston rings, it was a joke that they are a wearing part, like brakes and tires. Hence why would they replace it? So glad they stopped making cars with Rotary engines.
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    Mazda Claims There Is No Demand for Electric Vehicles

    Weird how their warranty covered a wearing part like apex seals.
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    Tesla Will Start Preliminary Model 3 Production Later This Month

    Yeah 200 mile trips to see Robert Daltry I only do that once or twice a year. The rest of time I commute in the city so I could just rent, or maybe I could ask Robert to come see me.
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    Self-Driving Car Has Hard Time Detecting Stopped Vehicles

    Heated sensors boom done. Next question.
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    WD 250gb SSD $20 DEAD

    FUUUUCKKK I should have got one or 2 I really need one and I figured it would not ship damn it. Kyle will you sell me one?
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    Researchers Develop Super Accurate Lipreading Software

    Here is the thing, we have a hundred years worth of video now to show it. And we know what SHOULD be said. Then we also have show it millions of hours of youtube crap. A human can only read so many lips, a computer can be studying and improving 1% for every 1 million hours of lip reading...
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    Uber Driver Kidnapped, Assaulted Passenger

    Not the robots i'm makin.
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    Lyft Expects Self-Driving Cars To Handle Most Rides In 5 Years

    Lyft and Uber have been up front for a LONG time about this being their goal.
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    64GB OnePlus 2 GSM Unlocked Dual SIM Android Smartphone $240 @ eBay

    I have a One Plus One their first one. I love it comes with a base version of android so no crapware, runs fast and quality is great I drop mine all the time and the screen has yet to break. I came from a Galaxy S4 and wont be switching back.
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    eBay - Refurbished Hitachi Ultrastar 2 TB $30 - Free 2 Day USPS Priority

    I just started here, but I just asked the Dell rep one day what do they do with the old stuff ( I wanted some for myself) and he said it goes back to Dell. He said it can be used still (not out of date) they go through it all and sell it. If not they send back what they can to manufacturers...
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    eBay - Refurbished Hitachi Ultrastar 2 TB $30 - Free 2 Day USPS Priority

    Goes back to Dell/HP and then it gets sent back to manufacturer.
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    eBay - Refurbished Hitachi Ultrastar 2 TB $30 - Free 2 Day USPS Priority

    Yeah normally I would agree with you, except I just got a job at a Data Center. And if someones lease is not up and they choose to upgrade to new hardware, everything is sent back to who they bought the equipment from. Also when a lease is up, all equipment is sent back. Hardware does get...
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    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Official Trailer

    Well said, my roomate owns all current systems, I do PC. After trying them all out and playing with him a ton, Wii U is hands down the most fun. It has games that are not like anything else offered on any other system and are a ton of fun to play with other people in the room. PS4 and Xbone are...
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    Airbnb CEO Addresses Issues With Racist Hosts

    It is Idaho, such a same pretty state filled with fucking rednecks.
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    Tesla Towing A Car Beats Alfa Romeo 4C In 1/4 Mile

    Yeah but the monthly apex seals purchase puts the Tesla ahead by miles in terms of cost of ownership.
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    What Skills Should Every 18 Year Old Have

    Yes because hands in pockets are great indication of uncultured swine, and lazy shift abouts.:rolleyes:
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    Tesla Gigafactory 4K Drone Video

    The city as a whole, recycles like 95% of our water. Also saying a business using water is not helpful as their business is housing and feeding people. So Laundry/Landscaping/Food/Beverage/Toilets/Showers/Pools. So maybe I dunno get your facts straight? We also per person on average use less...
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    FS/FT: CS: GO

    I think I can manage that trade uhhh ill PM you.
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    Robots Could Push Unemployment To 50% In 30 years

    As someone actively working towards a more automated world. Well duh people are gonna be out of work its what I am trying to do.
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    HP Pavilion 27xw 27-in IPS -- $160

    So how does this compare to my HP w2207 monitor? Here are the pages for both seems like the contrast on my w2207 is better not sure I know the resolution is better but aside from that it seems unless I goto a higher end monitor cheaper bigger monitors do not look as good...
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    Two New Deadpool Trailers For Christmas

    Ahhh good to know he at least avoids feet and well whole body drawings these days.
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    Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Will Be Built In Las Vegas

    We do not have tiny deserted towns, but this will be build way outside the city about 20 miles outside of the city. Also where they are building there are no buildings so they gotta build everything. Also Vegas outside of the strip is pretty cheap actually. We have plenty of land and no one...
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    How Elon Musk Plans On Reinventing The World

    He said it would "NEVER" scale down.
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    How Elon Musk Plans On Reinventing The World

    Why not? They sell the Model S a 70k. A smaller less powerful car less luxury options can't be sold at 30k?
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    Xbox One $31.00 with free shipping

    I am guessing someone got their account hacked.
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    PULSAR: Lost Colony

    As a huge fan of FTL after reading reviews I will let it wait a bit.
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    Xbox360 wireless setup

    there is a pairing button on the controller near where the charging cable plugs in.
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    Does Fallout 4 Know How to Say Your Name?

    Toecutter is awesome
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    Official World of Warcraft Movie Trailer

    Yeah I don't think you actually read books often do you?
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    Linus Torvalds Doesn't Like Bad Code

    I agree except. I am taking my FIRST college level CS class never having taking one before. 1. I hate coding. 2. Do no have a passion for it. And even I can tell that code looks like shit if I turned something like that in I would get D.
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    wtb $200 or less laptop.

    Id get a chromebook personally they are nice little machines.
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    Lincoln's High-Tech 30 Way Seat Concept

    Because leather is more resistant to staining, smells, weather its pretty much the best option for a material that lasts a long time that can be used on seats.
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    Laboratory equipment

    Sold the O scope I take it?
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    PULSAR: Lost Colony

    Looks like multiplayer FTL almost looks neat. Not paying to test a game.