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    Areca 1882i/1883i slow raid 5/6 writes

    Yes to both I'm afraid.
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    Areca 1882i/1883i slow raid 5/6 writes

    Hi all, Sorry this turned into a TL:DR. I am in the process of setting up a new home storage server and I am experiencing very bad write speeds on both an Areca 1882i and 1883i. The current setup is the following: HDDs:12x Seagate ST3000VN000 3TB 5900RPM (8 of the drives are ~14 months old...
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    ARECA Owner's Thread (SAS/SATA RAID Cards)

    UPDATE: It was a mail white listing issue. Communication is flowing both ways now :). If anyone is having an issue like I was, I started CCing sales into the emails and I think they forwarded it internally. Hey, has anyone delt with areca support lately? I have an issue with my ARC-1883I where...