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    Nvidia is ‘No longer a graphics company’

    “Jensen sent out an email on Friday evening saying everything is going to deep learning, and that we were no longer a graphics company. By Monday morning, we were an AI company." It’s no secret that Nvidia has quickly morphed into an AI company. Although it creates some of the best graphics...
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    your windows 11 experience. What you hate, what you love.

    Thumbs up for MSMG Toolkit, and it does a great job debloating Win11. Note that the tool hasn't yet been updated for 23H2, so you'd need to get an older stock ISO image (22H2). Or use something else like NTLite (payware).
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    Western Digital Ships 24TB & 28TB Hard Disks, Declares "Total Supremacy"

    Getting offtopic but be forewarned that U.2 + PCIe Gen4 + DIY is an insane compatibility rabbit hole. Meaning if you don't have the exact right mix of adapter/backplane + cables to support the high signal integrity requirements of PCIe Gen4, to the naked eye the drive will appear to be working...
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    Best data recovery software for deleted partitions?

    In order of ease of use Raise Data Recovery R-Studio Getdataback Pro UFS-Explorer DMDE I've used all except the first one, and found them consistently better (more files recovered from the same drive) than...
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    [Rumor] Windows 12 to arrive in fall 2024 with a floating taskbar and a focus on AI

    The more that MS reveals about Windows 12, the more it's sounding like the second coming of Windows 8: an overreaction in form over function, slapping the Big Thing of the moment into the center of the user experience and leaving the question of why for later. Microsoft may replace the Start...
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    Best data recovery software for deleted partitions?

    Assuming Windows, two important things should be done ASAP: 1. Disable TRIM in the OS immediately In Windows, open an elevated Powershell (Admin) prompt - and note this takes effect immediately, no reboot required: fsutil behavior set DisableDeleteNotify 1 Post-recovery, TRIM can be...
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    Western Digital Ships 24TB & 28TB Hard Disks, Declares "Total Supremacy"

    A man of culture I see. JBOD + Snapraid + DrivePool is the way for home media. There isn't anything else GUI based with Snapraid-like functionality that I'm aware of, but restoring is trivial, and definitely recommend practicing a few times. You could start a thread in Storage subforum about...
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    OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Fired, ChatGPT Hired As Interim CEO

    I've heard a few long-form podcast/interviews with him (he was on Lex Friedman as well) and to me he always comes across as reasonable and likeable - very much unlike the typical silicon valley douchebag CEO. His personal philosophies on the impact of AI on the planet going forward are pretty...
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    The Last of Us Part II

    If you close your eyes during the scissoring, it cannot hurt you.
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    OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Fired, ChatGPT Hired As Interim CEO

    OpenAI CEO Sam Altman was ousted in a sudden boardroom knifing on Friday, arising from a power struggle over the direction of the company behind ChatGPT. According to a tweet from former OpenAI President Greg Brockman, Altman received a text on Thursday night from OpenAI chief scientist and...
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    Western Digital Ships 24TB & 28TB Hard Disks, Declares "Total Supremacy"

    New Big Size Harddisk FAQ™ Q: Will this make smaller sized drives cheaper? This should push down 20TB & 18TB drive prices. A: No, it wont. It's never worked that way. Q: Why are they making hard disks bigger, I thought we were transitioning to SSD's? A: One has nothing to do with the other...
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    Western Digital Ships 24TB & 28TB Hard Disks, Declares "Total Supremacy"

    Western Digital made both enterprise storage planners and dedicated porn hoarders swoon today with the availability of 24TB CMR hard disks, while production on 28TB SMR hard disks ramps up during enterprise trials. The new lineup of 3.5-inch 7200 RPM hard drives includes Western Digital's...
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    14900KS coming with new boards same 1700 socket TechYES video

    Yeah my first Cinebench run was distinctly faster, which I expected with 4 extra E-cores, so I disabled E-Cores 9-12 in BIOS so I was comparing each CPU in 8+8 config, and 14700k was still faster in cinebench, 3dmark, etc. Not a huge diff, but my biggest interest was in seeing any improved IMC...
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 7000 Series Lineup Revealed

    Supermicro if you want to run everything stock. ASUS if you want to OC and tinker. Now get out of my office!
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    14900KS coming with new boards same 1700 socket TechYES video

    14700k was only $50 more than 13700k at MC, and I needed one for a new build. The reviews shit on 14th gen as being "not even an upgrade" so I had low expectations, but I've been A/B testing a 13700k and 14700k on the same system, same BIOS settings, amount and method of thrrmal paste and...
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    Solved (approved for RMA): Unbearably Slow PCIe Gen 4 NVME Speeds

    I have more than a dozen of the same model Inland 4TB Perf Plus drives, they're excellent, and performance still screams even while getting hammered 24/7 and some of them at very close to full capacity, so I don't think your symptoms are inherent to the make/model drive. They're gems since...
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 7000 Series Lineup Revealed

    I'm guessing no on the basis of wrong product line for a rackmount config. AMD doesn't include server OS's in their driver packages for TR chipsets, so big OEMs are going to stay within those bounds, and would steer customers to Epyc for any server needs. FWIW this is one area Intel is a bit...
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 7000 Series Lineup Revealed
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    Windows 11’s AI-powered Copilot (and its Bing-powered ads) enters public preview

    Debloating tools like NTLite and MSMG Toolkit are currently being updated for 23H2, to be able to remove Copilot from the install ISO. Copilot likely falls onto the growing list of Windows components that are not uninstallable after the fact, and the only way to avoid them is never let them...
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    Best Z790 DDR5 board at or under $500?

    Update to my prior writeup in May comparing Gigabyte Z790 Aorus Master against Z790 ASUS ProArt, the Z790 Aorus Master has seen drastic improvements in latest F11 BIOS, compared to F7 BIOS I tested previously before shelving the motherboard due to too many problems with both memory overclocking...
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    More than 5 years since launch, the Epic Game Store has still not turned profitable

    Guaranteed that it/when Steam hits a critical mass of Linux-supported AAA games, Sweeney - who has mocked linux gaming for years - will once again be whining about "Valve's unfair Linux monopoly" after Valve did all the heavy lifting , and that EGS will again need to "save" game developers...on...
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 7000 Series Lineup Revealed
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    NVIDIA rumored to be preparing GeForce RTX 4080/4070 SUPER cards

    Yep. And to be sure, China will still get all these banned products, it's just going to be painful at 2x-3x+ previous price, so middleman market is also rejoicing. But the overall is a change in posture and it was definitely overdue. It started to become apparent to me about 6 years ago that...
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    Grand Theft Auto VI

    The hype will be on a level never seen, at least going by the numbers. Development cost rumored to be just shy of $2 Billion. No other entertainment product has even cost 1 billion, Star Citizen hasn't crossed $500 million yet. So it'll be the most expensive entertainment product of all time...
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    Grand Theft Auto VI

    Maybe you missed the fact the photo is stone confirmation that GTA6 will not only be a game world in which we are forced to use lesbians-only toilets and wheelchair ramps, but one we will pay Rockstar thrice for the privilege for: PS5/Xbox, PC version, Fleshlight edition. Each with a...
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    GamersNexus Bringing Back Written Reviews: Old Is New Again

    One-page, long form written hardware reviews with no ads or popups: time will tell if this is momentary novelty, or will join and few others in trying to continue if not recapture the magic that made sites like [H]ardOCP such a fixture of the golden age of PC hardware reviews...
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    So what happened to VR games?

    Quest 2 standalone didn't cleanly create a new market, there was some fragmentation of PCVR, and I recall specific titles that had their superior PCVR versions get abandoned or deprecated because the developers believed that building for Quest 2 standalone would have the greater ROI (can't blame...
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    War of the Worlds

    This game is still in early development but conceptually it looks interesting, looks great atmospherically. The videogame version of my childhood nightmares has finally been realized. Play survival mode being hunted by tripods, or tripod going hunting...
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    Majority of Starfield playerbase is on Nvidia, DLSS is polished and trivial to implement, so from standpoint of benefitting most players soonest I can see some logic. And FSR3 is still half baked ("released" to meet a promised-by date, but still beta "technology preview" internally), plus only...
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    Cyberpunk 2077

    Mod to give V the voice of Deckard from Bladerunner
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    Intel CEO Doesn't See Arm-based Chips as Competition in the PC Sector

    Gelsinger isn't actually delusional. Listen to the whole earnings call and there's context to some of the quotes cherrypicked by the tech sites that is lost in the deliberation here.
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    So, what are you rocking for VR?

    Curious where you read that because it sounds more like cope on reddit, or misconfiguration. My Q3 looks great, is 1/3 the price of Crystal, and wireless is great, but there's a big jump with a properly configured Crystal driven by appropriate PC hardware. Obviously a lot of this is subjective...
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    AMD drops Vulkan support for Polaris and Vega

    How dare you try to liven this place up.
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    Pimax Crystal: Pimax's answer to compete with Varjo Aero (Premium on the

    Big FOV lenses coming, plus some other updates in a new, hands-on video update format -- a welcome improvement over vague email newsletters.
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    1Password announces breach

    You're both wrong.
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    The Lords of the Fallen

    It's a deliberate design feature of every Souls game, and they're adopting it because of that.
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 7000 Series Lineup Revealed

    Threadripper Pro 7995WX and windows task manager with 192 threads
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    DCS World 2.9 (Digital Combat Simulator)

    The VR support in this is incredible too. There was an exact moment a while back where I was flying low and fast through a canyon in an F-16, with a Pimax 8KX (wide FOV) VR headset, that was both exhilarating and almost terrifying -- terrifying in the sense I could feel how easy it would be to...
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    ‘Nobody in their right mind would do it.’ Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang says he wouldn’t start a company if he had a do-over.

    Yep. Nvidia began investing in CUDA and AI all the way back in the mid/late-2000's. “For 10 years, Wall Street asked Nvidia, ‘Why are you making this investment? No one’s using it.’ And they valued it at $0 in our market cap,” said Bryan Catanzaro, VP Applied Deep Learning Research at Nvidia...