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    Is my thinking flawed with this proposed network [diagram]

    thanks for all the advice guys. It looks like the wireless router is indeed the issue :( I've hooked up a spare 2nd wired router temporarily in between the modem and the wireless router and setup the wireless router as an access point. It has been working great now and hopefully will last...
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    Is my thinking flawed with this proposed network [diagram]

    thank you both! My modem is only a modem. one ethernet port and one USB port (not used). my modem doesn't even have a settings page, only status. sorry I wasn't more clear:) I see what you're saying, but the 4 computers all connect via wireless to the router. would I still benefit from...
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    Is my thinking flawed with this proposed network [diagram]

    We've been having a lot of issues lately with dsl connection hangs. PPP drops for 1-3 seconds randomly (visible from the dsl modem status screen). It's not such a big issue with our computers, but it is proving to be quite frustrating with xbox live as the 360 needs to be power-cycled after a...
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    FS: Evil Juggalos Awesome Flea Market of StuffZ!! (RAM, SIRIUS, Zalman, + More!!!!)

    VERY interested in teh xmods stuff, can you PM me a couple pictures?
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    C&C Tiberium wars...

    i built my comp a couple weeks ago to play this game, can't wait. kane edition preordered FTW
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    PNP Gaming Mouse

    my razer diamondback is plug-and-play under vista... has been working well enough for me, I don't feel the need to use any sort of utility to configure it:confused:
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    C=, Pic of the guts

    the current pc game-themed wraps on their site look really good IMO... i get the feeling from looking at those inside pictures like there was miscommunication between the tech people and the people in charge of showing it off on whether or not to open it up for people to see, but who...
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    FS: semi broken ibook G4 12" 1.2ghz

    does it run when used with an AC adapter? USB mouse?
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    8800 GTX & GTS Crashing

    I was having issues with my BFG 8800GTS 640 OC and vista 32bit... performance was fine, but opening movie files in WMP would cause a full crash about 20% of the time (no video signal, full shutdown, no restart) and I got the same crash in certain games that would always occur at or near the same...
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    WTB: neverwinter nights II

    I'd be happy with the CD edition if someone wants to part with it;)
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    WTB: neverwinter nights II

    to the top
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    WTB: neverwinter nights II

    I would prefer the DVD edition, don't need the box, but the manual would be nice;)
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    Better online store than Newegg?

    $55 isn't worth losing a good customer or losing a good vendor, assuming he had been happy with the previous $117,000 he spent. I'm merely pointing out that I would think that newegg would work with him if he had done that much business with them on the restocking fee if he went through the...
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    Better online store than Newegg?

    so buy somewhere else dude. "you" did "$117,000" business with newegg (through a job or otherwise) and are having to go back and forth with them over a $55 restocking fee? I find it hard to believe they wouldn't try to work with you to get this issue resolved amicably, even though this does seem...
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    WTB: misc. case modding stuff

    bump... PM's replied
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    Nasty's Vista Gaming Guide

    here is the march2007 app support update from Microsoft themselves... includes BF2 and some random Microsoft games
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    WTB: misc. case modding stuff

    1. If any of you have done custom wire sleeving and have leftovers, please let me know the sizes and lengths. I need the expandable stuff. I'm looking for UV yellow, UV orange, UV red, and black (mostly 1/8" and 1/4"). 2. looking for a 6/8" SATA cable with one 90degree connection. I'll be...
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    FS: Windows XP x64 Pro, Eluminx keyboard

    bump for an awesome keyboard, i have the fatal1ty edition but its the same hardware. great for those of us who go between a laptop and a desktop, and illumination feature is second to none. good luck with the sale:cool:
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    Any PSU problems in Lanbox?

    there should be plenty of room for a modular PS. I went with a non-modular PS because I'll be doing all of the sleeving myself, but as you can see in this picture of my case, there is pretty good amount of room:
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    Post Your Windows Vista Experience Scores

    happy with mine all things considered. the plan is to wait until good SLI intel uATX boards come out and then upgrade: specs in sig
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    Supreme Commander question

    thate are voices in mine.
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    why is there no "mad max"-style mmorpg?

    thanks for the link, it looks pretty damn cool. I signed up for the newsletter, too bad there is no timetable for release or beta:(
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    Counter-Strike in-game ads!

    what does CS 1.6 have to do with steam? Aren't the server owners the ones who are having ad content forced upon them with no revenue? I'm sure it's all very legal per the EULA, but its still a low blow. counterstrike and its players are what kept half life 1 relevant and half life 2 alive to...
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    The what to play in the meantime thread

    I am playing supreme commander because I got tired of gal civ II to hold me over for C&C3, but what I really can't wait for is S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
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    CCFL Wiring?

    if you get decent enough wire and solder the connections well, why would that be any different from the extensions for sale? if anything solder should promote a better contact than the snap-in connectors. if you only need half of the length of that extension, I'd assume you are much better...
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    why is there no "mad max"-style mmorpg?

    as usual i got distracted today trying to do problem sets and couldn't stop thinking about this: It seems to me like the post-apocalyptic mad max world would be THE perfect atmospherefor an mmorpg. obviously the fallout franchise comes to mind, but this is a setting where more than one game...
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    Counter-Strike in-game ads!

    i lost my 5th cd of half life 2 (gg me:o ) and was ready to pay another $20 for counterstrike since thats all i want to play, but now I don't know. I'd have no problems with in-game ads on walls or billboards, but ads in the game finder are a terrible idea. maybe its time to find a new online...
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    C&C: TFD games keep crashing or won't start

    i have the first decade, every game runs fine in XP and even Vista so far (haven't tried generals yet in vista, but if C&C 1 works, generals sure as hell should too;) ). I just can't for the life of me figure out why emperor: BFD won't work in vista, its basically c&c... do you have the...
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    Lanbox build soon (see any problems?)

    you'll be really happy with the tT lanbox. I just got done with my build and am very impressed with the case (though for $130+ it should be perfect... and it is for me as a laptop replacement). the 8800 gts fits fine, as does a tT blue orb II (there's about an inch of clearance from the top...
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    Need KB + Mouse reccomendations

    I've been using my razor diamondback now for several years and have been very pleased with it. fits my hand perfectly and has proven to be very, very durable. The only knock I see against it is the lack of extra buttons if that sort of thing is important to you.
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    emperor: battle for dune + vista = shuts off computer?

    during ANY cut scenes in this game, my computer turns itself off. mobo, fans, drives, everything. it doesn't happen at the same point each time, but it is always during the video cut scenes. if I skip them, the game plays fine. any ideas? software bug or is it my hardware? I'm running it in...
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    what would you do in this situation? (pics)

    i'm waiting for the rest of my build to get here and mocked up the mobo and there is literally about 1mm of space between the northbridge (geforce 6100+405) passive heatsink and the 8800. obiously i need something new, I'm thinking the evercool VC-RE or the vantec iceberq [found out about...
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    I'm anxiously awaiting my blue orb hoping that it has the AM2 hardware. I did find this: but I haven't found a US place that stocks anything similar. hopefully new egg does me right, but there are AM2 adapters out there...
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    Building gaming rig! Ordering tomorrow! Please help

    when i built my first PC i ordered a mobo/proccessor/ram combo where they set the processor, heatsink, ram, and tested the board. i was mostly worried about plugging in the processor. the rest is just plugging cables for the most part assuming it boots up fine. ;)
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    where is jepper07?

    if you read my post you'd understand what i was saying:mad: is it a little ****ed up that he hasn't contacted you? perhaps. not everyone logs into this forum everyday though or actively checks their registration email. I've been on this forum since 06-05-2001 and just recently have started...
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    Troll: Ghostface

    not to be an ass, but shouldn't a MO be a warning light for any sort of private deal? there are many better ways to go about sending money, even if it is only $24.00:confused:
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    where is jepper07?

    5 days? honestly, shit happens man. I understand that you are apprehensive, but I can't even begin to tell you how many deals I have partaked in where I hadn't heard from the seller for a week and then all of a sudden the item shows up at my place as promised. I've sold items where I forget or...
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    Minnesota/Twin Citie Gamers?

    I'm from stillwater but am finishing up school in NY. if you guys get together during the summer months I'm definitely down for lan and know a few other cool ppl who would be down as well for friendly gaming. i don't really enjoy the big lancenters but am always up for smaller gatherings.
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    FS: Crucial DDR RAM, Nikon Coolpix 5200, Hauppauge WinTV-PVR 250MCE

    sorry if this is a dumb question, but does the tv tuner work under vista?
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    sick of people frowning and looking down on PC's

    people have been saying pc gaming is dead for YEARS now:o i haven't done any serious PC gaming in the last 4 years and played consoles essentially exclusively. I just dropped a nice chunk of change on a system to replace my 5 year old dell laptop and can't wait to get back into pc gaming...