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    Apple Warns Against Jailbreaking

    Yeah I have tested Jailbreak on my I.Phone. It really disappointed me when battery consumption came to high after installation of Jailbreak and I had to charge my mobile again and again.
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    Best Windows Server & Exchange bare metal backup software?

    There are many software that can take Bare Metal backup from your operating system. Some have some functionalities that can recover the taken backup to a dissimilar hardware and many other functionalities. But consider that the Windows Server backup tool in Windows Server 2008 can also take Bare...
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    Windows 8 WOW!

    If someone is using Windows 2006 or SP2 version of windows then what to do for installation of Windows 8?
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    Microsoft Open License Program

    Agreed with j-sta that if you just purchased the minimum of 5, that's only 5 uses. Basically just like a retail license in that sense, just at a discount.
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    IBM Supercomputer Takes on New Role

    hmmm its pretty. How all people will be feeling when a Computer Doctor will having their medical checkup? Well, its not strange as our all medical tests machines do. So, its not strange for me if IMB Super Computer will be busy in medical checkup of human beings.
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    My opinion? Oculus Rift has already changed the future dynamic of gaming

    I am agree with MavericK96 that it looks really cool but same results can be achieved by using video glasses and a TrackIR.
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    It's Offical: No New AMD GPU's for 2013

    I'm okay with this if the performance leap between each series is higher..
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    Cool Video of the Day

    I was trying to watch the video but could not watch due to some Youtube problem.
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    Heroes of Might and Magic - best one?

    In my opinion, I think Might & Magic Heroes VI (Pirates of the Savage Sea Adventure) will be best.
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    Next Xbox Will Block Used Games?

    I will never buy such Xbox which will block used games..!
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    Modding 1u server

    Looks really good. I appreciate your work and will pay you bundle of thanks for sharing this and inspiring us for DIY.
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    Titan review samples Shipped

    It really sounds good.
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    quiet mechanical keyboard

    I think that rubber keyboard will be suitable for you as it does not make any noise..
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    Sometimes less is more

    I was using Samsung Galaxy gave it up and then bought I.Phone 4S but after some time, i gave it up also. Then I bought Tablet and using it currently. As it suits with my desires and usage thats why I think that its best.
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    Please recommend a cheap laptop

    You can purchase a laptop of this specification HDD: 250GB RAM: 512MB Processor: Core 2 duo CD/DVD ROM: Combo Drive There are some laptops in the market with this price range. However you can also buy a Mini Laptop of Dell which will cost around $250.
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    Upgrade time but what to get

    Are you looking for a gaming machine or you want to buy a PC on which you can do all tasks?
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    Why not get rid of my HTPC?

    I am also using HTPC and I am satisfied with it. All I did which I thought to do.
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    Open, hackable Freescale i.MX283 based SOC (plug)

    For what propose you this project was build?
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    Just got a MSI GT60 0ne w/ GTX680m - gaming notebook

    My younger brother is using the same model. It is pretty awesome..
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    Good news Jailbreakers!!!! Untethered 6.1 soon

    Got it for my iOS6..
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    Entry Level Coding Interview Tips

    I am 100% agree with TESLA. I believe that her suggestions are the best for a programmer when he is preparing himself for an interview.
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    A Picture I took - 2013

    @Jbaczek, which one is this place? It is really awesome.
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    Is YouTube running like crap for you to?

    I was used youtube several times for uploading and downloading my favorite music. But I could not find it a good website so I just left it.
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    My Socket 939 Toy

    Could not see the picture exactly due to its very small size.
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    Can you connect your laser printer to the same power bar as your computer?

    I dont think so. I am using Laser Printer with my PC at home and both I have plugged in same circuit. But all is working fine.
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    New GeForce Titan??? (GK110)

    Screenshot shared here, is in Chinese language I think. Thats why could not read.
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    App Academy Online Meeting by Microsoft

    App Academy Online Meeting by Microsoft is going to be held today. Topic will be Introduction to Windows Phone 8 new features Who is going to attend this meeting online?
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    Did I get hacked?

    Sometime when your system is on auto-update for Windows OS, then this update starts only when you shut down your system. And if you have installed antivirus then no one can hack your system until you install or open a malware program or website..
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    World's Greatest Tech Mystery Solved

    Your internet might be hacked and is used by someone else..
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    Fallen on Hard Times Thread

    My bunch of prayers are always with you. Hope that you will get well soon and come over with your financial crisis.
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    Apple Trademarks Design Of Its Retail Stores

    OMG.. It is really incredible news..
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    Canon PowerShot Digital ELPH SD4000 IS / IXUS 300 HS 10.0 MP Digital Camera

    jaboki, why you have decided for bid on that camera? Suppose if a person places bid $2 and then no more person place bid then will you your camera to bidder in just $2/-? Its really strange..
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    Recycled system build

    MarathonJon, it looks really awesome. Thanks for sharing post with tutorial and snapshots..!!
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    Compressing HD videos with minimal quality loss

    from Sourceforge website, you can find many of software to compress video files.. Also try to find from Brothersofts website..!!
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    Ikea desk gallery

    Thanks Feetus for sharing such amazing and nice post. Are these available online to buy?
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    A question regarding future pricing of the 3770K

    May be.. As new technology is coming, there are chances of dropping the prices of many products. After 3 months may be it would not possible but after 6 months, you will be able to buy product in cheaper price than as of today.
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    U.S. Warns Antigua Against Government-Authorized Piracy

    Thats not good. I think USA should keep friendly relations with all over the world. As due to its some policies, enemies are increasing against USA.
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    Email Failure of the Week

    hahaha.. Amazing..
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    Can't Update Windows. Please Help.

    May be you tried to install older version of driver. Check that are those drivers really compatible with your OS or not?
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    A Picture I took - 2013

    Did you really took all these pictures yourself? It looks really professional work..