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    X99 on mITX: ASRock X99E-itx/ac

    sm951 =/= 950 pro
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    X99 on mITX: ASRock X99E-itx/ac

    If there is Broadwell EP support... There are plenty of ES cpus on Ebay,.... Asrock usually rocks these chips e5- v4 | eBay
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    X99 on mITX: ASRock X99E-itx/ac

    yeah, link me please
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    Did I get the opposite of a golden chip?

    Use the multi overclock first. BCLK can screw you up in a hurry. I only tweek it a bit on most systems.
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    Help overclocking G3258.

    What I would do is not use offset to determine the voltage it takes for you chip. for 3.8ghz you should be able to run in that 1.1 area. Just set voltage to auto and multi to 38 and see what your VID is. Then try to set it at that voltage and start backing down.
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    Battlefield: Hardline

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    Battlefield: Hardline

    So I've watched A TON of videos today just to get a sense of the game. Looks interesting, but we'll see. The 1 thing i know is going to get old is the constant calling out of getting a kill.... "GOT THAT ONE" -_-
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    Core i7-5960X 5930K 5820K Overclocking & Performance @ [H]

    That is a pretty solid bet. With my 5960x and 2 780 Ti Classy's I was shutting down a 1200w psu :-D
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    Intel Haswell-E Core i7-5960X CPU & X99 Chipset @ [H]

    I love my 5960x (even though it OC's like crap) I have owned 3930k and 4930ks before, but this thing is a different animal in rendering and editing! I also own a 5930k but I htink its about to find a new home.
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    Ref GTX 980 Custom Bios 1.5Ghz @ 1.25v

    Mine will do 1500 without touching the voltage... If you have a card that takes more volts to get a higher clock, then there is no way to rectify that unless you reduce clocks to where neither needs volts to achieve X clock.
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    Alienware 13 GPU

    I recently picked up the new 15 with the 970m and I have to say... unless you just need the 13" form factor... make the jump and get the beefier GPU.... its 1000% worth it.
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    EVGA Limited KPE Pre-Order Feb 1

    Be interesting to see all the people that guy these and dont even bother to run them on water/extreme cooling. SMH.
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    So im joining the GTX980 club...

    I have a second one on the way and I"m excited... That is until my 3rd one gets here :-D I wouldn't keep the 680 unles you just wanted a phsyx card that is overkill :-D
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    Good God Asus, could you put any more on?!?

    What in the actual.... How... why...
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    The downside of using a Phase change and/or extreme cooling

    its what's called "pin rot"... Its from the current with the moisture.
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    The downside of using a Phase change and/or extreme cooling

    The CPU under full load go to +15c At idle it sat at -38c
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    The downside of using a Phase change and/or extreme cooling

    Yeah... I had to put a fan speed reducer on the phase change to make it usable for 24/7.... There is nothing like being able to run a 5960x at 5.1ghz though!
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    overclocking 2500K bsod124

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    The downside of using a Phase change and/or extreme cooling

    I posted this over at OCN, but I felt like since I'm new here, it could be useful here as well! Learn from my screwup! So, as some of you know I recent built a super nice rig with a phase change cooled 5960x in it. I did lots of reading and prep work to make aure I had everything insulated and...
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    GM210 Specs surface

    The other leaks out there seem to indicate that it wont have double precision, so hopefully that will keep the price down somewhat... I'm still ok if it comes in as specced with 12GB and a 1k price.
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    Need Opinion on scenario

    The 980M is a monster GPU but is still gimped a good bit. If you dont need the desktop, then why not pocket some money and uprade. I do know the 980m's are EXPENSIVE though. What games are you playin to give me a better understanding.
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    What gaming video card lasted you the longest ?

    Its pretty sad, but I dont think I've ever kept a GPU more than a year... :( I get the upgrade bug to much... GTX 560TI 448 --> GTX 570 (SLI) --> HD6970 --> HD7970 DC2 --> GTX 680 --> GTX 680 (SLI) -- HD7950 (Xfire) --> GTX 780 (SLI) --> GTX 780 Ti Classy (3 SLI) and an R9 290X Lightning -->...