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    AMD Announces Radeon Pro VII Graphics Card, Brings Back Multi-GPU Bridge

    I hope this Infinity Fabric interconnect makes it the main stream.
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    Is AMD Stuck In The PAST? - Linus Tech Tips

    You're probably are 'old' as i am then. Who else misses ZIF? SOOooo easy compared to modern CPU insertion procedures... or am I that old?!?!?!
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    Samsung to stop (monitor) LCD production - Focuses on quantum dot OLEDs

    Me as well. If it's just too much to fit in your field of view at the distance you sit maybe try a custom res like 3840x1440. Then you'll have a screen equal-ish to a 42 inch ultrawide OLED....
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    Zuck: We’re going to get a ‘breakthrough’ in tech glasses this decade

    Eventually I will be diagnosed by society as 'anti-social' due to a lack of social media presence. Soon after I'll be locked up as an unpredictable element in the social tapestry. Gotta move into the woods ASAP.
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    OWC Announces Accelsior 4M2 NVMe Storage Solution with up to 6 GB/s Transfer Rates

    I'm sure it's just a prototype. Most of the PCB is empty space. OCZ still around?
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    Homeworld 3.... Crowdfunding?

    Oh man Cataclysm had some cool ideas.
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    New Asus ROG monitor....

    I hope not because that makes two of us.
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    Facebook Employees Panic After Apple Revokes the Company's Enterprise Certificate

    "Sometimes the only way to fight evil, is with another kind of evil."
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    Analysts Discuss What Headless Intel Is Looking for in a CEO

    FastForward 6 years and Arm is going bankrupt.
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    Fallout 76's 54GB Day-One Patch Is Bigger than the Actual Game

    Sure, but people with limited water like that probably shouldn't be buying store bought water anyway right?
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    Hands-On with the Fallout 76 Multiplayer Beta

    I strongly suggest if you have any interest in things Fallout you check out Many A True Nerd's Youtube channel. He was invited to and attended the same play test the GameSpot 'journalist' visited. He has a video of his entire 6ish hours with the game (cut for time and attention span).
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    Video Games are Sucking You In and Not Letting Go

    Ummm... Ya these guys definitely ruined my life by reinforcing while abstracting my OCD. Those monsters!
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    Musk Tells Newspaper He’s Cracking Under Stress of Tesla Job

    Calling someone you are in an argument with a pedophile is reprehensible. However the person your quoting didn't suggest that an insult slung against someone over twitter was benefiting society.... reaching much?
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    Amazon Just Posted an Insane Earnings-Per-Share Beat

    Fulfilled by Amazon, or third party?
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    Tesla Hits Model 3 Production Target

    That math checks out, after one quick search I found the Ford owned Kansas City Assembly Plant in Claycomo, MO produced 460,338 automobiles in 2011. Edit: If you were wondering that's one car every 1minute 9seconds.
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    Microsoft Quietly Cuts Off Windows 7 Support for Older Intel Computers

    Can you be more specific on what problems 7 presented? I am unaware of any and continue to use it as my daily driver on my production and gaming rigs. I have a Surface with Win10 and like it well enough. However I couldn't point at something it fixes that was broken/problematic in Win7.
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    NVIDIA - Anti-Competitive, Anti-Consumer, Anti-Technology

    I own a 980ti and a Gsync display and find all four of you statements to be utter nonsense.
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    'Murica's New Supercomputer Beats China's

    Sweet! Now they can swallow and sift though our data that much faster.
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    How Much Have You Spent on Steam?

    1741.07 on mine and 541.26 on my wifes... No wonder Gabin has all the monies. Is this the oposite of e-pean?
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    Teased Again by Bethesda on Fallout 76

    They've said they won't do a ES5 untill the technology for their vison is in place, but that they are already in the conceptualization faze.
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    Amazon Prime and Nothing Else

    Yes but he uses Amazon Optims Prime.
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    Roomba Weed Killing Robots

    I was just going to let the robots take over.... But thems fighting words!
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    Starbucks Forces Wi-Fi Customers to Cough Up Personal Data

    I work for Starbucks in the Austin area and all I can say is, "We're doomed! DOOMED I say." When I got to work that day and was prompted to type in my info I gave them my high school email, fake name, and a random area code. All I got to say is thank god for VPN's.
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    AI Doc “Do You Trust This Computer?” Streams for Free, Courtesy of Elon Musk Is where you can actually watch it.
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    NVIDIA GPP: Meet ASUS AREZ Radeon Series

    I've had my 980ti since 2015 and it's still pretty much on par with AMD's best offering.
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    Playstation 5 Detail Rumor

    Turn around bend over and press X to continue. Tap O to increase speed and finish QTE.
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    “Flippy,” the Fast Food Robot, Turned Off for Being Too Slow

    God didn't make them taste so good, man did.
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    Ncore V1 No Frame Water Block Prototype Sneak Peek

    I REALLY want one of these.
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    Far Cry 5 Solo and Co-op Hands-on But There is a Cheeseburger Problem

    You mean to tell me they are giving away a magical beer that follows you everywhere???... Oh wait nevermind.
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    Elmnator Live - Shiny Full Copper Hard Pipe System Build

    Fyi pennies aren't copper anymore old man ;)
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    Exclusive: CATG to Support SLI at Launch

    Moove over Bioware... Someone new in town to milk me of my monies.
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    Star Citizen: Alpha 3.0 Feature Trailer

    Fake news! There is no such game as Star Citizen. I checked my steam library and everything.
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    China Regulator Flags Greater Scrutiny on Chips after Price Surge

    Actually I've bought SO much over priced memory overt the last 18 months I might just get back $350
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    What the Hell California - Part 2

    It's all about scale.
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    New Intel Core Processor Combines High-Performance CPU with Custom Discrete Graphics from AMD

    HBM2 is also located on the interposer. Intels manufacturing process combined with AMD GPU tech might be very competitive.
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    Elon Musk to Start Hyperloop Project in Maryland

    Maybe I'm missing something all you detractors can fill me in on... doesn't it seem as though it would be easier to keep a vacuum underground? The extra boon is all you need is the states permission individual land owners be damned.
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    Razer Phone to Sport 2K Display, Snapdragon 835 SoC, 8GB RAM

    I really want a phone with hardware controls. Maybe a slider like this guy was.
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    Oculus Rift Pricing to Stay at Promo Price of $400 and Rift Core 2.0

    You fell into the troll soup my friend. If its any consolation I read your comment before it was deleted and though I am also exacerbated listening to his type of copy pasta comment, you did TECHNICALLY insult specifically by calling him crazy. I don't have a facebook so don't worry about...