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    Logitech G3, this type of mouse gone for good?

    G3/MX300 was the best design Logitech has ever created, especially the G3 since it had awesomely placed back/forward buttons. I wish Logitech made a wireless version of that mouse.
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    Control PC from iPhone.

    TeamViewer is the best.
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Tom, that you?
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    Now that Haswell is close to release, can we start talking about Broadwell?

    I am very happy with the direction Intel and others are going. AMD is not a big threat to Intel, Intel's real threat is ARM. And ARM forced Intel to think of efficiency. It's like how EU forced European car manufacturers to make their cars move efficient, economic, environment friendly and...
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    Looks like Windows 8 RT has failed

    Of course it failed. I would be more surprised if it succeeded. Microsoft should be praying right now, praying that Intel comes up with a real competitive x86 answer to ARM. The reason people want Windows is because of: 1. The legacy of applications. 2. Relative openness, it's not a free OS...
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    The Best Mice Thread (ongoing)

    I wish Logitech would release the G3 in a wireless version, I love this mouse.
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    Have smartphones plateaued ?

    Heh, this is an interesting topic, OP, to answer your question, it is not the technology and smartphones that plateaued, it is the user requirements that have plateaued. The touchscreen smartphone is pretty much set now, yes, and it's not going away anytime soon, don't expect any revolutions...
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    Picture taking forever to open

    Dude, you're brilliant! Thank you very much for this!
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    The convergence of mobile and desktop operating systems

    What do you think of this trend? iOS - OSX Windows - Windows Phone Android - Desktop Linux Mobile phones are becoming very powerful, so it's only natural that they do more. The manufacturers seem to recognize this and make moves towards the unification of desktop and mobile world. Of...
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    Windows 8 Sales Well Below Projections, Plenty of Blame to Go Around

    I like the idea of Windows 8. The unification of mobile and desktop. However it's executed terribly. Metro can actually be good, just take a look at the SkyDrive web app. In Windows 8 though, it's just bad, fundamentally bad. The side scrolling for data acquisition was a HUGE mistake! There is...
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    Life after Intel's Skylake / Skymont -- What would you call the next generation?

    Personally what I'm interested in the next generation of CPUs is their power efficiency and heat. I want fanless laptops, I wonder which generation is it going to be when laptops finally ditch fans.
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    How are you guys liking Windows 8 so far?

    Terrible. Metro = Horrible UI, I hate side scrolling. Desktop = Ruined, transparency is gone, you cannot even adjust border thickness anymore(border padding). Great idea and concept, terrible execution.
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    So what are your thoughts on the Wii U?

    You don't talk like about SEGA you bitch! Mega Drive > SNES.
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    Sony Vita handheld, buy or pass on it?

    Yea, it's probably the last portable console from Sony. With smartphones more and more powerful all that is required is for somebody like Apple to release a standard controller accessory for the iPhone for devs to utilize and standalone portable consoles will be done. I also really dislike...
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    Battlefield 4

    Too soon, Battlefield is a kind of a game that should have sequel releases every 4-5 years and not sooner. EA desperately wants that CoD money, but the problem is that CoD itself is quickly becoming a very tired franchise because of the fast and almost unchanged releases. I wonder though, is...
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    BF3 vehicles very disappointing? anyone else?

    Check this out, A-10, Su-39, one pass easy tank destruction! Maybe F-18 and Su-35 can do it too with enough distance?
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    BF3 vehicles very disappointing? anyone else?

    I've tried it many times and was never able to do that, on Zatar or wherever, APCs can be destroyed easily though. Is there a video or something that shows a jet destroy a tank with it's machine gun?
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    BF3 vehicles very disappointing? anyone else?

    You could not take out a tank in BF2 with one pass, in fact you'd probably need more than 3. But in general vehicles in BF3 are not as well handling as in BF2, they have no "weight" to them at all, a helicopter takes off from the ground very lightly, like it weighs nothing. Also the game is...
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    16:10 vs 16:9 - what you prefer?

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    [Logitech Z906] V.S. [Klipsch ProMedia Ultra 5.1] - Who wins?

    I was only kidding. I used to have Promedias and I loved them, never had or listened to Logitech speakers and couple of days ago was the first time I heard about Edifiers.
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    [Logitech Z906] V.S. [Klipsch ProMedia Ultra 5.1] - Who wins?

    I can, Promedias smoke both Z5500s and Z906s.
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    Ever feel like you're never satisfied?

    I kind of had a similar thing for a while, I wanted to own several latest phones at once, but that would be just way too expensive and I don't need a second phone to be top of the line, just a backup phone with good battery in the car. Create a list of specific requirements from a phone both...
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    Nvidia Tegra 3 aka Kal-El Quad Core SoC

    Mind blowing hardware, quad core on a phone, QUAD CORE! And it's all accelerating so fast, it's awesome! Competition is very heated. And with Microsoft writing Windows 8 to be compatible with ARM and wanting desperately to enter the mobile game, these impressive hardware may get actually...
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    Which version of firefox 3.x has the least amt. of bugs?

    I'm using 3.6, updated to 3.6.13 for a brief period but after 3.6.4 they introduced plugincontainer.exe crap and the CPU usage by flash went up, so I switched back to the old version.
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    What would you want in PSP2?

    So, is PSP2 all that you guys expected it to be?
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    Post your workstations 2011

    Oh the bliss! Look at those tidy cables!!!
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    Nexus-Two for Christmas :)

    Samsung scrapped that Nexus S. Decided it's specs weren't "good enough" so they are going to upgrade it to a dual core CPU.
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    Swype is old news, Have a look at BlindType,
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    Logitech G1 - anyone still have this?

    It's pretty much MX300, although I'd advise you to get G3 instead with back/forward buttons. I love that mouse, it's awesome.
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    After today's Apple press conference, I will never buy a iPhone again...

    The difference is that with other phones while the bars go down you can still get a reception. iPhone 4 just dies if you touch that spot.
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    What do you think is the pocketable size limit?

    3.5" is the perfect sweetspot. 4" is the max IMO. 4.3", 5"........ it's just too much.
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    What would you want in PSP2?

    I'd like to TTT this thread in light of the recent E3 PSP2 rumours... Kinda funny what I wanted less than a year ago. I'd like the add some more stuff I want with PSP2 now. PSP, PS2, PS1 - Full backwards compatibility HDMI output port, full HD 1080p 64/128GB flash drive 2 analogue sticks Add...
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    The official "clean desktop" club v2010

    Thanks a lot dose, great wallpapers!
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    The official "clean desktop" club v2010

    ^ Great wallpaper, please post it.
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    Post your pc screen shots!

    These are not mine, but thought it'd be the appropriate place to ask if somebody could please identify the wallpapers in these screenshots please?
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    2.5TB in 2010?

    Do you think we're going to see a 2.5 terabyte hard drives in 2010? They have to use the GPT, and the motherboard has to be EFI if you want to boot off it. So maybe manufacturers are waiting till EFI becomes more wide spread? XP also does not support GPT. It could be couple of years...
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    Post your workstation 2010!

    I'd definitely run one too if I had a desktop, it's great for power surges, irregularities and if the power goes out for a safe shut down.
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    First Impressions: Metro 2033

    That's strange, have you tried playing around with your graphics card's settings? Also is it at least a proper 4:3 or widescreen squished in to the 4:3 ratio?