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    Tesla Launches $35,000 Standard Model 3

    I think Tesla is thinking future though not past. Do not need a tactile button if the car self drives 100%.
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    Samsung Quits Blu-ray Player Market

    Not always true. That is true on a stream for all service like netflix where in reality you are just renting. But on others where you buy a digital copy as long as that service is running, you can get to what you bought.
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    Google Chrome's New UI Is Ugly, and People Are Very Angry

    UI changes are always the most complained about. You have a fraction of people who just do not like change. Then you have some with valid complaints that usually get addressed in future updates. Then you have the majority that will never complain as it is not that big of a deal in the end. A lot...
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    Google Hangouts for Consumers Will Be Shutting Down in 2020

    I think google is betting on Android Messages with RCS to become the new hangouts. Dunno why google still has google hangouts in gmail...
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    Don't Buy a MacBook Pro, Even On Sale

    We have 2 of these laptops at work (rest are all the older ones) and both have the keyboard issue happen. Pretty sad because we have not had to think about keyboards breaking in a long time.
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    NTSB Revokes Tesla’s Party Status

    Does anyone know what the TOS for the autopilot are? My guess is you have to Enable/Opt In and a warning comes up. Seems to me if you do not follow that warning the driver is at fault. Either way seems the name should not be Auto Pilot (yet). Should be Drive Assistance for version 1.0 then when...
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    Stores Use Database To Track And Decline Returns

    I actually went through credit card dispute because of being denied return at best buy (had receipt, had credit card, unopened product). Mastercard Capital One denied it because I still "had the product". Once I talked to manager they said the merchant would still keep the money but I was...
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    Stores Use Database To Track And Decline Returns

    Best Buy tells you on the POS terminal that future returns might not be returneable and have you sign. Problem with mine was the employee turned it around and signed it... and so I had no clue what that was (I only got to see it for a split second). Then got banned the next time.
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    Stores Use Database To Track And Decline Returns

    I got banned from returning from Best Buy. I had a receipt each time, credit card and 80% of the products were unopened. The retail equation does not track unopened from opened products. I got banned for returrning 2 Nvidia shields (1 at the beginning of the year, one at the end). Bought it, it...
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    Hyundai and Kia Cars Getting AI Voice Assistants in 2019

    Sounds stupid. Just support Alexa, Google Assisstant, and Siri and you are all done.
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    Apple Seems to Have Forgotten about the Whole “It Just Works” Thing

    Very true on the updating portion. Even OS updates go smoother on Mac OS X. As for mac OS being better thats subjective, I find the more you use mac OS for stuff other than home use then you notice even more problems/crashes (Enterprise). Apple did not know better they just wanted more $$$ (buy...
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    Google Is Pulling YouTube off the Fire TV and Echo Show

    Plus no google music on roku. But Google Movies and TV, Youtube. Does not make sense...
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    Kaspersky Says NSA Employee Used Backdoored MS Office Key Gen

    Actually blame the company who owned the laptop. You can make kaspersky (least endpoint security) to not allow the user to quit without a special password.
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    FBI Not Forced to Disclose iPhone Hack Company

    Now this makes Apple worried. Not so secure/safe after all. Locking an iPhone only good to stop people not police.
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    Gary Explains why Qualcomm Get Whipped by Apple

    These benchmarks are optimized for short burst speeds which the phones do very well on. A intel cpu is optimized for long term speed. Huge difference.
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    Gary Explains why Qualcomm Get Whipped by Apple

    Yes but their walled garden can be very useful to avoid malware long as you give up being able to run every single app you want/customize. I run android and I do not bother rooting as I have learned to be satisified with 99% of what an OS can do without being customized (Easier when it comes to...
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    AMD Responds to Radeon RX Vega Pricing Outrage

    Yes but easy for companies to stop this. Make computer not as strong. Make you buy mining cards for that purpose.
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    Say Goodbye to These Windows 10 Features in the Fall Creators Update

    I guess that is the benefit of telemetry. Microsoft knows who uses what features now and can remove rarely used ones as not to keep the OS bloated. Only downside I ever see to this is I always turn off all the reporting on apps and os that I use so they would never really know if I use something...
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    Supreme Court Says Sex Offenders Can Access Social Media

    Can social media sites force a sex offender icon onto offenders pages?
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    Best Buy’s New Weapon against Amazon: a Try-Before-You-Buy Option

    First, return enough stuff at best buy or multiple items within x years and you will land on The Retail Equation banlist. Best Buy wont accept returns at that point. Return 10% stuff on amazon and they will give you a warning that says stop returning or your account will be banned with no appeal...
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    Zelda on Switch Runs More Smoothly in Portable Mode

    I think the game runs higher resolution when in docked (900p) vs 720p (portable) hence why they could be seeing the issue.
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    “Rogue One” Reviewed: Is It Time To Abandon The “Star Wars” Franchise?

    Overall good movie. No point in them wasting time on characters when we all know what happens in the end (based on the original movie).
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    Cox Quietly Reduces Data Cap From 2TB Down To 1TB

    On the plus side it is 1tb across all tiers with the exception of gigablast (fiber) still gets the 2tb. Makes it so you can buy just based on speed again.
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    Official NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Announcement @ [H]

    Better a paper launch for Nvidia to stop extra sales going to amd than not announcing and potentially losing those sales. Paper launches are the norm now. Even Apple does it. People are too impatient, they want to know whats coming out so a company lets you know and then people want it instantly...
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    Windows 10 Dominates PC Gaming, New Steam Data Shows

    No upgrade from 32bit to 64bit is pure Microsoft fault. Apple had no problem doing upgrades from 10.6 which was 32bit to 10.7 which was 64 bit drivers and by 10.8 everything was 64bit. The fact that Microsoft still has 32bit is mostly for the countries that get our leftover machines that cannot...