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    MSI - Metro 2033 - GTX 460 Giveaway!

    Well considering Texas doesn't have a metro, or any underground anything just about because of the unstable soil. Although when I was in DC the metro was pretty damn convenient.
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    Phenom II x2 550 or Athlon x4 620

    Yeah if it weren't for that deal at Fry's I probably would have gone with the triple core, but I'm loving my Quad Core with unlocked multiplier.
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    Fry's B&M Phenom x2 550 & MSI 785 mobo for $120 and $10 MIR

    Its a typo. It is a Phenom
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    Phenom II x2 550 or Athlon x4 620

    I actually ended up getting this deal from Frys ( and got a Phenom x2 550 and a MSI 785 board. I am happy to report I was able to unlock all four cores and bump it up to 3.4Ghz using the mulitplier. All with...
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    Fry's B&M Phenom x2 550 & MSI 785 mobo for $120 and $10 MIR

    Just picked up this deal from the Frys in Irving. I was able to unlock the other two cores and clock in to 3.4 Ghz without adjusting the voltage using the MSI mobo in the combo. Worked out pretty nicely for me. Good luck...
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    One HTPC, Several Televisions

    Media Extenders are the way to go for what your suggesting. Xbox 360 arcade would be a good start.
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    Win 7 - trouble extracting Zip files - Don't have permission

    If you right-click on the shortcuts for the programs and select properties there is an option under the compatibility tab that will make sure the program always runs using administrator rights.
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    weird folders in my C drive

    Its definitely windows update or MSE. If they are really bugging you you can change the securities on them so you are the owner of the folder to get rid of them. Here's a guide for how to do it here...
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    Server crashes while installing Windows Server 2003 Standard R2 x64

    First thing I would do is run it through Ultimate Boot CD and check the hard disk and memory for issues. Try and rule out any hardware problem first. If everything passes there it could be its using SATA raid instead of just SATA and you might need to load the driver using the F6 method.
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    Galaxy - 8 weeks of Free Video Cards @ [H] - Week 1

    Sure why not, it'd be great for my HTPC
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    How will Win7 Run on my laptop?

    I ran win7 on my netbook with 1 gb of memory without any issues. The only trouble you might have is drivers (and most people are having pretty good luck). As long as you can get at least 1GB (prefferably 2GB) and its got compatible drivers you shouldn't have any worries.
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    Windows 7 100mb System Reserved Partition

    As a good rule of thumb you usually don't want to delete anything with "system" in the name.
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    Windows 7 x64 XP-Mode Remote Desktop?

    Just an FYI there are some weird things that happen sometimes now that I've been using it. It works consistenly but sometimes when you take it full screen the XP machine's desktop will overtake your desktop. You can still get to Win7 by hitting the Windows key. By no means a deal breaker, and...
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    Left 4 Dead 2 PC Demo

    I found L4D to be one of those games that I can always go back to and enjoy. I might not play it for a couple of months and then fire it up and get on a kick of it again. The whole military angle in L4D2 looks like it might be getting a bigger storyline, I agree that there could be a little...
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    Phenom II x2 550 or Athlon x4 620

    Right now I have a x2 5600 (Original version) that is giving me stability problems. Right now its primarily a gaming machine but I find myself doing more and more video editing and development. The Athlon x4 scares me because I really don't want to end up with a slower processor than I have, at...
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    Phenom II x2 550 or Athlon x4 620

    I'm getting a new motherboard from newegg (GA-MA770T-UD3P) soon but I'm torn on which processor to get. I'd like to have a quad-core processor with speed around 3 Ghz. I know the obvious thing would be to get a Phenom X4 but I'm only gonna have about $100 to spend on the processor. So what do...
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    Left 4 Dead 2 PC Demo

    Tripod you are so right. Nobody complains about a Madden every year or the now annual Call of Duty series. That being said the PC demo doesn't do a good job of selling me on the new game, its too short. The new infected are great and the sequence to turn off the alarm was very cool. Can't wait...
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    Win7 MC HD-DVR help needed

    I have a current setup with a Windows 7 Media Center with an HDTV tuner and a Windows Home Server with Power pack 3 installed. We also have 2 notebooks with 7 and a desktop. It's really convenient to be able to watch the shows from any PC. I have an ATI HD 650 PCI Express card but I would...
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    Love your socket 754?

    My socket 754 Sempron 3100 is currently doing a great job running my Windows Home Server. That thing is a tank.
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    Windows 7 x64 XP-Mode Remote Desktop?

    That worked perfectly!! Thanks I've been trying to figure that out for forever.
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    Windows 7 x64 XP-Mode Remote Desktop?

    I have a machine with 7 Ultimate x64 and have my Cisco VPN client installed in my XP VM. I can launch the VPN client as a XP mode application from the 7 start menu, and it works correctly. The only issue is I'd like to have the XP mode version of Remote Desktop be able on the 7 Start menu. All...
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    Netflix for Windows 7 Media Center released

    You would of thought with the upgrade they would add high def streaming, but hey its better than the nothing that was there before this a week ago.
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    Why I want Ageia to succeed

    Personally this whole ATI vs Havok vs Nivida vs Ageia physics thing is not going to be good for anyone. It reminds me of Glide vs Open GL before Direct X really came into its own. I hope that Microsoft incorporates physics in Direct X 10a so we don't have to worry about which game runs what type...
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    How would I install a bios update to a system that won't start in windows?

    Ummh if the system isn't stable enough to go into Windows, flashing the bios might not be the wisest thing. The LAST thing you want is it to crash while trying to update the bios. Might want to download UltimateBootCD first and run Memtest86 and or prime and make sure you don't have a hardware...
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    SLI as an upgrade

    just bought my 2nd evga 7800gt for $180 from ebay. Can't wait to get it. SLI here I come.
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    SLI as an upgrade

    Thanks guys, you convinced me now. Gonna try my luck on ebay for a matching 7800GT. Thanks for the input.
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    SLI as an upgrade

    Ok so I'm debating getting another 7800GT So I can run in SLI. Which is an old topic know in this forum. However I was hoping to hear from people who have also made the move from single to SLI (not the people who bought 2 vid cards when they built their system), and see what they thought of it...
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    Top 5 Programs you can't live w/out for your HTPC

    I have Gameex and love it to death. Great frontend for all my ROMs
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    ATI Employee Purchase Program October 2005

    I work over at the Fry's in Irving and will be putting an order through in a couple of days, anyone local want me to buy one for them send me a PM.
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    Worst Game Ever?

    I can't say anything about the single player, but that was a great multiplayer game. I have to say Panty Raider was the worst game I'd ever gotten as a gift. I'd like to throw my vote in for SimCity 2000 (for the Gameboy) it came free with the gameboy i got, and my gawd it's just about...
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    Dell 1905FP Ultrasharp 19" LCD Monitor $287

    I think its dead, I get a message saying the 40% of coupon is invalid
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    noob's self-built comp not doing auto-shut or auto-restart

    Check to make sure you've installed the chipset drivers, sometimes power management has issues if the chipset software isn't installed. Also turn your BIOS settings to default just in case.
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    TigerDirect MotherBoard/CPU Bundle Deals

    TigerDirect and rebates... sigh... All I'll say is that I've learned my lesson, I think TigerDirect is just waiting to send my rebate checks after Infinium Labs releases the Phantom console.
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    MX 1000 $39 AR, $59 Out the Door. Irving Frys

    yes but Frys is selling it for $59 and a $20 rebate = $39. Besides not everyone has a Sam's club membership
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    MX 1000 $39 AR, $59 Out the Door. Irving Frys

    The paper says it's on sale for $79 with a $20 MIR, but the store price is $59. Just bought mine today. The rebate expires 07/01 and the price expires 06/30. I bought mine at the Irving Frys. I don't know if this is nationwide, but if you're in the DFW area you should be able to pricematch the...
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    Refurb: Biostar IDEQ-200P SFF Nforce3 150 loaded barebone 108 shipped (hurry!)

    Ordered mine supposed to get here the 21st, incidently they did the same doubling of the order thing with mine. Greatly looking forward to my next SFF. Great find guys.
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    Asus K8V SE Deluxe, Athlon 64 3400+ $200 AR

    No thanks, Im still trying to get my $100 rebate back from last year's same deal with the AMD64 3200 and that mobo, by the way i used onrebate for that too and never saw it. Just understand there's a very good chance you'll never see that 100 bucks back, don't believe me, read the forums on...
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    The UnOfficial Black Friday "Camping-Meetup-Gettogether" Thread

    The 2 new houston Fry's (Webster & Southlake?) will not be opening till way after christmas (They just got their Department Managers down there this week, and are still hiring) look for a big grand opening simultaneously for both stores around Feb-March (unoffical).
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    Prescott 4GHz cancelled

    I'm really curious to see how the dual-core P4s handle since Intel is having to void the entire principle of their current architecture and mend it into something else. The P4 architecture was designed around raising the Mhz to get higher performance. It'll be interesting to see them try to...
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    What's faster? Tualatin 1.3 vs Duron 1.6

    Duron 1.6 for these reasons Duron has the 266 FSB and PC2100 (at the least) memory bandwith vs.133FSB and 133 SD-RAM (I know there were DDR P3 boards but they showed no real performance gain) The Athlon Processors and the Pentium 3 processors performed very closely at stock speeds a...