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    PCIe to Six Pin Power Cable...?

    Get a new legit PSU. SATA to 6 pin cables will technically work for awhile but tend to burn out quickly. By burn out I mean literally melt.
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    10x Cisco UCS c240 M3S v03 server blades

    ttt, anyone know of anywhere else I could post this kind of equipment?
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    10x Cisco UCS c240 M3S v03 server blades

    Yes, this was pointed out to me but I can't change the title of the thread. I don't deal much with server equipment and that was the term the people used that we cleared them out from so I just went with it.
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    10x Cisco UCS c240 M3S v03 server blades

    ttt, price reduced
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    10x Cisco UCS c240 M3S v03 server blades

    Recently cleared out a few racks from a datacenter and have a bunch of networking equipment and servers available. I'm not actually sure what some of it even is but for now just to gauge interest I'm posting one type of the servers for sale. We were told the equipment was purchased in 2014 and...
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    Help/suggestions needed for covering river behind parents house

    No power down at the river area, the AP would need to be on the deck behind the house.
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    Help/suggestions needed for covering river behind parents house

    My parents are wanting to get their wifi signal down on to the river behind their house (Guadalupe near New Braunfels, TX). The river is roughly 200 feet back and 50 ft down from the house, with relatively clear line of sight from the deck where the AP/Extender would need to be located. I'm not...
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    Bitcoin Ban Expands across Credit Cards as Big US Banks Recoil

    I was purchasing with my Chase CC because it would give me point when I did. Now I will just use ACH with coinbase which is instant as well...
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    Non Founder GTX-10XX street date???

    I got a preorder in for the Zotac AMP Edition on Amazon, but now there is an article on tweaktown saying not to expect much availability until late July or August... I sincerely hope it doesn't take nearly 3 months for nVidia to get a decent amount of product on the street.
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    New High-Tech Helmet For Pilots Costs $400k

    A friend of mine works for Lockheed and said he saw one of the people who works with these things (not a pilot) accidentally drop one of these from the stair/ladder thing to get into the aircraft. Very quick way to burn nearly a half million dollars.
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    ASUS Matrix OR Poseidon - CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON!

    A Poseidon would nicely replace the 260X that has (hopefully) temporarily taken the place of my dead 6970
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    Seasonic Black Friday Lucky Draw

    Always in for a shot at some Seasonic gear!
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    Core I7 3770K $229.99 MicroCenter In-Store Only

    I built myself a 2600k (4.4ghz) machine about 2 years ago now, and was thinking of building a new PC this year. Are there any processors that will even be much of an upgrade to that this year?
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    Corsair "Barebones" Christmas Giveaway!

    Got to agree with many others here, the customer support is top notch with Corsair!
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    FS: Sager 5792 laptop - semi broken

    I have a laptop I bought back when I had more times to play games that I no longer have a use for. It is listed as semi broken because there is an issue with the graphics card. The issue: Whenever something 3d tries to load the laptop freezes up and has to be hard shutdown (hold down...
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    Seasonic M12II-620 PSU Drawing

    im in!
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    Guy That Found iPhone G4 “Is A Thief”

    In one of the Gizmodo reports, they talked to the CSRs who took the call from the guy trying to return it. They confirmed that they turned him away, thinking it was a Chinese knockoff. So the guy did try to return it, what was he supposed to do - go down the Apple HQ and start knocking on doors?
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    AMD Eyefinity Challenge with HardOCP in Dallas TX

    email sent... I am both happy my Saturday is free but disappointed that the reason is unemployment!
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    The Eyefinity Challenge with HardOCP

    Hah and on my birthday no less... I'll see if I can wrangle up some of the old TAU cs crew. Been wanting to see this in action ever since that review was posted!
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    Lian Li A01 htpc - watercooled - 56k warning

    Those are some crazy good pictures... does you PS them all or do they just come out that good?
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    FS: Mid-range parts

    All of the items have been sold together I've just recently upgraded my computer, and seeing as I don't really have the room/patience to deal with turning my old parts into a functioning machine - I turn to the people who hopefully will :). Anyway I live in Dallas, and have sold on these...
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    F/S Car A/V stuff

    Well I guess paypal can go to you-know-where for taking extra money
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    F/S Car A/V stuff

    hit quote instead of edit, sorry
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    F/S Car A/V stuff

    Didn't know that, so I took it off and upped the price accordingly and am offering a discount for non-paypal purchasing... does that violate it?
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    F/S Car A/V stuff

    I got 2 items here that I need to sell both are new in box Kenwood brand, though the boxes are slightly beat up (on the trip they made to me). First off is Kenwood Excelon XXV-01D Head unit CD/MP3 receiver, has a...
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    is this the best 37in LCD tv for my budget?

    The fact that in 3 years it pales in comparison to a LCD in brightness?
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    TV for dorm/apartment

    well seeing as I already have a 2001FP + my CRT (for FPS games) im not really looking at getting another monitor per-say... really looking the 27-32" LCD screens mainly (possibly DLP though unlikely)
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    TV for dorm/apartment

    Looking for a new TV I've got about $1200 to spend on a new TV for my dorm next year (Texas State U) and im looking for opinions on TV sets... uses will be mainly TV, DVD, some PS2 and Xbox360 when it is released (so 720p would be nice). The dorm I am in is more like an apartment so while...
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    Dual Screens and Gaming

    you rich bastard