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    Dual-Link DVI Cable 10ft $1.99 - Micro Center (In-Store)

    Just in case anybody needs one of these.
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    [H]ot? Palm Pre for $80 (with 2 year contract) at Walmart

    I'm kind of interested in the Palm Pre and other smart phones coming out. I have an iphone, but it seems like everybody has one now. I don't know, I kind of like to have devices that are a little less 'popular'.
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    EcoGreen F2EG 1TB 5,400RPM SATA Hard Drive $69 [B&M Only]

    They are good for backup and storage. I'm going to use them in a drobo.
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    EcoGreen F2EG 1TB 5,400RPM SATA Hard Drive $69 [B&M Only]

    At Micro Center, forgot to put that in the title. Pretty good hard drive and price. I just picked up 2.
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    HP 24" W2408H (refurbished) $200 shipped

    I think this monitor might be a little bit too big for me and my setup. The glare might be too much with a window directly behind me as well. I might have to return this, the 22" may be more suited I think. Does anybody know what's return policy is on these? I didn't see anything...
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    HP 24" W2408H (refurbished) $200 shipped

    Mine arrived today and looks brand new. I didn't get lucky with a Samsung panel though, but everything is looking great. I also ordered a Dell 2209WA so I'll compare and see which I want to keep. I haven't had a chance to hook it up and test yet though, I'm waiting for a hdmi adapter for my macbook.
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    Just ordered the Dell UltraSharp 2209WA

    I'm looking for a bit of advice. I've been looking at this monitor and I'm really liking it, however I just ordered the a rebranded HP w2408h on for $205 shipped and it arrived today. I don't know if I should go ahead and order this and just compare them both and keep the one I like...
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    AutoCAD equivalent?

    I work for a voice and data consulting firm and for an upcoming project a client wants us to provide AutoCAD drawings. Is there software or a boiled down version of AutoCAD that we could use to create diagrams/drawings that are compatible with AutoCAD 2002? We do not use AutoCAD, so it would not...
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    VOIP Service - How Much?

    Packet 8 is another.
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    Good bandwidth monitoring tool?

    I'm looking more for throughput. Thanks for those suggestions. I'll check them out. Are there any free ones that will give throughput? I'm not familiar with RMON, so I'll have to check that out also. Thanks again!
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    Good bandwidth monitoring tool?

    Hi all, I work as a voice and data consultant and we often need to know what the bandwidth utilization of our clients are, however getting this information from the service providers is often difficult and takes awhile. My question to all of you is, do you know of any good...
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    The UnOfficial Black Friday "Camping-Meetup-Gettogether" Thread

    I'm from kent, so i might head up that way to camp out.
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    ID3 tagging program

    use tag&'s a free download trial for 30 days, but an excellent program. I use it for all my mp3's/albums. it does group/batch editing and very easy to use. For getting cd info when ripping cd's you can also use cdex, i believe that's what it is. You can use it to connect to the online...
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    Keyboard comparable to IBM?

    Hi all, I know a lot of people really like IBM's keyboards, including myself, but I was wondering if there are any other notebooks that have keyboards comparable to that of IBM? Thanks in advance.
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    SQL help

    Thanks LJ! I think that worked.
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    SQL help

    I am attempting to create a report in asp using vbscript. On the report the user has the ability to select more than one subcode, such as Billable Hours and Intranet. I'm using a session variable to store the user's selection session("selectedsubcode") My sql statement is SELECT * FROM TBLmain...
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    network design help needed

    Thanks for your input dagamore. I'm not an expert at networks and have never done this before, so it's interesting to see how someone else would set it up.
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    network design help needed

    My main question was mentioned in my first post. I was just wondering if I could use one switch for both the ethernet and fiber. Darthkim answered that by suggesting a chassis based switch. I then asked if that would be the best route to go.
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    network design help needed

    This is just a networking lab assignment. It's not a real-world situation. Our professor just presented us with this problem and we need to come up with a solution. Here is the actual question: A small company has hired you to design a network for their existing computers. They currently...
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    network design help needed

    I agree it is a strange setup, but it is a hypothetical situation, so there are also no finacial constraints. I'm just trying to find the best way to do this setup. The reason for the fiber is because "of increased level of electrical interference created by motors and other equipment in the...
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    network design help needed

    I am fairly new to designing networks and for a college assignment I need to design a network for a small company. There are 15 desktops that need Fast Ethernet/100Base-T and 5 pc's that need multimode fiber to connect to 2 servers. My question is, do i need just one switch for this? I'm a...
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    Need Dvd+r Disk!!! Where? Cheap?

    why don't you try looking around yourself first.
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    Got my Check for the CD Settlement who else got it? mine too :)
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    Smokin Hot: I/OMagic 8x DVD±RW/±R dual format, $89.94 after IR

    Or you can order it from
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    Smokin Hot: I/OMagic 8x DVD±RW/±R dual format, $89.94 after IR

    Thanks, I was looking for a dvd burner.
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    $5,000 deposit @ Ameritrade = free TaylorMade R500XD Series Driver

    The title is misleading.
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    1 kinda free year of PC Magazine

    Then it's not really free, right? Everything you checkout from the library you have to return, I want something for keeps.
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    50 McNugget $7.99

    I'll go to Chipotle any day over McDonalds :-)
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    Office Max Deals Starting 2/1

    Good luck finding anything left
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    Windows XP on Ebay

    I get MS software for $10/cd at my university
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    1 kinda free year of PC Magazine

    Just signed up, thanks!
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    officemax WD 80gb $19.99 AR starting 1/25

    Not such a hot deal because of the OM deal, but newegg has them for $60..would have been a better deal during a different week.
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    3D slow in screensaver

    I just got a 9600xt, which is a sweet card and I'm glad I got it...I'm not a big pc gamer and it fits my system well. I have AMD 2500+, NF7-S & 512MB PC3200. I formatted and installed XP with the 9600xt installed and everything worked fine. I installed ati's cool screensavers and they ran...