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    ATT modem question

    I have a spare Motorola 2210-02-1002 (Southwest SBC region modem) Does anyone know if these can be used in the Bellsouth regions? Where the 2210-02-1006 are shipped?
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    dog treats

    thanks TTP
  3. U invites

    Looking for an invite if someone has one Thanks
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    WTB: General Usage Desktop (MUST INCLUDE WINDOWS 7)

    True, 200 on components and 100 on windows
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    WTB: General Usage Desktop (MUST INCLUDE WINDOWS 7)

    Not sure if this is the best place to look, but what the hey I am looking to get my sister just a desktop computer that can surf the web and run windows 7 reasonably well. Prefer sub < 300, but if its a decent system I could go over that slightly. NO MONITOR NO KEYBOARD NO MOUSE MUST...
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    WTB: AGP Video Card

    Friend had a 9800Pro die on him looking for a replacement just to play some older RTS games. So equal or greater performance would work. Thanks
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    Audio Help Selecting Reciever/Speakers for Home Theater

    Currently I am looking at the Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home system ($400) and pairing it with a Onkyo TX-SR606 Reciever ($400). This seems like a great system. My question is my original budget was around the $1500 dollar mark, and was wondering if it was worth it to reach a little further...
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    For Win2K3: Symantec AV Corp 10.1 or AVG V8 File Server?

    Between the two I would suggest SAV IMO At least for a buisness, and you have the horses to run it
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    Outlook 2k7 Rules Issues

    bump, no one has seen this?
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    Outlook 2k7 Rules Issues

    I have a user that is currently running on a fresh install of Office 2k7, and has a few basic rules setup to move specific e-mail to certain folders. Such as if an e-mail from sales gets sent to the sales folder, and support to the support folder, while skipping the inbox. However it appears...
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    Switched business to NOD32 and was thinking of switching my home computers. I was thinking there was a member here that was a reseller as well. Where does everyone else get their NOD32 licenses for home.
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    IGN wants to give MGS4 an 11

    IF you didnt like the MGS on PS1 then dont bother with MGS4.. Its more of the same, no its not the greatest thing since sliced bread. however, it is well thought out and well executed game. It is just what I expected from Metal Gear Solid, and I am pleased. Nothing more or nothing less.
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    Few questions about the PS3 i may purchase tomorrow

    Just a side note if you sign up for a Sony card you get another 100 dollars off, if you buy it from Wal-Mart. Did this two weeks ago, worked like a charm. Basically a PS3 for 199
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    MLB 2k8: Unplayable garbage

    Not to sound too much like a dick... But if you did not know, many of us can not do without baseball, and this is the only game for 360. However the reason I am sharing my viewpoints is that someone asked. Since we all know most "official" reviews for this game have been mostly...
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    MLB 2k8: Unplayable garbage

    Cont: The player ranking system is very bias towards big market teams. They go deeper into their farm systems and over rate their players a lot! Say you are playing with the Pirates, everyone knows that Nyjer Morgan is a complete burner, but somehow he has D speed! So if you play with team...
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    MLB 2k8: Unplayable garbage

    Update: It has been updated with newer rosters and they have somewhat fixed the lag. The new ptiching system has been tweaked a little, but I still see it as a gimmick. I have played with it alot and it really is easy to hit. And online play is still complete garbage it lags like crap...
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    MLB 2k8: Unplayable garbage

    Add me to the list 2K8 is awful and shows yet again that these so called review sites have no idea what the fuck they are talking about since almost everyone gave it average score. This game is complete garbage, the graphics are worse!?, the sounds are exactly the same, the play-by-play calls...
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    MLB The Show '08

    I am a 360 owner and got MLB 2K8 since I am a diehard baseball fan Returning it tommorrow Pros: Fielding and Baserunning are finally up to par with other games besides one small problem Cons: Lags like shit makes everything worse New pitching is horrid Batting is harder, and...
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    Burnout Paradise

    WTF no splitscreen are you guys serious!!! Definetly not going to buy this! I guess I am going to just have to buy Burnout Revenge for 360
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    MS source reveals truth about 360's RRoD

    I can see this happening on the global level. However, for the console war in the US the 360 has clearly won. While their are some that will buy two systems, most will only buy one, and at this point there is only so many buyers. Plus the Wii stomping both. Blu-Ray is a moot point, its...
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    MS source reveals truth about 360's RRoD

    Actually seems very plausable, and somewhat accepted by engineering standards today. Anyone who works in the field of PCB manufacturing knows that the number one problem today is the PB free process. The temperatures all need to be well in excess of 900 and most in place equipment when the...
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    so whats the big deal with guitar hero

    Classic, I thought Guitar Hero would be stupid as well, till some friends introduced it to me Just plain addictive fun, if people could just see its just a freaking game. Just maybe they could care less if people want to play Guitar Hero, or Magical Fairy Island. Whats fun for me, might not...
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    Small Network Antivirus solution

    Appreciate all of the replies so far, I will be keeping an eye on this to see how everyone's experience with NOD32 goes. As of right now all machines are staying with SAV 10 until the end of the year.
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    Small Network Antivirus solution

    Currently I am managing a 20-uer group on Symantec AV version 10. We have rolled out Symantec Endpoint Protection 11 onto a test system, and I can say I am more than dissapointed. It is a resource hog plain and simple, and it has got to the point, where I would like to turn elsewhere...
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    Forget Crysis! GH3 FTW!!!!

    A lot of thread crappers about a video game, as to be expected... When a real guitar keeps score, and allows you to play your buddy on the internet, let me know and I will give you the time of day. Otherwise don't bother, because Guitar Hero is so simple, even I can do it...(sarcasm)...
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    Looking for Epox EP 8NPASLI Manual and Drivers

    That website times out for me, I can find the link to drivers and the manual on their US website, however it says no files available.
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    Looking for Epox EP 8NPASLI Manual and Drivers

    As the title says I am looking for a copy of the mother board manual and perhaps the drivers. The Epox website freaking sucks!
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    Lair gets a 4.9 from IGN

    Looks like the Lair reviews are all pretty poor, considering. That is dissapointing I was thinking about picking up a PS3 for this game, before MGS4 comes out. But if you cant even swoop and kill the shit that you want, whats the point! I want to be able to swoop down and breathe fire on...
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    WTB/Trade/Have 3.5" Dead HDD's

    Doesn't have to be something nice :p I mean we are talking about HDs, I figured when you said trade you had something in mind
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    WTB/Trade/Have 3.5" Dead HDD's

    I believe I have 4 dead 3.5s, I Dont mind paying shipping if you got something neat to trade. I would also like to know why you need them?
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    WTB: General usage PC under $400

    Looking for a general usage PC, not sure if many people on here have anything on the low-end, but I thought I would ask.
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    My initial impression of The Bigs for Wii

    Agree hitting is a bit broken... however pitching is not that stellar either, as it gets pretty difficult for the wiimote to recognize all the pitches 100% of the time. Overall its an arcade game, and its average at best.
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    Guitar Hero Wii = Cheaper then all other versions

    Depends on how much they want to rape you on the price per song, just look at the X360, Guitar Hero 3 pretty much killed the DLC, that and the little fact they were EXTREMELY overpriced.
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    The Biggs For Wii

    I just got it today... Right now I am mixed.. Batting is laggy, and just seems slow. Pitching takes some real practice, just doing a quick play game, I could hardly ever land a pitch dead on. Most of the time I would try to pitch a slider and it wouldn't recognize it and just throw a...
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    30 Percent Failure Rate for the 360

    Yeah I think the original PS2's failure rate was the worst I have seen. Even more than the 360, which I bet is around 5 - 8%
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    Video Card Suggestion

    Even at 1280 x 768?
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    Video Card Suggestion

    Yeah I am starting to lean that way. I use to game all the time, but primarily I do that on my Xbox 360 now and not my PC, at least until Fallout 3 :p
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    Video Card Suggestion

    Bump, a bit surprising this was not commented on.