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    What will be your go-to replacement for

    Same as above - Anand, Ars, Hexus, Tech Report are the only ones that will be left aside from one-off reviews linked to from other places (like Reddit and Twitter).
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    Epic's Tim Sweeney Calls Store Exclusives "Procompetitive"

    I mean, he's wrong, but I guess it's his prerogative to be wrong, he does have the money for it. That said, until they stop exclusives, then I won't have anything more than games I don't explicitly give them money for in my Epic game store. "Free" games from a bundle with PC hardware, sure...
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    Star Wars Episode 1: Racer Reimagined in Unreal Engine 4

    Shadows need some work, especially the racer itself disappearing in them. However, I seem to remember the original game having some issues with shadows too, but it's been a decade and a half since I played it.
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    Grim Dawn: Forgotten Gods Has a March 2019 Release Date

    Enjoyed the game, but I really don't have another 600+ hours to try and get the last two pieces of gear for my build. It's a really broad game, and all the good/bad that brings with it. Running around in the same circle hoping to see that one piece, just to reset the game and repeat, ad...
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    "World War Z" Studio: Epic Exclusivity Is "the Best Deal for Players and Developers"

    Simple resolution - put it on both, charge more for Steam. No exclusivity, and people can buy it where they want. Sometimes I buy from Newegg, sometimes from Best Buy, sometimes from Amazon - but all three of them sell the same thing at different prices and I don't always buy from where it's...
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    Vox Media Goes After YouTubers That Mocked The Verge PC Build Video

    Guess who was just added to my firewall...
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    Netflix Permanently Pulls iTunes Billing for New Users

    This - Netflix shouldn't remove the option, but they *should* jack it up by the 15% that Apple is charging them for the privilege of being there. Unlike credit/debit/cash being discriminated against in the same store, I don't think there are any/many laws against selling things at different...
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    AMD Adrenalin 2019 Edition 18.12.2 Drivers Released

    Can only undervolt *or* overclock GPU *or* overclock RAM, no combination of the three. Also, the three options seem to be extremely tame.
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    Portal 3 Speculation Sparked by ARG in CS:GO Battle Royale Map

    Tease the game or troll the people that think Valve is still a game developer?
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    Scientists Say a Quarter of Tumblr Users Visit the Site for Porn

    Good job on whomever at Tumblr came up with the idea of claiming they were planning on blocking porn. I'd completely forgotten that site existed. Since I'm sure there are millions of others, now they also know. They may also go and use it for such purposes. Someone deserves a raise.
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    Bioware Teases December Dragon Age Announcement

    Smartphone, always online, no NPCs, with a vinyl bag to hold a canvas bag of 'dragon aged' poop (actually just dog poop that's been put in a kiln). Also, no loot.
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    FilmStruck Subscription-Streaming Service to Shut Down

    With as heavily as it was advertised, I'm surprised it didn't get enough of a subscriber base to keep going. I mean, I first heard about it as I was reading about it being shut down, so you'd think it's been pushed enough to grab a few millions people.
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    Intel Reports 3Q 2018 Financial Results

    Kind of amazing what you can do when you A) stop producing enough CPUs for everyone that wants to buy one because it's too expensive to compete on core count and B) jack up the price because they *have* to be super amazing awesome good, otherwise there would be stock available to buy.
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    VR Market Predicted to Grow 50% Every Year

    I hope so. I'm seriously tired of spending money on games, no matter how fun they are to play. I've got so much more to do in life than just sit around and play stuff. Move us to VR so I can stop gaming.
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    Google to Charge Android OEMs as Much as $40 per Phone in EU

    1. Possibly. The likely result, however, will be more bloat as instead of a group of apps that are designed from the ground up to work together, you'll be replacing them with a string of apps that may not play well with each other. For instance, GPS details currently live inside Google Play...
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    Amazon Workers Lose Monthly Bonuses, Stock Awards as Minimum Wage Increases

    And soon enough they'll put them into bankruptcy like K-Mart, to be bought-up/merged with something like Sears, only to return to shutting everything down within a decade.
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    The GeForce RTX 2080 Ti is Too Damn High! @ [H]

    I remember driving to two different Best Buys on launch day for the GeForce 4 Ti 4600 and spending $1200 + tax for three of them. I remember how everyone looked at us like we were insane when we got back home and were so happy & proud of being able to get three of them. I remember shortly...
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    Apple is Deleting Purchased Movies from iTunes

    We still buy what we want to keep long term on disc because of this. Add the lack of a single repository to watch things, discs are still best. We scan what we can into MoviesAnywhere, etc. but that's only a little more convenient than disc.
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    Amazon may Make a Free, Ad-Supported Streaming Service for Fire TVs

    I cut the cord to save money. Also to avoid advertisements, yes, but primarily to save money. I can handle a 'free' service with advertisements far more easily than I can handle a pay service with advertisements. Not to say I can handle a free service with advertisements now that I've gotten...
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    Nvidia Technical Marketing Gives an Interview to HotHardware on Turing

    Deer lord that was painful. I think that sealed the deal, I'll hold on to my 1080 until I can get something from AMD. Been leaning that way since GPP, but... you know, I just you know, need to you know give more you know work to you know AMD for them to you know make you know more you know money.
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    Now MoviePass Will Only Let You See Certain Movies on Certain Days

    I am so, so glad I did not sign us up for this when it was actually a good *looking* deal.
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    Netflix Will Now Interrupt Series Binges with Video Ads for Its Other Series

    They keep it up and we'll be cancelling. Normally it's just me that gets annoyed by this kind of trash, but my wife is frustrated as well. While you can skip them, it doesn't *really* work that well, is not intuitive, and even after skipping, you then *still* have to click the select to start...
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    Ninja Explains His Choice Not to Stream with Female Gamers

    So... your dad is an unrepentant flirt and your mom likes to sexually harass people and brag about it? Sounds healthy and I'm going to start following your advice today!
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    Two Sentenced to Jail for Selling Kodi Devices

    They have banned knives... So yea, it doesn't seem out of character for them to ban software if that software has a chance of being used to do something illegal.
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    Apple Will Seal Up Law Enforcement’s Favorite iPhone Cracking Method

    Anything that forces law enforcement to follow the Constitution is good in my books. I have no problem with LE getting a hold on the data, I just want them to have to follow the law to get it, not bypass the law because they can. That makes them law-breakers (in a just world), and would then...
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    Noctua Was the Only Hardware Company at Computex Totally Ignoring RGB

    I remember when we all first started cutting holes in the sides of our cases to stick more and larger fans in them. Started with a single exhaust fan of 80mm, then it was a front intake + rear exhaust @ 80mm, then we cut a hole in the side and added another 80mm, then we moved up to 90mm...
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    NVIDIA Announces Financial Results for First Quarter Fiscal 2019

    No wonder they needed GPP, I'm kind of worried about their survival now that they've canned being transparent about stuff :-\
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    Pay to Opt-Out of Data Sharing Says Facebook

    Wait, so they don't sell the data, they just share it, but they need to be able to share it because that's what their business model relies on... so, what she's saying is, they don't sell it, they give it away for free, and then companies just give them money back for free, so that there's no...
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    Verge Cryptocurrency Hacked

    Please don't, then we'll all have a special computer meter that we have to hook into. Well, not everyone, only people with a device that includes a 'graphics processing unit' since that's something the policy setter heard once. At least we'll all be able to game for 'free' on our 3dfx Voodoo...
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    Best Buy Stops Selling Huawei Phones

    As the owner of a MediaPad M3, I'm not really saddened by this. They somehow manage to make Samsung look like they're the best designer of smooth skins for Android, and also the quickest updater for their devices, especially in regards to security patches. It's pretty pathetic, and if there...
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    Neil Young Blasts Google in New Essay

    Someone's heart of gold has turned to lead :(
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    Mine Crypto While You Drive - Or - Jacking it in Your Tesla

    More like how people who understand the 1st law of thermodynamics are wondering how people think that using so much electricity and technology to magically make 'something' from nothing *ACTUALLY* means there's something being created.
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    Android P Will Let Carriers Define How LTE Signal Bars Are Shown

    I don't know that I've paid much attention to the signal bars since my Droid Incredible. Whatever the bars say, either the connection works or it doesn't, and whatever arbitrary number of bars it wants to spit out on the screen is meaningless.
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    New Samsung 3D Cinema LED

    Wife and I need to rewatch it, just so we can catch the parts we fell asleep for when we went to snooze it in the theater.
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    Flashback Dual Celeron Cooler Circa 1998

    [H]oly crap, I [H]ave been coming to t[H]is website for 20 years 0_0
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    Net Neutrality Your Way

    eh, since with/without NN the government is in the pocket of those same 3 big corporations, does it really make much of a difference?
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    7 Years Ago Today Intel Launched the Core i7-2600K

    Finally replaced my 2600k system with a Ryzen 1700x because of the increased amount of h.265 encoding I'm doing, but the 2600k lives on in the PLEX server I've got running some background encoding to boot. Slowed her down from the 4.3Ghz overclock she ran for 6 years, though, let her relax for...
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    The iPhone X’s Face ID Can’t Approve Family Purchases, and No One Knows Why

    Functioning as intended, it's supposed to be more secure than a fingerprint, and it is now.
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    Robots Keep the Homeless Away in San Francisco

    Because people leaving trash including used needles are folk that are just a 'help' away from not being homeless
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    Steam No Longer Accepting Bitcoin Payments

    Like it or not, having a government 'back' your fiat currency is a whole lot more trustworthy to most folk than a nebulous digital currency that is based on difficult mathematical equations. Diner's club, as well as every other limited credit option (Amazon, Kohl's, etc.) are all tied to the...