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    Sleep Number Considered Integrating Audio Snoring Detection Technology into Beds

    Don't forget UARS too. Plenty of people don't have apnea, but have breathing problems affecting sleep, and when they get their airway treated it leads to a lot of improvements in health issues that seemed unrelated in the public mind. It's become a really hot topic in dentistry because dentists...
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    Having a Problem with my SoundCard (Asus Xonar STX)

    Thank you for taking the time to help out. Asking the question you did put me on the right track.
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    Having a Problem with my SoundCard (Asus Xonar STX)

    Update: I believe I've solved it. I came across this post: PastaActual said: "Solved: My sleeved MOLEX connector came undone and couldn't deliver power to amp. Reconnected power and everything runs fine.". So I...
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    Having a Problem with my SoundCard (Asus Xonar STX)

    No. There is no longer any audible click when I switch from analog to SPDIF. Also click on boot up that I'd usually hear isn't there anymore either. If the relay has failed, do you know if there is a way to repair it?
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    Having a Problem with my SoundCard (Asus Xonar STX)

    Edit: Problem still persisting.
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    Having a Problem with my SoundCard (Asus Xonar STX)

    Hi, I've had an Asus Xonar STX installed on my machine for about five years now. I haven't had any problems with it until last week. I am not able to get audio any longer from my headphone output jack or the two RCA output jacks. I can get audio from the SPDIF though. I am wondering if sound...
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    The Inconvenient Truth about Cancer and Mobile Phones

    I was trying to point out that people are confusing correlation with causation. In this instance, the correlation is cell phone usage seems to lead to increased cancer rates. People then jump to 'cell phones cause cancer' and try to form a hypothesis to explain this, latching on the the EMF...
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    The Inconvenient Truth about Cancer and Mobile Phones

    People get caught up in trying to link correlation with causation. In reality, a presentation of symptoms/disease involves complex systems biology. You asked for evidence, and I can give some of that, but not directly linking EMF to cancer. But...the effect of cell phones usage on human behavior...
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    IBM Warns of Instant Breaking of Encryption by Quantum Computers

    I'm counting on this. I encrypted some personally important files years ago, then lost the password. Hoping to eventually be able to retrieve them. At this point, it'll be a bit of a time capsule moment.
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    Amazon Will Deliver Groceries to Your Car in 15 Minutes

    It's a decent idea, but honestly I've found the only way to get some fresh produce, such as Jicama, in a state worth using is to hand select it myself. Unless they find some spectacular suppliers to insure they always deliver a suitable product I don't see me changing my grocery shopping habits...
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    Alcatel-Lucent Sets World Record With 10Gbps Over Copper Lines

    Fiber optic networking is superior in both bandwidth and latency. Low latency is far more important in gaming and current bandwidth plans can already provide blu-ray quality in 1080p at 10Mbps - video codecs continue to increase in efficiency; gone are the days where it takes a decade before...
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    Woz To The FCC: Keep The Internet Free

    So, there's this guy that has to pay a road toll to get to the movie theater. Now imagine after he has paid that toll the entity the toll was paid to then charges the movie theater an additional fee because he used the road to get there. Further imagine, that from the toll fee alone the road...
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    You Thought 4K TV Looked Real? This One Goes to 8K

    My number if bigger than yours? Personally, I'd be more impressed with a display with accurate reproduction of every color the human eye can perceive in 1080p, with headset free 3d, or even just an LCD that can match the motion fluidity and black levels of a Panasonic plasma. However...
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    Dolby Bringing Surround Sound to Tablets and Smartphones

    "Dolby has found a way to ‘trick’ your brains into thinking that surround sound is possible via headphones and tablets." It's simulated surround sound; the position of the device has no bearing on the positional accuracy of the audio.
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    TV Subscriptions Fall for First Time as Viewers Cut the Cord

    If the commercials on TV had any relevance to my interests then, perhaps, I wouldn't scoff at the idea of paying for a TV subscription. With Netflix, AZ Prime, and a public Library card I seem quite able to fill any free time I have. In fact, I seem to have more free time to fill than if I...
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    Why Is American Internet So Slow?

    There's a fiber backbone that goes through my city of 150k. It's less than 1km from my house, and through it's length(it's a railroad), suburban housing for middle class families averaging 50k a year abounds. We have AT&T and Comcast as available providers. Both overpriced for the services...
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    Scientists Build Orgasm Machine For Women

    jizzed in my pants...
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    Steam liteCam Video Capture Utility

    Dxtory is hands down the best capture software available right now.
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    Robots Will Be Smarter Than Us All By 2029

    Advanced robotics and AI become a reality. We no longer have human firefighters. There are no traffic cops. There are no minimum wage jobs for unskilled laborers. If one wishes to have gainful employment then they must have the intelligence to succeed in higher education. If human...
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    Lacie Begins Shipping First External 5TB Hard Drive

    Sata III had a bandwidth limit of 600MB/s. The Drive offers up to 785MB/s. A high-performance drive like this would be wasted on mass storage. A drive like this will make sharing raw video files between workstations much easier. Not to mention, making external backups will no longer take ages.
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    Wet-Spun Carbon Nanotube Beats Copper in Carrying Electricity

    "The researchers analyzed the fiber’s “current carrying capacity” (CCC), or ampacity, with a custom rig that allowed them to test it alongside metal cables of the same diameter."
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    Wet-Spun Carbon Nanotube Beats Copper in Carrying Electricity "Crammed into integrated circuits, these microscopic strips known as graphene nanoribbons could increase by more than 10,000 times the number of transistors per area in computer chips." There are a lot of new materials...
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    Netflix's ISP Speed Index For January 2014

    I have a 25/5 connection with Comcast cable and my ability to stream Netflix in HD is unreliable. Last night the stream was constantly dropping to 240p, and struggling to ever reach 720p. However, I could still max out a torrent at 25Mbps. I've read about ISPs purposely delaying the...
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    Microsoft Apologizes for Insulting Older Women

    Article: "In this case, MissWeb is a site that asks men to vote for women based on their looks." Comments Section: "Hi, I am CEO MissWEB. Our project not just beauty contest. We are not asking males to vote for a woman." The author of the article appears to have an axe to grind, and seems...
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    NSA-Proof Phone That Can't Be Hacked?

    From one of the comments on the video. "The first part of the video is a theft from Rob Chiu's Series for Else Mobile.." Else Mobile: The sad part is they copy the video down to the monologue, 'technology was supposed to help us, but instead it's enslaved us'.
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    PlanetSide 2 On PS4 Better Than PC Version On Ultra

    Yes. And screw you Steve for the click-bait!
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    Crystal Dynamics Defends $60 Tomb Raider Port

    What a bunch of clowns.
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    US Lagging In High-Speed Internet Service

    In the US, 0.3% would be about $500,000,000. If we all suddenly had access to Google Fiber that would more than double bandwidth. At the time of that study we were also dealing with a global recession. There has been a lot of growth in online services since 2010.
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    Redesigned Mac Pro Goes On Sale Tomorrow

    A cylinder. How innovative.
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    MLG Nerds Spazzing Out

    That's due more to the microphones limitations than the actual pitch of his voice.
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    10 Years Ago Today: Console Predictions Edition

    These new consoles really have been underwhelming.
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    Gameplay Videos Getting Flagged On YouTube Again

    Gaming is an interactive entertainment medium. Watching someone else play a game is a passive activity. Watching a sports event is a passive activity. An equivalent comparison would be if someone uploaded footage from a pro league tourney that they were attending. In the eyes of developers...
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    Windows 8.2 Will Make Start Menu An Option?

    This is one of the many reasons I've decided to ignore windows 8. The compatibility issues I've heard of would make the OS unusable for me. The UI also had issues which would make certain tasks more difficult than they already are. Not being able to resize and reposition windows being one of...
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    The Division's Gorgeous 'Snowdrop Engine' Detailed in New Video

    I haven't been excited, or even interested, in any next-gen games until now. Crytek, DICE, and Epic Games need to sit down and start taking notes.
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    Complaining About Video Game Boob Physics

    It's a goddess. She's teleporting across the room. One could choose any number of reasons why her breasts don't obey the laws of physics. Maybe being a god means gravity is a question rather than a law. Maybe she likes the way they look with all that bounce. Maybe she likes to tease, and the...
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    The Gaming PC That Costs $13,000

    To me, the Form of the game environment is much more important then the aesthetic Form of the physical hardware. Part of that Form is motion fluidity. I do not consider gaming at 30fps to be functional as the decrease in motion fluidity, and higher latencies, impede a players ability to...
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    The Gaming PC That Costs $13,000

    The article centers on 4k gaming performance. For 3-6k one can get a rig that'll provide a superior gaming experience. I really don't see how something looks, aesthetically, matters when it only delivers 30fps. The entire point of owning a PC, to me, is so that I don't have to play games at...
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    The Gaming PC That Costs $13,000

    The Aurum use's Titans. The r9 290X outperforms a Titan. So, $200 for a mobo, $300 for an i7, $150 16GB RAM, $200 for a nice case, $100 for a HSK, $1100 for two 290Xs, $300 for a SSD, $150 for a PSU, $200 for 6TB of storage, W7-64 $150 - 2850 USD. With the discounts that most of us shop...
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    Microsoft Slammed For Sexist Xbox One Ad

    DF/Eurogamer lost all relevance in my opinion after the incompetence displayed with the XBO capture. I don't think anything they do actually matters anymore. That they're riding the hipster h8wagon to ridicule MS is just... RIP DF/Eurogamer.
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    LG: Firmware Update Will Halt Data Collection on Smart TV's

    Well, personally, I'd rather see ads for things relevant to my interests. I hate commercials primarily because they're essentially a 100% waste of my time due to not having any relevancy in my life. I fully support no longer being asked if I have trouble getting it up, informed as to Justin...