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    old timer back in the game

    Lets just say its been a while since I have been on the forums :D.... My faithful everyday Macbook finally called it quits and I am trying to revive/upgrade my rather old gaming rig. Simply looking to spend my money in the best way possible with what I have now. 1) What will you be doing with...
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    Budget Gaming Build Advice for $850

    Yup, SATA drives from a previous PC, but the drives themselves are somewhat recent. Also case is an Antec 900, so I don't there will be any issues there. I'm pretty out of the loop on current parts, but the main purpose of this build is gaming, so I would assume to stick with the better...
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    Budget Gaming Build Advice for $850

    Hey guys, need some advice for a gaming PC build for a friend of mine. I answered the questions to the sticky below, thanks in advance! 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming cpu/vid card intensive games, probably most taxing task for this build...
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    Any reason not to get a 360?

    only reason not to get a 360, you don't like the games on it.
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    New Mac Mini (Official Now)

    which version did you end up buying?
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    New Mac Mini (Official Now)

    Nothing too graphics intensive, just wanted to gauge an idea of what its limits will be particularly related to gaming and HD movies.
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    New Mac Mini (Official Now)

    how is the nvidia 9400m graphics chipset? i'm not caught up with what is the latest and greatest in video cards, but what would be the desktop equivalent for this chipset and what kind of performance could i get out of it?
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    Windows 7?

    anyone know what build the keys are for? does it matter?
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    subwoofer connection help

    i have an onkyo 5.1 htib system which i am in the midst of replacing all speakers with better component ones. problem is the original passive subwoofer was connected to the receiver (onkyo ht-r330) via a single speaker level output. the new sub is a velodyne 10" which has both l/r rca...
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    Classic Question: 360 or PS3

    i would base my decision on whichever system has the gaming library you prefer. i have a 360 and have been planning on getting a ps3, but there hasn't been any great number of games that make it worth buying imho. a lot of people say that the ps3 library is growing, but until it does i doubt...
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    New Speakers Please....?

    sure they're cheap in price, but a receiver/speaker setup will blow away any set of logitechs. a couple years ago the only thing i bought was computer speakers. went from the 540s to the z-2300s and finally the z-5500s and none of them come close to any of my current speaker setups. heck i'm...
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    New Speakers Please....?

    do you have a budget? for the best gaming experience i always found surround sound to be best, although i prefer 2.1 for listening to music. if that's the case i would skip pc speakers and get a nice HITB (home theater in a box) if you are on a budget. on a budget the only brand worth...
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    Conecting Creative® GigaWorks™ S750 7.1 to TV

    a good home theater is definitely more than $150, but i would still take a $150-200 HTiB over computer speakers anyday.
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    are one way bookshelfs better then 3 way bookshelfs?

    if you're on a budget those insignia's are a great choice. coaxial design, looks good, and creates a very nice soundstage for very little money.
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    Whats the turn around time now on getting your 360 repaired from MS?

    seven business days. don't know how it is now, but mine was shipped to and from using dhl (msft's choice) which imo made things slower.
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    Mac Pro case

    why would you spend all the money on a mac pro to run windows?
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    cpu, mobo, ram update for $500

    looking for recommendations on the best cpu, mobo, ram combo i could get for $500. all the remaining parts will come from my rig below. machine will primarily be used for gaming so quad core isn't necessary and more than likely i will overclock.
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    macbook advice

    looking to get a macbook for daily tasks, web browsing, music, and playing around with osx. i am on a budget so i am looking at the 13.3" macbooks, but my main concern is whether the integrated graphics chip in these models will be able to output to 1900x1200 when it is connected to my 24" lcd...
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    SOYO 24" DYLM24D6 Official Thread

    new problem with the monitor and just wanted to know if anyone else experienced this. anyways, the picture just goes blank. it doesnt go into standby as the light stays blue. i turn it off, turn it back on and i get a picture for a split second and then it goes blank. once again, blue light...
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    SOYO 24" DYLM24D6 Official Thread

    quick question, installed a new video card and now i can't output to 1900x1200 over dvi as it maxes out at 1024x768!? with vga i can get 1900x1200, any ideas? if it's my cable, which was fine with my old video card, any recommendations?
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    Post your HeadPhones!

    how much buck are we talking here? if it's less than $30, jvc marshmallows are pretty hard to beat.
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    What are todays hot budget cases?

    cm690 if you can find it on sale. if not, the centurion 5 has been the best budget case for years.
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    Smash Brothers review up at IGN

    QFT. i'm pretty much with the consensus here saying that anything less than a stellar review would be disappointing. smash bros is simply nintendo chars kicking ass, what more could ask for?
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    MLB The Show '08

    any former mvp baseball fans care to comment on mlb 08 the show? as much as i despise ea, mvp baseball was something they got right and something that created a high standard for baseball games to live up to which sadly the 2k series has never done.
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    Best Buy Dynex case kicks ass!

    for the sake of your quad core, go buy a real psu.
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    Nominations for worst PC game of all time

    superman 64 is as bad as it can get.
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    MLB The Show '08

    how does this game typically compare to the 2k series? this year and years past? i picked up 2k for my 360 last year and it wasn't all that great. heck, there hasn't been a good baseball game since the mvp baseball series.
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    Why Microsoft should buy Steam...

    in terms of pure power, console's will never match that of a pc. from a hardware perspective, pc gaming will always be ahead. however, that doesn't mean the best games will be on a pc and from a developers standpoint, it's easy to favor a platform which is consistent for 3-5 years.
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    Yahoo Sued for Spurning Microsoft

    msft has struggled financially in the console market, but they have slowly taken a big portion of sony's market share and they have established xbox live as the premier online community among consoles. in other words, they are here to stay. as for office and windows, office really has no...
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    cpu and gpu upgrade advice

    1920x1200 :eek: well i guess i'll TRY to stay with what i have now, lol. any specific sli boards worth looking at?
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    cpu and gpu upgrade advice

    i'm currently running what is in my sig, e4300 @ 3ghz and evga 8800GT 512mb SC stock. i upgraded from a 19" screen to a nice 24" and obviously my gaming performance obviously took a hit. for the most part i play all types of games including the latest and greatest like crysis, but don't...
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    SOYO 24" DYLM24D6 Official Thread

    anyone else have this problem: sometimes after my screensaver has been up for a while or when i take my monitor of sleep i get red and green dots all over the place. and not until turning the monitor off then on again do the dots go away. what gives?
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    SOYO 24" DYLM24D6 Official Thread

    just picked this monitor up today and man it is an improvement over my setup of 2 19" westy widescreens. you can definitely tell the improvement in quality over tn panels. only downside is i'll probably have to lower the settings when i play crisis :( even with my 8800gt (although my cpu may...
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    Htpc case good or bad idea

    it really depends on the case you are planning to use. most htpc cases are aimed at reducing noise levels so airflow will be adequate, number of fans will be minimal, etc. unless you're going for insane overclocks you'll be fine with your hardware choices and that zalman case. the 8800gt is...
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    OpenOffice - Any good?

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    are the newer xbox360s any better?

    are the newer models any better in terms of reliability? i had a launch unit a couple years ago which failed on me. got a refurb which has been doing fine, but now its starting to go bad. no rrod or anything, games just tend to get disc errors or the screen goes blank more often than usual...
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    mx518se or explorer 3.0?

    started using the msie 3.0 back in the day then switched to the mx 510/518 when they came out. awesome mice for my small hands, felt great for gaming, and great performance. went back to the msie 3.0 when the new revision came out, but they felt a little cheap and flimsy and i went back to the...
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    Best low profile AM2 cooler (qpack case)

    an xp90 will fit with any cutting or modifications. getting a fan on top of it will. however, you can always just rest a nice yate loon on the bracket above the heatsink and it will cool it just fine. head over to the sff subforum as people have posted pictures of this. :D
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    Yahoo! Rejects MS's offer

    i agree, i think yahoo is thinking too highly of themselves right now, believing that their stock will soon do better than msft's initial offer. i don't see msft making another bid and this isn't a situation where a hostile takeover would happen.