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    Rob's HTPC Setup (CableCard, Touchscreen LCD, etc..) PICS!

    Just FYI CAT6 is useless unless you are terminating to CAT6 standards. I.E. using the crap little EZ-RJ45 crimpers aren't going to get you cat6 speeds. cat 5 might as well = cat 6 unless you are shooting for 10gb i dont get the upgrade if you really want 10gb youd prob need stp as well...
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    Iptorrent Invites

    Can someone shoot me an invite please?
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    Thunderbolt cable $50? What a rip-off...

    So has anyone seen a setup that used thunderbolt yet, other than a apple demo? It would be kinda cool if you could get a thunderbolt nas, switch/router, wired to the computer. I mean even cat6 is 10gb rated though, so its not like this is something new.
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    SG05 ITX gaming / htpc

    I recently built a Mini-ITX gaming machine, and it is hooked up to a 46" Samsung 1080p LCD in my living room. Here is a list of the parts ..... before I changed a few minor things around ;) This build will be very similair to what MIAHALLEN has done with "MAX11L". I have been aching to...
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    Government unveils world's fastest computer

    Now they just need to build one this big using quantum computers.
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    woot off

    God this woot blows
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    Looking for new high end computer audio setup

    Thanks for the responses guys! How would you suggest I connect my laptop to the reciever? Or should I just buy a CD player to play my music from? Lastly, if I buy a receiver, whats the next step up so I could get at least one or two HDMI since I have a 360 and a HDTV DTV box? Would the...
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    Looking for new high end computer audio setup

    How would you guys recommend I connect the PC to the receiver? Should I build a cheapo with a nice sound card? Or maybe just buy a CD player?
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    Looking for new high end computer audio setup

    My previous setup was a X-FI XtremeMusic running some Logitech Z5300-e's. It was okay, but honestly didn't feel like it had enough bass, and felt rather bland at times. I don't have a desktop any more, just a laptop. So if a sound card is needed it would have to be external. I'm thinking...
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    Are there any GOOD Mboards coming out in the near fture?

    Why is 680i "shitty"? How does the chipset not do what its designed too? What do you want out of a motherboard so it won't be "shitty"? 680i was made to run SLI effectively and it does that. Its your fault if you don't like a motherboard.
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    from 2gig to 4gig, which ram to get

    4x1GB is fine. 2GB chips normally don't clock very well anyways
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    Converting video to a zune

    Well I don't own a Zune, however according the above post the device supports .avi format. With that said, here is a free and easy way to convert DVD to AVI format free and legally with WIndowsXP. I like this...
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    Corsair 5400UL v1.5 2x512MB

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    DFI P965-S Dark Retail

    500FSB 24/7 NP! Price - $100 Shipped, Payment PayPal/MO Heatware Pic - Thanks
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    Corsair 5400UL v1.5 2x512MB

    Corsair 5400UL v1.5 2x512MB Price - $90 Shipped, Payment PayPal/MO Heatware Picture - Thanks
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    FS: $10.00 PC Games, Mint

    Bump. Thanks guys.
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    FS: $10.00 PC Games, Mint

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    FS: $10.00 PC Games, Mint

    Payment received for FEAR and CoD2
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    FS: $10.00 PC Games, Mint

    FEAR and CoD2 are pending. The rest are available at this moment in time.
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    FS: $10.00 PC Games, Mint

    Most of these cost $50.00 new when I bought them, all of them are mint and unregistered. Games available - Half Life 2 Far Cry City of Heroes SWAT 4 Games sold - FEAR Call of Duty 2 Battlefield 2 Age of Empires III Price - 1 Game = $10.00 Shipped USPS Priority All 8 = $65.00 Shipped USPS...
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    FS: Thermaltake Armor Black

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    FS: Dell 2007FPW

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    FS: Dell 2007FPW

    310$ shipped/48 PayPal/MO Picture - Zero dead pixels. Includes DVI/VGA/Power cables. No warranty/retail box.
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    FS: Thermaltake Armor Black

    This case has LOTS of room :D Pictures - 130$ shipped/48 PayPal/MO Thanks