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    Good Gaming Laptop for $1,500

    Someone recommend me a good laptop to game on for $1,500, however, I am willing to go a little bit higher if need be. I have been looking at this one with a little customization to it, but I want to hear opinions and suggestions: Xplorer X7-7700 Notebook...
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    Help me "winterize" my desktop!

    That is a pretty sweet wallpaper, can you guys post more of that kind of design.
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    Post Your Server You Play On

    City of Heroes Pinnacle (low)
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    What is everybody playing right now?

    City of Heroes BF: Vietnam UT2k4
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    City of Heroes - Best MMO EVar!!!!1!

    I think this game is awsome! Here is my hero...
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    Best FPS shooter game?

    I would have to say Medal of Honor Allied Assult if you haven't played it yet. CoD is great and never gets old. UT2k4 hands down like everyone said. Vietcong is also a great first person. Battlefield: Vietnam is great as well.
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    Vietcong/FistAlpha=hard but great.

    Lets see some screenshots. Please.
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    Soilder Of Fortune 3 Petetion

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    3DS Max 5 Help...

    I don't know, but that is SWEET! :D
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    which game to buy

    Yes my comp is running it fine too, its a a really fun game, you'd probably enjoy it.
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    Show that desktop NOW ! :D

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    Things you wish you knew when u started BF1942

    I wish i knew that i couldn't shoot down planes with a simple hand weapon, like the the BAR or STG 44, instead of wasting clip after clip doing jack shit. I feel so stupied now.
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    What is your all time favorite game?

    Half-Life, than BATTLEFIELD 1942
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    Something to keep me busy!!

    Get a copy of Battlefield: Vietnam on Monday the 15.
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    Just bought Counter-Strike... I need help!!!

    Because if you had cable you wouldnt have bought it, you would have just downloaded it.
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    our site needs a wallpaper

    THose are pretty sweet wallpapers
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    I agree.
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    Show that desktop NOW ! :D

    Yeah, DoD is the shit.
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    Show that desktop NOW ! :D

    Just did this today. What do you guys think?
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    am i crazy? is this to [H]

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    Show that desktop NOW ! :D

    It is called Yz Dock. You can just search for it or may be found on:
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    My new desk.

    DAMN! That has to be the sweetest desk i have ever seen!
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    silly flash games

    1079.8 :)
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    Show that desktop NOW ! :D

    This is my desktop.
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    Lost Frozen Throne CDKEY

    Read THIS!
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    Fiero Chair Mod (dail-up beware)

    DAMN that is awsome!! :D How long did it take you? You think you could make a chair for me?
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    Show that desktop NOW ! :D

    Can someone post some really sweet desktop themes, by that i mean websites that provide sweet themes. Please.
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    Eve of Destruction .3

    Can someone please put out a good link to dl the newest version. I would greatly appreciate this. Thx.
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    Recommend good X-Box game please

    Soul Caliber 2, Time Spliters, Halo, Dino Crisis 3, NHL 2004!
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    Guess what i just found? (Old School Lovin)

    Yeah Doom 2. I love playing any kind of Doom especially Doom 2. Its great, it has good SP and great MP as well. I played Doom 2 for ever, and new and better things came out. But just recently i play Doom 2 MP and it reminded me of good times. Never forget Doom 2.
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    CoD 1.2 patch...

    thanks a lot.
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    CoD 1.2 patch...

    Someone put out a good link to download it. Please
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    Prince of Persia question

    Do it very slowy, dont constantly tap the jump button, i assume spacebar, but just slowly hit the button each time you hit the wall. Dont hit jump in the air hit it when you touch the wall. This should get you up the wall.
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    BF 1942 patch 1.6 is out

    Can someone put out a good link to download it! Please.
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    Quake 3

    BF 1942 COD Half Life + Mods (DOD, CS)
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    Favorite weapon in a game?

    The shotgun form Postal 2 that you can attach cats and fire them at people, it was the most hilarious thing i have ever seen.
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    Best SNES games

    Killer Instinct - doing the ultra kill combo (INSANSE) Mario Kart definitly Zelda Donkey Kong Country 1-3, best games