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    Should You Hope Your Child Never Has To Drive A Car?

    Are some thinking these things run off of GPS and broadband? Again, look up the tech. They are going in the opposite direction. If there will be communication to the cars, it will likely be physical and one way, or observational data. Hackers have rightfully scared designers and engineers...
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    Should You Hope Your Child Never Has To Drive A Car?

    This sounds eerily like the gun debate. I could definitely see Europe and Asia readily adopting them(some who think this is far off really need to do some research) while Americans moan about it being part of their freedom. When we visit those places we(Americans) will marvel at how safe it is...
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    "WMC support for Netflix ends September 15", apparently

    Xbox One with a passthrough to a consumer box or WMC HTPC is about as close as you can get.
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    Study: 20% Of Video Streamers Use Someone Else's Password

    Is this faux outrage? Netflix and HBO have come out and said they expect this. HBO even said they welcomed it. The thing is, I am subscribed to HBO, Showtime, Netflix and Amazon Prime. Are you going to limit me from using them when I travel or make them device specific or something?
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    “HBO Now” Coming This Spring For $15 Per Month

    I swear this board produces some of the most silly alarmist threads I've ever seen for a technology site. I guess its really a computing site and not a technology site. - Outside of its website, HBOGo has probably been the most reliable streaming site out there for the different streaming...
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    The Dominant Life Form in the Cosmos Is Probably Superintelligent Robots

    The only answer. If you're only talking about what is currently possible you're way short of the possibilities.
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    More And More Consumers Skipping TV, Going Broadband Only

    pay for 5 different streaming services and you are at the price of your cable bundle anyway.
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    Has the HTPC time passed

    I'm currently running a super stable cablecard media center setup with ripped movies and shows. I prefer DVR'd content and the huge storage that it provides. In that sense, I won't give that part up as long as I can. I'm planning a new system for the whole house right now. I think for the...
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    HBO To Start Selling On The Web Next Year

    As someone with HBO and HBO Go, HBO Go has a ton of original content. Not just the drama/comedy type shows, but news shows, comedy specials, sports shows. They also have a healthy collection of original adult content. And they keep their entire catalog of shows available. The movies they...
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    4K TV Prices Are Falling Fast, Fueling Rapid Adoption

    a.) incorrect that no one is offering 4K(see Sony) b.) upscaling continues to improve c.) yes, they make awesome computer monitors.
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    AMD or Intel For HTPC

    I would go with a NUC(Intel) or one of the like if you want something small and have some WAF. If you don't care about WAF or want some 1080p gaming, I would go with a higher end FM2 AMD.
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    inexpensive laptop for kids school work.

    there are "real" laptops out there in the $2-300 range. No need to go Chromebook.
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    Microsoft Makes $2B A Year From Android Patents

    This thread just shows that some of you hate Microsoft more than you like Android. The patents are valid. If you don't like that, make your own proprietary software and hardware interfaces. That simple.
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    Microsoft's New Surface Tablets Are Close To Selling Out

    As a graduate student I do a lot of interviews. The camera is great for recording them. The digitizer is great for taking notes digitally, which are so much easier to organize and search. I can do SPSS type crosstabs on this same device without having to get to a desktop or carrying a heavy...
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    For my 1st smartphone I am considering a Windows phone.

    sorry, but this board can't even figure out that Windows 8 can be used without the metro tiles 99% of the time. And LOL @ Here maps not being integrated with the OS. I know I didn't read that on this thread(I did). Here maps has improved light years with every update and is not only...
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    Another 1.8M People Just Ditched Cable TV

    you have to have a cable subscription or at least know someone to use WatchESPN, which covers ESPN 3 now.
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    Another 1.8M People Just Ditched Cable TV

    I'd be curious of the percentage here that are married
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    Windows 8 Adoption Gaining Steam

    if one can't successfully navigate Windows 8 with the same ease as 7 without the traditional start menu(Its not even necessary), I'm surprised one would even be on a board like this.
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    LG to Mass produce OLED Televisions Next Year

    will be interesting to see how they sell compared to 4K led sets. I know there are 4K oleds out there for the future, but will 1080p OLED sell well being priced similarly or above 4K sets?
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    Windows Store Hits 100,000 Apps In 8 Months

    Windows 8 thread brings out the trolls again. Its funny for M$ to use the term app, though Android uses it too. This was the fastest store to this many apps, yet its too slow and most apps are probably useless. Sounds like if M$ lost anything, it was the PR war.
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    Windows 8 Overtakes Vista, OS X And Linux

    XP is NOT better than 8 in anyway. That's just too much reading what the media feeds you. Win 8 is totally functional as a desktop OS and is leaps and bounds more stable and powerful than XP. IF you think 8 isn't suited to the desktop, you simply don't use it everyday. Outside of the start...
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    Sony: Most Gamers "Don't Want To Buy Online Right Now"

    Most people work or go to school. It won't hurt them to download a game while they are gone. I think people are just resistant to change because we have too many misinformation trolls out there scaring the hell out of them.
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    Gartner: "Windows 8.1 Could Become What Windows 8 Should Have Been"

    if you don't know, you need to just stop posting mistruths. That's the biggest problem Windows 8 and Xbox One have right now.
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    Toshiba: Microsoft Confused Consumers With Windows 8 and RT

    I understand they were wanting to be different than Android and iOS and have their ARM OS be more similar to the x86 version, but I have to agree. As a WP8 user, I think it would be a great smaller tablet OS. It already has its own version of office, so that part is covered from RT, which I...
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    Game of Thrones Is the Most Pirated Show on TV

    When I see someone complain about books vs show, i wonder if they realize the author is actually consulting and signing off on any and even coming up with some of the changes. Regardless of how you feel about HBO, they aren't even complaining about the pirating and in this case, just like some...
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    Valve: The Biggest Threat To Consoles Is Apple

    all these new OSs or environs have done is dumb down the game in the name of portability.............again. Mostly shit games that have good, but misleading market numbers. Music all over again. We never learn.
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    25% Of PC Owners May Switch To Other Devices

    people are just enamored with the next cool thing. They still need to do a bunch of things they can't do on a tablet or phone unless its a windows 8 tablet. And instead of embracing that, they are just following the line of not needing it. People still need them.
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    Google Discontinues More Services, Including Sync

    Its kind of a risky move. They are basically hedging their future on winning only.
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    Google Discontinues More Services, Including Sync

    WP8 users have already been told how to get around it. Many of us have simply dropped gmail. The difference with what Google is doing is they are refusing to make apps for Microsoft OSs. They've essentially declared war. Which is fine. After a few days of switching out completely, I don't...
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    Little Demand for Microsoft's Surface RT Tablet

    Surface is available pretty much nowhere for most people to touch, feel and experience. Its a miracle they've sold as much as they have with such horrible distribution.
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    Windows 7 Keeps Growing in Popularity Over XP

    just quickly looking around the net, I think people are already used to just pressing the start or windows key. Its not that much different. Now that people are getting 8 in their hands, they see for themselves.
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    Multi-Monitors in Windows 8

    That's my annoyance with multi-monitor as well. Wondering if there is some setting or if this is a functionality they will add in the future. Multi-monitor is something that really works well in 8 and a full-time screen for metro would take it to the next level.
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    Here's Why Google Could Disappear in Five Years

    Yahoo damn sure was the king late 90s and early 2000s. Everyone I knew used their chat, email, search, etc, the way they do now with google. Google has hardware/software now, which is much more risky, especially the hardware part. I know its blasphemy here, but what if WP8 and W8 tablets...
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    What Do "Normal" People Think Of Windows 8?

    once I showed my dad where the desktop was, he figured out how to get to the tiles again, and used the music and picture apps. That's why it surprises me that people here think its hard.
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    Whos buying a a W8 Tablet?

    after seeing the prices go down and down the last couple of days, I think I'm in. As a grad student I want to move over to one. Android has been ok, but really thinking about the Galaxy Note. The x86 prices are making them more attractive though.
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    Windows 8 Bugs

    This is something I agree with. Would love to have a small 3rd or 4th touch monitor that can stay on the start screen to constantly see the live tiles.
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    If Gaming on Windows 8 is Bad Will You Stick With Windows 7?

    the complaining is weird for a board that's about having sweet rigs and looking forward. Sounds more like everyone is badly missing DOS.
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    Firefox Metro Preview for Windows 8

    and speed. It was like I added some ram and bumped up the proc.
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    How to Watch the 2012 Summer Olympics Online

    I guess I don't get the complaints because I have cable and its been showing evens on 3 or 4 channels all night. Looking at the DVR schedule, they will be showing events all day on regular NBC as well. I've seen all of these events without watching primetime NBC coverage once.
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    Blizzard Doesn't Like Windows 8 Either

    Interesting that people who think we should all be using Linux as a regular OS are deterred by a lack of a start button and a store to sell apps for touch devices.