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    What makes people think that is a Tesla charging plug? its a J1772 SAE, Tesla charging stations dont have a cord long enough to lay on the ground to get ran over.
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    U.S. Adds 200 EV Charging Stations in April

    How an EV is powered Coal/Hydro/Thermal/Solar/Nuclear > power lines > Battery inside EV > Electric Motor How an Internal Combustion engine is powered Coal/Hydro/Thermal/Solar/Nuclear > electricity to power Offices to determine where to drill for oil > electricity to power drilling rig...
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    Nvidia ION - Problen via HDMI to HDTV

    use a shorter hdmi cable just to test? like 3 ft so we can take the cable issue out of the equation if you already upgraded the drivers to the latest 260.xx + then try changing ports on the tv, if the problem stays try another tv, you have to find out of the problem lies with the tv or htpc
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    Your Laptop Picture [H]ere (read first post for rules please)

    this is much more effective 10+ gal compressor at 100PSI with air gun, blasts all type of dust out, also runs air tools :)
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    How does a Laptop Boot up so quickly?

    No. XP slows down if you install alot of garbage, if you leave a base install of XP and only use notepad, it will startup in the same time in 20 years as it did the first day it was installed. toolbars spyware temp files garbage software apple software all slow it down. if you need...
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    How does a Laptop Boot up so quickly?

    you want to shorten load times? stop loading so much crap on startup download CCLEANER go to tools > startup items uncheck all items then check only NEEDED items run ccleaner to cleanup your garbage files, make sure every box on the left is checked on both tabs except "wipe free space"...
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    Does this exist?

    i know you said no Asus but the Asus N53SV fits that description exactly Core i7 Sandybridge 2.0GHz 16GB of ram 1080p 15.6" screen less than 6lbs nVidia GT540m costs $1200 if asus isnt giving you warranty support just go back to the store you bought it from (or get instore product...
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    PC laptop with like-macbook keyboard?

    seriously, there are more important aspects to a laptop than the trackpad and how shiny it is.
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    SSD recommendation for g51jx-x3

    if you can wait, sometime next month Crucial Micron is coming out with the C400 SSD, its going to blow away everything out right now over 400MB/s read speeds with 260+ Write, 25nm tech
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    Gaming on the Envy 14

    dual mics allow for a clearer recording, even the eeepc's have dual mics now
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    PC laptop with like-macbook keyboard?

    i would rather have a larger keyboard than a larger trackpad. windows has shortcut keys for desktop view/application switching WIN + TAB WIN + D WIN + Left or Right keys WIN + Down WIN + Up window sizing is also possible with the mouse, and is much faster to execute with a real...
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    PC laptop with like-macbook keyboard?

    why even bother? use a high DPI bluetooth mouse that has 7 buttons, MUCH more functional
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    New Laptop

    Bang for the buck MSI FX600-003US NoteBook Intel Core i3 350M(2.26GHz) 15.6" 4GB Memory 500GB HDD BD Combo NVIDIA GeForce GT 325M $799 from newegg should be able to play WOW super fast at med settings, may dip down to 25fps on high but you get a bluray drive!
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    Laptop DIY

    , not worth fixing old ones when new laptops are so cheap (unless its like something easy like an HDD replacement) you can buy a 3GHz Phenom II 4GB ram 500GB HDD radeon 4250 with HDMI out 15.6" with keypad for $350
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    Your Laptop Picture [H]ere (read first post for rules please)

    G53JW-A1 15.6" Full HD 1080p Intel Core i7 740QM CPU Corsair 16GB DDR3 1333MHz Ram OCZ Vertex2 Dual 120GB SSD's (not raided for video encoding purposes) nVidia GTX460 1.5GB (192 Cuda Core) 2H15M battery life :) (still enough juice for a movie which is a amazing for a gaming laptop)...
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    Your Laptop Picture [H]ere (read first post for rules please)

    airdusters are totally useless, get a 120PSI 8ga compressor with the airgun attachment,
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    How to install O/S without dvd-rom?

    booting from flash is WAY faster than any optical media, however, making a VM of windows 7 + all updates + office and using something like acronis true image backup is EVEN FASTER! i can image a laptop with an acronis file i less than 10 mins, another 15 mins to hunt for the drivers after...
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    SSD recommendation for g51jx-x3

    i have the vertex 2 as well from OCZ, i wanted the patriot inferno drive but they were sold out :( i think all the sandforce controlled SSD's have the exact same performance however)
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    New Macbook Air Flash Storage Performance Question

    oh so how thin it is makes the computer go faster so you can get actual work done? or are you saying you cant fit a 1.5ish inch thick laptop into your bag? maybe you should get a real bag instead of an envelope.
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    New Macbook Air Flash Storage Performance Question

    no, the Asus 1215N and MSI U250 are both light and thin, you can choose what type of ram and what HDD's you want. both use standard DDR3 both use standard 2.5" SATA HDD bays, almost all 2.5" SSD's work
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    New Macbook Air Flash Storage Performance Question

    total bullshit Core i3 low voltage, 8 HOURS of battery life not only that, there are discontinued models of low voltage core i3's laptops (acer has 2 that were already succeeded by newer models) , thats how far apple is...
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    Opera 10.63 Is Out

    speed is the icing on the cake opera has a hellva lot more features built in bit torrent out of the box! sync mouse gestures tab customization - you can move the tabs to any side of the screen you want, its pretty stupid to have the tables on the top, they keep changing size and you...
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    Trippy Table for Tablets

    you can almost see up her skirt....
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    Opera 10.63 Is Out

    FF is shit and only good for badly coded sites (kijiji and fracking image upload) chrome is good but lacking some things i need safari is a joke and installs like 20 services in the background IE sucks until 9 comes out and it will still suck but at least it will be faster
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    Anyone else order the new Asus G53JW?

    the g53jw-a1 is nearly perfect except :( no eSATAp (combo esata) no expresscard 54 (i really wanted to use a bluetooth Expresscard 54 mouse) at least it has USB3 though
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    Noob question about battery info in vista

    here are screens for the xp info and ubuntu
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    Noob question about battery info in vista

    ok, on my xp dell machine i could click the battery icon in the system tray, and 2 batteries would show up (i have an optical bay battery) now when i click on the little icon, it shows me lots of info including manufacture. i tried a live ubuntu cd and ubuntu gives me TONS of info, even...
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    ASUS K50IJ-RX05

    why not get a mouse? the touch pad's on laptops will decrease productivity, you only use it if your on a plane or something (even on a plane i would still use a bluetooth mouse)
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    Computer will not post

    swap video cables (known working) then swap monitors (known working) (i know obvious stuff but it has to be done first ) then take out ram (swap with good ram) then take out video card (swap with any video card that works)
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    pc shuts downs while trying to render

    could be a bad power supply when you start drawing max power. its happened to my brother, he had a POS antec power supply, it kept shutting down in the middle of a game with lots of explosions, then we replaced it with an enermax 600W and it was fine after that.
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    WEIRD: Computer stutters EXACTLY every hour.

    try a live CD to see if it happens in there EDIT: haha 6.9 years oh yeah!
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    suggestions for new gaming rig?

    theres a cheap one for $350 from the same store, BenQ G2400WD 24in Widescreen LCD w/ DVI, HDMI, 2ms
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    suggestions for new gaming rig?

    im in canada and these parts i already have Tuniq Tower :) Antec 900 Case Corsair HX1000 PSU 2x WD 320GB HDD's (will be in raid 0) TSSTCorp lightscribe burner (ill be using my NAS to mount imgs anyways) the parts im looking at (semi-budget) are MotherBoard: eVGA nForce 750i SLI FTW...
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    Ultraportable laptop advice for grad student?

    Asus F9s $1200 12.1" WXGA nVidia GeForce 8400GS 128MB Ram deticated (not some onboard crap) Core2duo T7500 (2.2GHz) upgradable to 4GB of ram for less than $50 160GB HDD 5400RPM ABG Wireless bluetooth 2.0 + EDR built in DVDRW drive GB Lan 56K Modem 1.3MP Swivel webcam w/ LED Light...
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    Windows Mobile not made by Microsoft?

    OMG why would you use windows update? erase the crap carrier rom and use a GOOD one from xda,
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    Getting cellular internet on a notebook.

    get a laptop with a sim card slot Asus F9S comes to mind
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    Just got an ATT Tilt....

    you want to use it to its max? first of all, blow away the garbage AT&T rom install HARD SPL install an uncrippled rom from XDA developers (make sure its the one with the Touch Cube cooked in) now install your programs Opera Mobile 9.5 Google Maps iGuidance Pocketstreets 2006...
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    Post Your Connection Speed

    why are you puting up with that kind of bullshit? your money is just going down the drain, DITCH verizon and go with a REAL internet provider. 60KB/s? REDICULOUS, for $50/mo i get download speeds of 1.24MB/s ON TORRENT
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    Post Your Connection Speed

    bastards, you and your crappy university connections, this one is avalible for my HOME!