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    Water cooling with metal pipes?

    Its Ol skool. PPL used to do almost entire WC loops out of copper pipe. Though they would make their own blocks back in the day too, where the pipes would solder directly to the blocks. Its a very industrial look, but hard to get the measurements exact if your cooling more than the cpu. Or...
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    Can NOT remove this screw

    A fairly easy thing to do is take a dremmel w/ cutoff wheel and grind yourself a slot in the screw head for a flathead driver to grip. But too late :cool:
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    Masters of H2o fabricators please enter.

    well.. how efficient is a compressor for getting cold air? How many watts does your typical window unit draw? Id think you could power many many pelts with that much power. By then the cold air output would be fairly similar. Peltiers may not be efficient but they make up for that with...
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    Emi between 2 crts is too much?

    As far as I know an ungrounded plate will reflect waves while a gounded one will absorb it. Ive never had problems with 2 next to each other, hell I have a friend with 4 next to each other.. talk about an EM storm :) Do you turn them on one after the other? I would wonder if it has...
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    Sealing unused 80mm fan holes?

    Yep Ive used duct tape for a long time.. Ive also done the alu plate idea, I however just tapped it out to 6-32 threads (standard coarse thread pc screw) instead of riveting.
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    What to do when your VF700 Fan Dies

    The side panel is on ;)
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    My latest Watercooling Project w/ Pics

    Wow, the whole anti alu thing is way out of hand.
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    Masters of H2o fabricators please enter.

    I am clueless as to why noone even thought of peltiers You could build a peltier docking station small enough to still be portable. They are great for spot cooling areas like the intakes of the laptop fans. Just need peltiers, heatsinks for hot and cool side, power supply and some...
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    need help finding watercooling

    Since it only uses 1 80mm fan it's realy a waste honestly. You could probably get just as good or better temps with a 120mm HSF. for that price you would need to go DIY style to get decent performance.
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    Resevoir woes

    Did you use o-rings? I thought those were the style with no taper so they use o-rings for sealing.
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    Budget Video

    6600GTs are getting cheap. I too came from a 9800Pro. I was pissed when I bought the 6600GT because they rated the cards similarly, but It seems to handle the newer games great. After I upgraded to 1G ram the card was dishing out more. My sys was too slow for it! Overclocking does help too...
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    Wrong Fitting's? or bad luck.

    What realy gets agrevating is when you see measurements in tube OD size. Id doesn't freaking matter what the OD size of the tubing is!! Real easy to get it wrong when you accidentally get 1/2" od and 1/2" id stuff. Basically 1/2" od is probably 3/8" id. Ive had issues with Frozen cpu...
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    Passive watercooling...

    I know what you mean, My dieing vid fan pretty much pushed me into WC, Right now it sounds like an average aquarium setup, but probably because the tubing is pushing the pump up against the case. Ive got some softer tubing already to prevent this, but havn't put it in. That coupled with...
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    Passive watercooling...

    Well the reserator has an internal pump that should be quieter than an external one. If you don't think you have luck with fans what makes you think you will have luck with pumps?
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    Calling all water cooling gurus

    Yes you want to reserve all the pump's power for the WB. Back to topic; here's my suggestion.. Mount the pump on top of the hdd rack with the inlet pulling straight out of the res. Res out, pump, rad, cpu, nb, bottom vga, top vga, res in.
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    Latest Greatest Reservoir...

    seems that the whole anodising and anti corrosive fluid has nipped corrosion in the bud, look at swiftech's older alu and copper blocks. (Half expecting someone to bust in with 30,000 reports of swiftech block corrosion) I stray away because I tend to make stuff myself, and seeing as how I...
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    basically "FSB" no longer realy exists as it did before A64s. It used to be a main buss that the higher level devices used to communicate to each other. Since the memory controller is now phisically located IN the (754/939) cpus, that freed them up to use the HTT bus to talk to the north...
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    Probably a Stupid Question...

    Its pretty much one of the easier manufacturing methods to allow active flow over more of the blocks surface area while still "blowing" the water directly center over the cpu die.
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    single slot GPU block question

    I don't think either would work, the first one is much smaller thread diamiter than needed, and the second uses straight threads which will not work in npt This something to consider Koolance VID-NV2-L06 Much less expensive than the stasis cooler and comes ready for 1/4"
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    Bad water block?

    That sounds like a dead pump to me. They typically don't have good suction head :rolleyes: but it should have covered you with water. :D My Hydor L30 nearly did when I tested it Make sure you have the pump full of water before turning it on or else the water will probably cavitate with air...
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    Need help finding an Elbow

    Unfortunately as far as I know NPS is a bastardised "standard" that DD may or may not have made up for themselvs. If you need it for cpu, you could get one of their new block tops with BSPP threads. That is fairly prevalent. Or get an NPT fitting and apply some silicon sealant/adhesive...
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    Cooling with the ultrasound

    It is possible to cool with just air vibration. This can be done with regular (audible) sound waves as well as inaudible high frequencies. There are some refridgerators that use the technique. Whether they are for sale or not I don't remember One area gets hot while an other cools off...
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    The "Show off your VIA System" thread!

    Great job scorp! So whats it gonna be a rogue secret agent print server? If only the printer originally had an lcd... oah the possibilities
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    Watercooling is OLD tech, here's COOKING OIL cooling!

    Yes submersion cooling has been around a while. Don't know why many havn't realy done it.. I realy want to try. Mineral oil is probably one of the best to use as in pure form its truely clear, and is petrolium based not organic based like cooking oils it resists "growth" more. But is still an...
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    X2 - Un-Capped

    Who ever used shims? Ive never chipped cracked or smashed an AMD. We had a folding farm with about 10 pcs which were constantly upgraded throughout the socket A days. Hell we OCd the hell out of em in fairly poor ventelated cases and never had one die... plenty of dead mobos (the bad cap days)...
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    Apogee to Storm

    Naw man thos thermaltake fans gotta be rated 2dBa max ;)
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    STASIS Thermal blocks finally done!

    looks interesting to me. The chambers seem to outline an arrow shape. I think all the machining on the bottom is to prevent the copper from shorting out or getting an odd mount on top of anything on the card. Like those CM ones pictured, though those look like they were cheaply pressed out...
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    My small Shuttle Mod

    Definitely mad max style there. I like it.. Needs some rusty grill material to cover the gaping side. :cool: <edit> Just noticed you were a fellow Shuttle owner in Cincinnati :D <edit>
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    *sputter* the New Macintoshes are.. Watercooled?

    to be honest that looks like tape around the pumps. It crincles around the corners like tape. As far as the whole mix of alu and copper deal goes.. I believe it is the alu that gets corroded and deposited on the copper. Those Cu blocks arn't very big, and there is alot of aluminum there...
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    No Danger Den love?

    Danger den is fine. I have been a fan of their designs for a long time now. They still use big hunks of material in a closer to homemade style. The only real reason DD is not in the limelight is because I believe they no longer have the "best" performing products. But to be honest.. I...
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    De-soldering heater cores

    huh, I replaced barbs from an old black ice extreme rad and didn't fill it with water. Sure some of the solder melted but it only flowed a little bit side to side when I tilted it. Didn't get hot enough to melt more than the top section closest to the barbs. It shouldn't drip out or move...
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    Passive Radiator

    If you look up on e-bay there are some good looking transmission/(oil) coolers that are similar to the reserator designs, though smaller. Bolt 2 of those on the side of the case and Id say your good to go.
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    Custom A64 Storm Mounting Brackets

    I like the idea of a plate that uses the same curves of the top plate. That one does have a kind of nice industrial look though :cool:
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    alternative liquid for wc?

    Well it very well could be better than water at high temps where water would merely boil off. Gun barrels and supressors can reach thousands of degrees, and eventualy melt if the action doesn't seize first. Water would probably start to boil off too quickly to be very usefull. Id say its...
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    For future reference, a 120mm Black Ice Xtreme does fit in a Sonata II

    Hot glue only realy holds if a surface is extremely rough or its got lots of holes to go through. Either way it doesn't realy hold up to something heavy or moved alot. That rad will be pretty heavy when filled and any movement will probably jostle the glue loose. To be honest if you don't have...
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    avoiding pressure build up in loop

    You should be ok as long as the reservoir or t-line is at the intake side of the pump. If the reservoir is water tight, but not air tight that may be good to let pressurising air out (air can expand, not water). The reservoir should be the point where all pressures = 0 for all intensive...
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    New to WC help needed please

    That setup is a bit out of wack, but yes I agree it is probably best looking and uses less tubing. One issue I see is the pump output goes directly to the res. I don't know enough to say if it will hurt, but I imagine it will try to pressurise the res a bit.
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    Can dual 80 rad = quiet?

    Im sure you remember the worklog Erasmus354 ;) Im still slowly puting together the materials and pieces as it will kind of be an all-round mod. Though with not much real moding to be honest. There are some things Im still not quite sure about, but am getting closer to the solutions rather...
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    Can dual 80 rad = quiet?

    Thanks guys, thats about what I thought Id get, decent enough temps for my liking, nuthin spectacular by any stretch. Well maybe spectacular for silent 80mm fans ;) It looks like Ill be running a modified Maze 4 ( :rolleyes: I know) and hand made GPU block with 1/2" tube and an L30 pump...
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    Can dual 80 rad = quiet?

    Ive got a bit of a dilema... I want to watercool my shuttle with an external radbox bolted under the main case. Now my main goal for watercooling is to get rid of noise. I currently have an old beat up black Ice extreme 1x120 that I "referbished", but my problem is that if the rad box is...