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    Sony removes Cyberpunk from the PS playstore

    I know this was a pro-console post but still was a good jump point.. The Switch has, quite surprisingly, been the perfect console for me. I'm not gonna go upstairs to use the computer when all four animals and the husband are downstairs, and my energy of activation to turn on a console is in...
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    Building Blocks of Life Found on Mars

    I think his stomach is distended [sic]
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    Engineer Gives Interview After 28 Core Debacle

    Funny parody video... Hopefully no one actually thinks this was about anything to do with tech.
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    Building Blocks of Life Found on Mars

    So you "believe" the big bang, which you so flippantly linked to, happened a few million years ago? Keep in mind that the farthest observed star is >10 billion light years away via red shift parameters.
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    Facebook to Spend Actual Money to Prevent Abuse

    Links to the ads the US government has bought, pretending to be a member of another country in order to promote a political candidate? I only ask because you make a declarative statement that we have done it, and as much as I've seen the news (i.e.: US news while saying "We're the US news")...
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    Facebook to Spend Actual Money to Prevent Abuse

    Yeah, why would advertising have an effect on peoples' choices? LOL! What a stupid industry. Another thread that will get locked by page 3.
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    Facebook: 126 Million Americans May Have Seen Russia-Linked Political Posts

    Someone lock this thread before the stupid continues to snowball.
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    Facebook: 126 Million Americans May Have Seen Russia-Linked Political Posts

    Because that's adult.... Wait.. what? You have people bombing people and running vehicles through crowds but your goal, after the election is over and she's lost... is to see Hillary burned to death? Based on what? Things you've see on YouTube or read on Fox News or its conglomerates...
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    Facebook: 126 Million Americans May Have Seen Russia-Linked Political Posts

    If Russians running ads isn't a big deal (to the majority of the people who have responded so far), then why not just say they are Russians running ads? Why would they pretend to be US Citizens or US political groups? Obviously there was something to gain by pretending to be US Citizens/groups...
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    Google Uncovered Russia-Backed Ads on YouTube, Gmail

    I'm not sure what the major issue is, nor who decided what is and isn't a major issue... I just see opinion in your post. I think that's the point -- post something fact based and I'll decide what is or isn't a major issue and to what extent. Until then I just shrug and say "Maybe." Again I...
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    Google Uncovered Russia-Backed Ads on YouTube, Gmail

    You must have replied to the wrong person. I'm not interested in Facebook or Google or even Russian motives. I think I can figure that out on the back-end. I am interested in how many Russian or other government-backed accounts on social media sites pretended to be American and posted...
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    Vega Rumors

    Wouldn't you rather see AMD do better? So that there's actual competition and reason for NVidia to continue to innovate and advance? -Still Running a 1070
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    Google Uncovered Russia-Backed Ads on YouTube, Gmail

    No intellectual curiosity to know what the extent of it was? I.e.: If a few of the known Russian government-controlled groups on Facebook had their (re: Russia's) politically targetted ads shared and liked over 300 million times, and we still don't even know how many groups or accounts there...
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    SNES Mini Already Hacked to Play Downloaded Games

    5MB?!??!! Super Mario 64 was 8MB.. SNES games are on the average far less than 1MB. There are some that are up to 4MB. Super Mario World is ~300kB. That's right... 300kB fucked your whole shit up.
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    US Senate Panel Puts Self-Driving Cars in Fast Lane

    Unless of course you simply want a self-driving car. Not a taxi, and not a bus. In which case one would..... buy a self-driving car.
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    Vega Rumors

    So rather than contend that the Vega is a better product, you instead contend that it doesn't matter that it's worse because you, subjectively, can't really tell the difference...?? Even giving a game-by-game explanation of why it being a worse product doesn't subjectively matter to you...
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    Toys ‘R’ Us Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection

    Pull out the ticket for Nintendo 64... yellow ovaloid rectangle with price in it... take it to item reclamation... Happiness in my hands
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    Here we go...W10 updates broken

    I find it to be both normal and acceptable for a human to become frustrated and express said frustration over something not simply working out-of-the-box... The over-rationalized "Well if there's a problem we just fix it" in an attempt to lessen the invariable reality of the human condition is...
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    Sonic Mania

    Been playing it on Switch, worth a buy. Sadly the only things worth a buy are <$20 on the appstore as opposed to actual hard game releases. Edit: Side note fuck Oil Ocean act 2
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    AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 Video Card Review @ [H]

    Oooh I'm so important because you replied to me, I must have really gotten to you condescendingsmileyface!! Happy fifth birthday. Anyway where are all the people explaining how Vega is still awesome and a better choice? There were so many.
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    Barclays: Nobody Wants to Buy a $1,000 iPhone

    This... if something is offered at a monthly payment and interest free, you are actually costing yourself money by paying full price up front. I mean in general investing the extra $950 up front will only make you another $200 over 2 years, plus 3%/year inflation that actually decreases your...
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    Vega Rumors

    They should probably get started then... how many generations did you just list? With them behind in all of them the whole time? Some real fine wine there.
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    AMD has really put me in it with Vega..

    That's actually really f-ing noticeable on the buildings.
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    Current 43" 4K options?

    +1 Same
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    PCPer on AMD Radeon Vega Frontier Edition Liquid Cooled

    Are you really going to call other people names while being wrong on every fact-based statement you try to make? Much greater bandwith huh? Bandwith what? You don't even bother to google the fanboy crap you eat up so readily. Did you do this crap last round too? Was the Fury an engineering...
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    Vega Rumors

    Okay Miss Cleo. Anyone remember Miss Cleo? Anyway.... Okay Miss Cleo with a little extra side of made up BS.
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    Airbnb Host Who Canceled Reservation Using Racist Comment Must Pay $5,000

    Maybe you'd have an easier time understanding it if you took off whatever direction-facing race blinders you have on and just read it like a normal person. You clearly don't have all the facts. It's unfortunate that you think after reading one source--all sources, by the way, have a bias; have...
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    Vega Rumors

    Nice guy. I think the mental point of his post was that a card comes out a year later which runs slower and offers nothing over the current options and, whether or not they matter to you, has some apparent handicaps. Which engenders the question, "Why pick it?" The answer would seem to be...
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    Sanity Check - High Performance Gaming VM

    If by remote you mean internet, then no.
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    Tesla Introduces New Performance Enhancements to Model S and Model X

    You can keep your 7-seconds-to-60 car. I mean I don't go crazy with supercharging and changing the exhaust and race chip, but I definitely appreciate the sub-5 second range. If you like cars at all and spend decent money on a car it's actually rare to be able to find one that slow... even a...
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    Vega Rumors

    It's a 1080 Max-Q performance-wise And a datacenter power-wise.
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    Vega Rumors

    They can either sell it for $350-400 or sell none.
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    Vega Rumors

    So they'll price it competitively to make it attractive to people who don't want to spend >$400 on a video card. $350 for 1070/1080 hybrid performance. You'll need liquid nitrogen cooling and a nuclear power supply, but hey.
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    Vega Rumors

    5476 (Vega) vs. 9439 (Titan Xp)
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    Vega Rumors

    So you admit TDP isn't "wholly immaterial," and that having poor TDP is a handicap, i.e.: Vega.
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    Vega Rumors

    Not as much as creating an inferior, slower, hotter product unable to gain market share will bite AMD.
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    Vega Rumors

    Freesync is an open architecture and can be "served" by Nvidia. So far they haven't had a reason to since they've completely dominated AMD. Again, even laptops use G-Sync screens and Nvidia GPUs. There simply isn't a market share advantage to supporting Freesync.
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    Vega Rumors

    So you're under the (mis) impression that mobile versions of Nvidia/AMD are created de novo and have nothing to do with the underlying architecture? That's not true. It's wholly material that their top-of-the-line product is hotter and slower than the competitor. They most certainly do find...
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    Vega Rumors

    Inauthentically pretending that power efficiency is "wholly immaterial" is, as the internet likes to say, willfully ignorant. Cooling architecture, laptop-ability, SoC applications, etc. Not to mention the fact that some people don't want a mega space heater in their office fighting their AC...
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    Classic Edition Super NES with 21 Games

    Source? Sadness if so.