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    680i not powering on

    Good question... I'd like to know too. make sure you have some other devices to LOAD the power supply when you make the jump(er). The Blinking blue light tells me that the power supply is not "completely" dead... that you're getting power from somewhere... but do the paper clip test to make...
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    Warning - OCZ won't honor rebate!

    I don't deal with them anymore... been seeing this BS for too many years... and not just with computer/consumer electronics. This form of "marketing" is crap. Just sell your product at a lower cost to begin with and stick your rebate where the sun don't shine. When comparison shopping...
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    Machine Check Exceptions when OCing: What does it mean?

    By pointing a fan directly on it and getting the system more stable, I'd say that would be a good presumption. Watercooling helps everything... :D Doesn't the IP35PRO have heatpipes for the North and south bridge chips??? Not sure watercooling the Northbridge by removing the...
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    Which X2 939 processor to get?

    Forgot the egg still carried S939s... those are the S939 Optys available at Newegg
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    Which X2 939 processor to get?

    How about a S939 based Opteron 180? $185 (plus S&H) @ 12x multiplier, 2.4G default speed Dual Core S939s are drying up.. start looking to forum "for sale" areas to find other processors
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    Please help if you can...problems with Tuniq tower 120

    The arctic freezer 7 isn't stock (meaning its a decent performer). Sounds like you have buyer's remorse... maybe try a remount of the Tuniq, that may help a few C (maybe)
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    What do I need to mount my waterblock to my CPU?

    If you are using the standard Zalman 9500/9700 retension mechanism with bolts, you are probably already have the mounting plate (the nuts that you screwed into are part of the mounting plate.)
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    Can I kill a hd by tilting my computer?

    gently tilting a spinning hard drive shouldn't kill it... (I do it all the time), but a jar (shock) to the system may (while tilting the system). There is very little clearance between the read/write heads and the spinning platter(s) of a hard drive. If you are hearing a clicking noise every...
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    What do I need to mount my waterblock to my CPU?

    I've used my own bolts and threaded brass nuts for mounting air coolers as well as my storm waterblock to my s939 system (after removing the IHS). 2- 3" bolts and 2 brass nuts cost <$3.00 at local hardware store. Definitely use the s939 backing plate, as ETS stated, it takes stress off the...
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    PC does not boot. Help.

    easiest way to test power supply.... on the main 20 (or 24pin) power connector, jump the green wire to any black wire. Make sure you have a load device plugged into a molex (a fan will work). Not the best way to test, but since you don't have a meter... give this a try.
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    Can PC case kill parts?

    from static???? was it filled with foam peanuts (inside the case)??? Just ground yourself and touch the case to discharge any static before working on the system. I have seen some very cheap cases (flimsy construction) short out motherboards due to flexing.
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    Power Overwhelming

    I agree. Make sure you have (make) a good backup (soon)! hows the fluid level of that Aquagate? (leaks???)
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    Ever bought an Open Box Mobo?

    Depends on the mobo. If its a complex board for inexperienced users to setup I would jump on it. When I saw the hoardes of people jumping onto the DFI bandwagon, and then started reading that they were having so many problems and returning them, I bought about 5 DFI (NF4-s939) open box...
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    I'll never buy another ABIT mobo again.

    While this is a true statement, I purchase (used to purchase) Abit motherboards because of their overclockability (started overclocking during Pentium Pro days, using Abit & ASUS EXCLUSIVELY). Abit motherboards are marketed towards the enthusiasts, not the off the shelf drones. I have...
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    Microsoft Sued Over Windows Vista Marketing

    fixed! I see both sides of the argument... but seems to me she's going after the company with the DEEPEST pockets. Being Stupid, bringing litigation to a big company because you're stoopid... the new American Dream. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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    DD-8800GTX Waterblocks are in stock!!

    Cool! Now if I only had an 8800 to use it with...
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    Enermax Liberty *Problems*

    I'm glad I found an Enermax thread that hasn't been closed/locked yet. About 3 months ago I replaced an Enermax Liberty 400w on a friend's computer. Last night my wife's uncle called and said his system stopped working. It turned out to be a dead power supply. Both users had systems built...
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    FS: Intel 478 mobo/HSF/36GB Raptor/remote wonder & more

    bump for lookin... what payment options do you accept?
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    FS: AGP X800XT PE

    bump for a nice card (wish it was PCI-E) do you and crosshairs have an inside thingy going on with the :eek: 's???? lol
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    Tricking Windows XP into thinking my 4200+ is an FX-60

    LOL Is this an Intel made game?? (I'm sure there's an NDA - I'm jus playin - and you're not!) Does it have a splash screen like the nVidia ones.... "Best played on "Genuine Intel" systems" :p :rolleyes: :eek:
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    Looking for advice on GPU Cooler

    Ummm... that would involve getting a watercooling system. Although I would agree, I think he's looking for an air-cooling solution. OP: Wire management is your friend. Sleeve some of your wires, and reroute or tuck them out of the way. Look into the Acrtic Cooling line of videocard...
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    DFI Expert 1st try at OC

    fixed... although dfi-street will redirect you to the above site... for how much longer is another question. But for DFI products... that's the place to go (even though its no longer officially supported by DFI). :(
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    FS/T: P4 CPU P4 Board With PCI-E X16 Slot 3GB Of Ram

    Bump for a super rare board... may have to consider it. (if it was an IC7-MAX3, I'd be all over that!) also (just an FYI)... I paid $71.00 (including shipping) for a new 20cap OEM P4-3.0GHz (s478) about 3 months ago (I got mine to 3.85GHz @ default volts on TT WC)... is yours a 20 capper?
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    Next Radiator in loop with Thermochill 120.3

    Wow... what blocks are you using with those 8800s'? What kinda CPU and water block are you using in your system? How much of an OC is your CPU running and at what volts? Is the Thermochill 120.3 inside the case? What kinda fans are you using, and how many, and at what volts? Are you running...
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    You know you are a [H] Overcloker if:

    because his title does not say "n00bie"???? :D back OT: You know you're an [H] overclocker when... you bought a DFI (nForce 2, 3 or 4 based) motherboard and didn't return it for an MSI, Abit or Asus (cause you couldn't get it to OC) :p
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    recommend a good cd burning program

    NordicRX8 says LMFAO! LMFAO! NordicRX8 now has no ass. NordicRX8 wants to thank OP for a great first post. NordicRX8 wants to kill OP for making NoridcRX8 spit Mountain Dew all over new 19" LCD. NordicRX8 recommends using included XP CD burning app. :p
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    Worth upgrading to AMD 3800 X2?

    Going from a single core to dual core is a nice stop-gap for those of us still using a s939 based system. Get yourself an Opty if you're looking to overclock. An opty 165 or 170 that'll get 2.7-3.0GHz will be a nice upgrade for you.
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    cat 5e cable for home. need help

    Penny wise, Dollar foolish comes to mind. (not accusing the OP of this, just see a lot of this mentality) I think he's overestimating... that or he doesn't want to drill holes and would rather pull wires around walls rather than through them. Making cables is easy... obviously has internet...
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    What do you think my computer worth

    You can usually get more out of a computer if you part it out. It all comes down to how much warranty is left (on the individual components) and if the OS (legal copy of course), comes with the system. I've found that if a person can buy a PC from DELL for <$500, it won't make any sense for...
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    Whats pretty much the highest speed through OCing you can get on a 939 cpu?

    I have an opty 170 that runs 3.0GHz (3050MHz). Used to run on air (Zalman 9500) but now on water at lower temps. S939 is at its EOL (end of life), so be happy with what you have (stfu), and save your pennies until 2.5GHz starts to seem slow, and then move on to the next generation of CPU.
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    Where does one go to "learn" OSX?

    Thanks for all the suggestions... it looks like it's time to pick up a used mac (or mac mini) and start messing around. I was hoping someone would say that... :D so the learning curve is small enough I can "FAKE" my way through the interview and learn as I go???? (not that'd I'd do that...)
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    Fluid and tubing and general questions?

    Never used it... I'd prefer to use distilled water only, but am using 5&#37; Pentosin mix with my setup Most people dip the end of the tubing into a pot of boiling water to get it soft enough to fit over the barb... some use clamps, but with that tight of a fit, clamps are not needed. I use a...
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    Need Apple (OS 9.0 & OSX) help!

    Hello, I probably should have posted here... but it is an OS question and I posted in that sub-forum instead. Maybe some of you Apple experts can help. (PLEASE!) Thanks!
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    Where does one go to "learn" OSX?

    Hello all, I have the opportunity to get a position for a company I really want to work for. The issue at hand is that it requires working knowledge of "Macintosh 9.0 as well as OSX". Pretty much all I've picked up on OS's has been self taught through YEARS of fixing my own (as well as...
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    Many of the MIRs I have dealt with in the past were handled by 3rd party companies or should I say, I believe they're 3rd parth companies. (which reject my MIRs 99% of the time) and the way I've had it expalined to me was that whatever MIRs they reject, they get to keep at the end of the...
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    Scythe Ninja Plus REV.B or Big Typhoon or Scythe Infinity 5?

    As does the Ninja B. But I think it stands taller than the typhoon... but the way the Typhoon mounts (and how the fan is oriented), I think helps cool more than just the CPU.
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    Stop Code giving BSOD Check those out... but I'd definitely try running memtest86 first (get TMOD's Diagnostic disc, or you may even have memtest built into your BIOS).
  38. N Weekly Deals

    FREAKING AWESOME! Another reason Newegg and [H] rocks!!!!! Yeah, got the LCD flyer in my email yesterday... looked at all the rebates and passed. I think there was only one or two items that DIDN'T have a MIR. The instant rebates and promo codes for free shipping are cool though.
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    Two NICs to choose from - which is better?

    LOL sounds like the kind of luck I have. I would have gone with the intel too... but that's a personal choice. If your choice works for you and your needs, keep it.
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    AM2 or socket 939?

    Whooops.... sorry. Thought you knew what all the acronyms meant (since you used s939 in your original post). Yes, EOL means end of life. C2D = Core 2 Duo = Intel's chips that out performs the current AMD lineup. Since you have a S754 system, you also are probably running an AGP (or...