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    Actually closer to 30 hours. Even being conservative that is around 5000 hours after 5 years so probably won't have burn in but did the C2 fix the issues with dead pixels developing near the sides of the TV? I think I am more worried about the dead pixels developing over time than the burn in...
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    How likely do you guys think there will be an issue within 5 years (burn in or dead pixels developing)? I got my LG C2 42in from amazon for use as desktop monitor but I don't do any work on it so not a lot of hours (I have under 30 hours after almost 2 week of use). I am considering returning...
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    RX 7900 XTX Total Board Power

    Not with dual monitors. There is no fix in idle power for multiple monitors unless you cap at 60hz. Just the LG C2 by itself. Also try lower bit.
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    RX 7900 XTX Total Board Power

    I believe custom sets it to 8 bit but try 119 hz and see if you hit around 30w range idle draw. I don't think undervolt or OC changes idle watt draw. Also it seems like capping to something like 2300mhz with frame cap helps with lowering wattage while gaming more than undervolting. There...
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    RX 7900 XTX Total Board Power

    Someone with 4K c1 and 7900xtx says they have around 30 watts idle. Seems to be something else wonky. Also some people lowered idle with custom resolutions so that’s why I asked if you tried it
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    Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

    been enjoying the game without raytracing. I will probably replay it on new game + if there are any worthwhile dlc contents and raytracing is fixed
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    RX 7900 XTX Total Board Power

    100 watt with multiple monitors i can understand (nvidia cards have issues with mutli monitors too). I heard some people fix it with integrated graphics but if you have 5800x3d then you don't have that option. I was looking to get the LG 42 C2 but i don't want it constantly draining 77watts...
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    RX 7900 XTX Total Board Power

    That is really bad idle wattage. Have you tried setting a custom resolution with 119 hz or something instead of 120hz?
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    7950X vs 7950X3D, which one and why?

    The way I see it is if you are getting 7950x but play games a lot also, paying extra $100 doesn't seem like a whole lot percentage wise. But it feels like 7800x3d costing $150 more than 7700x is harder pill to swallow if you are on a lower budget but I guess the target audience are purely...
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    Who else is waiting on Zen 4 x3D before upgrading?

    It also seems like GPUs are increasing in performance much faster than CPUs that now we are running into more CPU bottlenecks as seen by the 4090. The days of upgrading CPU every 5 years may no longer be the case going forward. We will have to wait and see once the 7000x3d chips come out to...
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    Who else is waiting on Zen 4 x3D before upgrading?

    I grabbed the same deal. Now I am debating if I should sell the CPU (at quite a bit lower price than what it is selling for right now) in order to grab the 7800x3d in April. I am using 7900xtx and run games at 3440x1440
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    Intel's 8th Generation Core Family - Coffee Lake (LGA 1151, 6C/12T)

    How much of an upgrade is 8700k from 6800k? I am annoyed by my asus x99 board. Got it replaced brand new but my previous one killed my cpu. So I can sell a BNIB 6800k and replaced motherboard with all accessories for probably around 100 dollar loss as buying 8700k with a new board. The big...
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    My 6800k died. What to do next?

    According to intel it was because I overclocked the ram to 3200 mhz. It just stopped working. Went to microcenter and they diagnosed it as dead cpu
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    My 6800k died. What to do next?

    I mainly do lightroom and premiere pro stuff. Not really gaming much anymore
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    My 6800k died. What to do next?

    So my 6800k died on me. I have to RMA it to intel. They will send me a new one. My question is what should I do with the CPU? Should i sell it and the asus x99 deluxe ii and go skylake x or should I just stick with the 6800k and save money or wait for 6850k or 6900k prices to plummet and buy...
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    Go for 6700k or 6800k? New main rig for 3 to 5 years

    I think there was some issues with the new patches on the adobe softwares. Those will eventually be fixed for proper multi threading and you will go back to having more significant differences in performance. The hardwarecanuks test had so many flaws. He didn't show his utilization of CPU...
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    6800k overclocking. Need some advice.

    Max for me is 80. Good temperature is subjective and depends on your cooling and noise tolerance
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    6800k overclocking. Need some advice.

    With h100i i wouldn't aim for higher then 1.37v. That might limit you to 4.2 to 4.4 ghz. Most broadwell-e will run 4.2 ghz at fairly low voltage so h100i will handle it without a sweat. Closer to 1.35V you will start to see a spike in temperatures. If you want to run it silent and cool i...
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    IMC failure, should I be worried?

    memtest86 will only find manufacture problems (faulty ram) with your sticks (which is very rare). HCI memtest or google stresstestapp (in linux) will stress the memory to show if there is a problem with IMC and memory overclock/timings/etc. Note though with HCI memtest it will also stress your...
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    IMC failure, should I be worried?

    One of the intel guys said this is an issue with broadwell and their current version of the intel cpu test. As long as you aren't getting memory errors you are fine.
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    Samsung 950 PRO [Official Thread]

    anyone doing video editing with this drive? Is it noticible difference as scratch disk?
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    Would 3930k at 4.5ghz to 6900k be a worthy upgrade?

    Average is 4.3 if you have water at 1.35 v. Good one hit 4.4 ghz even around 1.35 v like mine and I have h110I gtx and never hit 80 degrees but gets noisy when at max load. Have yet to see 4.5 ghz under 1.4 v stable. Once you hit 1.4 v you are touching above 80 degree temperature unless you...
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    Like the cake, needing the new SLI HB bridge for 4k@60 is a lie

    Well if you have evga led bridge probably not going to make difference
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    Advantage of Broadwell-E over Haswell-E?

    Looks like physics performance on the bwe is much better than hwe. So if you are more gaming then using all cores for productivity the bwe will give a slight bump for games closer to skylake 6700k just cant oc as well so for just gaming only 6700k as most recommend. I plan on doing some adobe...
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    tempted to get the caterpillar because people say it will go up in price but I really don’t want to spent anymore money on this game
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    Skylake-E to get new LGA3647 socket

    guys this is false. It is a new xeon socket. Also why would you want this? You would need to get new cpu blocks and everything. If more pins is what you want then maybe look into the xeon phi
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    Intel i7 6700K $289 at MicroCenter

    lol drive 4.5 hours and it is sold out
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    Intel Announcens New Core i7 Processor Extreme Edition Processors

    In my sig. 2600k @ 4.8 ghz. 2 hybrid evga 980 ti in sli before but now only one because of the motherboard. I'm doing more video encoding stuff so I want 6 or more cores for my next cpu. Issue is broadwell-e overclock is so bad it negates the benefit it has over haswell-e
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    Intel Announcens New Core i7 Processor Extreme Edition Processors

    I was really hoping my current setup will last me until skylake--e or skylake-x whatever they call it, however my second pcie slot is broken on my motherboard and I don't want to wait another year with no sli just to wait for skylake-e. However the broadwell-e is so underwhelming that I am...
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    I'm thinking the 1080 ti will be a 8 gb hbm version of the 16gb titan hbm with slightly less cuda cores. Basically titan version is a rip off.
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    Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Coming to Steam this Friday (May 12)

    damn i bought this for ps4 thinking it was exclusive. oh well
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    5960x + H110i GT seems to be running hotter than it should

    Also check that your fans are oriented correctly (may be a simple oversight). Is there enough ventilation? 2 X 980 ti will push out a lot of heat into the case so it may be exhausting hot air out which increases temperature.
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    Sources: The Upgraded PlayStation 4 is Codenamed NEO, Contains Upgraded CPU, GPU, RAM

    A big pro to console is that games are optimized to run on them while PC it is a crapshoot. I have sli 980 ti and some games still are optimized so poorly that it doesn't run much better.
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    Batman Arkham Knight - Is it stable now?

    beat the game recently (90?% everything minus the riddler junk). no sli support but was running 60 fps nearly consistently except a few batmobile moments.
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    Official Overwatch Discussion Thread

    I was able to download but it wouldn’t let me play so waste of bandwidth
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    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    key taken