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    we NEED a PPU faq..

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    motorola V3c?

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    the motorola V600

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    looking for a dvd player

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    just bought the nec 2510a

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    the a64 and pc3200

  7. J

    16bit to 32bit

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    native sata and nf2...

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    my v600 is trashed...

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    AMD Commits to ATI Branding and Discrete High End

    i wonder what they have lined up..
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    So when Vista is released (Jan. 07) and a person has a DX10 GPU, what happens? Demos?

    halo2 has nothing to do with dx10... its just something microsoft is doing to make you buy vista.
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    Yellow Dog Linux v5.0 Confirmed for PS3

    i have to admit, im really interested if there will be apps/etc that will make proper use of that processor...
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    Firefox 2.0 vs IE7 - Pure Ownage

    i love opera.. for some reason i just cant get it to work as well as firefox in linux though. :(
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    Yellow Dog Linux v5.0 Confirmed for PS3

    sure would make things interesting... if one would actually be able to use the ps3 as a fully functional home pc.
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    Yellow Dog Linux v5.0 Confirmed for PS3

    can the linux kernel make full use of the cell?
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    Old games you would like to see remade.

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    The best Xbox 360 Commercial

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    A tribute to AMD

    very cool, the race to 1ghz.. :)
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    cant get doom3 to run in linux..

    i copied all pak files out of all the base directries.... i dont understand. .. ill go back through when i get home..
  20. J

    cant get doom3 to run in linux..

    i copy all the files and run the install file... when i run doom3 i get this.. DOOM 1.3.1302 linux-x86 May 12 2005 14:56:44 found interface lo - loopback found interface eth0 - ------ Initializing File System ------ Loaded pk4...
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    where is edgy eft?

    nvm... gksu "update-manager -c" ...heh :o
  22. J

    where is edgy eft?

    lol, is there a guide to changing repositories?
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    where is edgy eft?

    yeah, i noticed it was only a single cd... which is what i really wanted.. just a single disc. all good in the hood. :cool: would there be any noticeable jump using the amd64 version? i have tried using those in the past with suse, and i just always seem to run into stupid little...
  24. J

    where is edgy eft?

    is there no dvd version?
  25. J

    Diablo 3- finally more than rumors?

    i wish i could understand why the havent done a sc2... do they not want the instant return of investment? we all know starcarft 2 would out sell anything else blizzard does.
  26. J

    where is edgy eft?

    anybody have links to the offical release?
  27. J

    Loudest/Fastest fans

    yea.. say goodbye to the tip of your finger.
  28. J

    Loudest/Fastest fans

    lol, you will live with that for about 5 min... good luck! i want some a/v footage! :D
  29. J

    XGL is tight...

    im gonna wait for ubuntu 6.10 and give all this another whirl...
  30. J

    XGL is tight...

    im running it fine with a 6800gs..
  31. J

    AMD Quad-Father 4x4 Details Update

    i was looking more along the lines of eventually being able to nab two (low end) k8l's...
  32. J

    AMD Quad-Father 4x4 Details Update

    well, its been my opinion all along if that it is fx only, then the platform is total horse shit. but hey, thats me.
  33. J

    AMD Quad-Father 4x4 Details Update

    anybody ever find out if you have to use fx cpu's or not?
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    XGL is tight...

    any particular repository? how do i uninstall my current beryl, or will it take care of that?
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    XGL is tight...

  36. J

    XGL is tight...

    just installed beryl/xgl for ubuntu... acting sorta funny... will have to post the error message when i get home. but for a while the windows were doing some really odd stuff.
  37. J

    identifing firefox as IE in linux?

    yeah, but everything just seems to work in firefox... (flash, java, etc...)
  38. J

    ATI Radeon X1950 Pro

    maybe some ppl just dont like cables... ;)
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    ATI Radeon X1950 Pro

    i hate all cables, they are all rediculous.. they all need to be done away with... the less the better, more and its just making things worse. that cable wasnt needed in the first place. and i did a quick reference to h's x1950xtx review and it looks like two x1950 pros are faster.