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    iPhone App Exposes Woman that Exposed Herself

    Wow, that was poorly written...
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    Hollywood Wins Right to Take Over TV Outputs

    So, what is to stop people from using a camcorder to rip a movie like they already do?
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    Five Hot IT Certification Picks for 2010

    A little background before I give my opinions. I have been in IT since 1998. I have A+, MCSE, MCSA, MCSE, VMware VSP, and ITIL Foundations certs. I don't normally list my alphabet soup, but it helps explain that this opinion isn't from someone with no experience. Degrees: The biggest problem...
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    "Predators" Sneek Peek

    I logged in for the first time in weeks just to second your Kontroll recommendation. It's definitely a good flick.
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    Seven Things a Geek Can Do on Thanksgiving

    #8) Learn to put all of your items on one page...
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    PS3 Owners: Hold Onto Your Netflix Discs

    I would bet Micrsoft struck an exclusivity deal for consoles when they first introduced their player. It would make sense for Netflix to have their play on every device possible, which seems to be the strategy they have been pursuing. I think you will see an official (non-disc) Wii and PS3...
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    Let's Kill the OS Upgrade Disc

    I wasn't arguing for SaaS OSes. I agree it's a pretty crappy idea.
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    Let's Kill the OS Upgrade Disc

    Microsoft has wanted to do this for years. They tried to work towards Software as a Service with Vista and failed. Remember Vista Ultimate Addons? Yeah, they where pretty crappy.
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    Cisco ASA with RSA SIDs

    You would probably be better off debugging IKE/IPSec from the firewalls. Do you have a TAC agreement on them? If not, I would suggest getting it. Once you have that, give Cisco a call and open a TAC case and they will help you troubleshoot the issue.
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    Recommend me a punch down tool

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    Switching to New Exchange Account Find the "How to export .pst file data" and "How to import .pst file data into Outlook" sections.
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    Switching to New Exchange Account

    Not that it's a webmastering and programming topic, but you can export your mailbox to a .pst and then import the .pst into the new account.
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    Image gallery for wordpress that takes you to a seprate page?

    The documentation for Wordpress is really good. I would suggest looking into creating custom page templates. Learning the basics for Wordpress will go a long way.
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    Bluray Rankings

    Bookmarked! Thanks!
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    Bluray Rankings

    There is a website that rate Bluray movies on quality, features, etc. If I remember correctly, the ratting go "Platinum" , "Gold", "Silver", etc. Anyone know of the what site this is? It may have been a forum-related website. Thanks!
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    Anyone good with wordpress, I could use a little simple help

    I use AddThis, but I don't use a plugin. I manually add the code to my theme so I can have better control over placement.
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    Anyone good with wordpress, I could use a little simple help

    Add the following to your default.css in your theme directory: #disqus_thread {background:#FFF}
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    Presidential Safe House Information Found On P2P Sites

    Sounds like some IT guys need a "performance review"...
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    Program to scan network for IP addys??

    NMap, or if you like a GUI, AngryIP.
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    Pick a virtualization platform, besides ESX(i)

    I've used most virtualization solutions. As much as I like and encourage the use of open-source software, VMware is still the best in my book.
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    DVD43 vs AnyDVD

    Yes. I contributed some (about $12.00 worth) and purchased the rest. Even if you pay the full $50 worth of points, it still saves a crap load of time and headaches. Well worth it in my opinion.
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    DVD43 vs AnyDVD

    I bought AnyDVD HD when you could get lifetime updates for free. I use it with WHS and MyMovies and it's the best ripping solution I've found. I rarely ever have any issues with it, and when I do it's usually due to a scratched disk. I rip around 3-6 movies a week and just ordered a Plextor...
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    small personal file server, vista or xp?

    I would suggest Windows Home Server. It's easy to manage and has a ton of features, including one of the best home backup solutions.
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    Web Users Ignoring Security Certificate Warnings

    Because you are using Citrix, I am going to assume you are referring to a business. Any business using certificates for user applications should have an internal trusted root CA to issue certificates.
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    Image gallery for wordpress that takes you to a seprate page?

    It allows you to integrate the gallery on a Wordpress Page, which keeps all of your theme styles consistent. If you want a separate, but similar, style for the gallery, create a new Page template in Wordpress just for the gallery.
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    Image gallery for wordpress that takes you to a seprate page?
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    IT Resume Thread

    You missed the point I was trying to make. If you are trying to get a network admin job, highlight the relevant experience from when you where a sys admin. For example, I'm sure you configured TCP/IP settings, probably managed firewalls, etc. This is the best way to show that your 5 years sys...
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    IT Resume Thread

    - Use active voice. - Not sure how this looks in Word, but consider highlighting the most important stuff using a visual F pattern. - Are you looking for a networking job or a system admin job? Consider having separate resumes for each. - The recruiter probably doesn't care about your...
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    Sql Select from List

    Let me see how rusty my SQL is: SELECT * FROM myTable WHERE myField IN ('myFirstValue','mySecondValue')
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    SSL Cert: GoDaddy or Network Solutions?

    I use GoDaddy. Network Solutions is usually more expensive for everything. Both services are pretty much equal apart from that.
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    Onboard NIC doesn't always connect at GigE speeds

    This is my experience as well, plus: Check the cabling. Check the termination on both ends. If the cable is ran through walls, check to make sure it's not near power lines.
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    Vista File Redirection via GPO

    A single policy will work for both Vista and XP, but must be created via Vista.
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    Vista File Redirection via GPO
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    Vista File Redirection via GPO

    You have create/modify the policy from a Vista/2008 machine so that it generates the Vista specific policy. You have to manage all (for the most part) Vista/2008 policies in this manner.
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    Developing through PKI (FileZilla / Dreamweaver)

    DreamWeaver can use SSH to transfer files. On your Remote Info for your site, select the Use Secure FTP (SFTP) option. If SSH runs on an alternate port, make sure your FTP Host section is formatted as (host):(port).
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    24 port switch recommendation

    I will also suggest a ProCurve switch.
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    Home VOIP options...

    Most of your SIP providers will work with any SIP phone, wired or wireless. VoIP over the internet can still be a pain. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. That being said, I've used VoIP Street with some success.
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    IT Resume Thread

    I read mixed opinions on this. I usually send both PDF and Word (97-2003) formats. I think PDF is pretty universal in general, and Word is universal in the resume area. Not everybody uses Office 2007, so I tend to stay away from that format. I also keep a text version on hand just in case.
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    University Wide chat client?

    I use Pidgin.