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    power monkey Solar panel. iPod, CellPhone, PSP portable charger - $20 AR

    I'm down to try this out. U think it would charge a camcorder battery? Would be usefull backpacking in asia!
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    LG L246WP 24" LCD $278 at CC B&M

    Just called mine and talked to the computer section guy, he was confused and said they didn't carry LG, then i had him transfer me to the tv guy and he said they didnt carry them anymore ;(
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    Canon HV30 $688

    Never heard of that site and has 0 ratings. I'd stay away unless someone has already purchased one and has something good to say about it?
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    Rumours on MB/MBP updates for tomorrow...Excited?

    Did they upgrade the videocard besides the 128 mb upgrade for the $1999 model or is this the same card but with more ram.
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    Black MacBook vs. MacBook Pro

    If possible I would wait at least a week or two, apple will be refreshing the macbook pros very very soon. There is a shortage of them right now, because they are about to release a new version hopefully with the multi-touch pad and upgraded cpu.
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    MBP 4GB Upgrade

    4 gigs helps on final cut pro!
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    TD Invites

    thanks man
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    TD Invites

    ive been wanting one so bad. I had at least a 3.0 ratio or higher on filelist and torentbits. thanks a ton!! palabared atz gmail dotz com
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    Free Oink Invitiations

    could i please have an invite. i had a 3.0 ratio on filelist and torrentbits as well as 512k up thanks palabared at gmail dot com
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    Weekend Wii Guide: 12/17/06

    yea its the sunday paper ads that beef up the lines
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    Weekend Wii Guide: 12/17/06

    I think target might be a better bet just because less people think of target and video games. A buddy at my target said there have/getting more to amount around 50 units.
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    wii bundle available for purchase @ toysrus this beefy bundle is still in stock edit: i wonder if it is possible to return those games for store credit at least???anyone know
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    Wii Nunchuks

    if you really want one u can go the 17th to target, bestbuy,circuit city , walmart, ebgames/gamestop and they will have wiis and accessories. Just wait in line, get the controllers u want, buy a wii, sell it on egay. controllers paid for ;)
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    PS3 Bundles available on gamestop

    the costco ones are normally a few bux below retail! sweet deal + return policy = win
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    PS3 Bundles available on gamestop

    because it is
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    Did anyone score a wii today? Sunday

    i didnt get shit, went to CC, BB, gamestop. looks like dec17 is dday round...3?
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    Didn't get a Wii this morning (post here)

    only got 6 at mine fuck
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    The Definitive Guide to Getting a Wii Wednesday (12/6)

    my circuit city had 28 systems last sunday, about 25 nunchucks, and 40 wiimotes.
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    The Definitive Guide to Getting a Wii Wednesday (12/6)

    wow people are lining up a day before to live there. in san luis obispo,ca i got a wii an hour before circuitcity opened sunday.
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    The Definitive Guide to Getting a Wii Wednesday (12/6)

    haha it is an addiction. I like the hunt much more than the catch. I got one and im gonna keep on hunting....cant....stop
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    Wii restocks?

    haha That is not for certain, probaby in a few months. But for now you can always get a decal that mite look better than just a plain black wii. check some out here,233.htm
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    Wii restocks?

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    Halo 3 Multiplayer Beta Sign-up

    shit i dont have my 360 with me,hope the serial # thing wont own me
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    The Definitive Guide to Getting a Wii Wednesday (12/6)

    i just called and confirmed consoles at my walmart, they didnt say how many tho. The chick said there opening at 7am but wont sell them till 8....i dont get it is that when shipments come or wat?
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    Halo 3 Multiplayer Beta Sign-up

    i doubt everyone, there will be toomany people who want to play it.
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    The Definitive Guide to Getting a Wii Sunday (12/3)

    sweet loot u got there. I had the opposite problem, they sold out of nunchucks and had too many wiimotes. i got 2 too bad u can only make like 8$ on nunchucks on egay...
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    The Definitive Guide to Getting a Wii Sunday (12/3)

    o man rancid youve had a tough day. i guess all this will just make the wii that much better for you. the bad days make the good days better ;)
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    The Definitive Guide to Getting a Wii Sunday (12/3)

    finally found one at circuit city. they had a bunch of remotes (about 30) , and sold out of the chucks (about 20) before i got there. I was number 27 of 29 units, got ther 1.5 hours before opening. Im trying to figure out what to do with it. finals are in a week, if i keep it im fucked grade...
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    The Definitive Guide to Getting a Wii Sunday (12/3)

    why would anyone go to tru unless they want that gay bundle of marvel. ew
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    The Definitive Guide to Getting a Wii Sunday (12/3)

    i heard many targets are getting over 50 wiis, mine is getting 60. called in and confirmed. target mite be the best bet since most circuit cities have like 20-30. target i called was in dublin, ca
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    Wii bundle on Amazon... HURRY!

    sold out btw.
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    Wii bundle on Amazon... HURRY!

    eeeh not worth it. 40$ for a sd card i dont need
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    Wii bundles (returning games)???

    i have returned sealed xbox 360 games at walmart before without a receipt. i always just say my aunt gave them to me and said she got them from walmart but lost the receipt. It works about 80% of the time, always depending on what manager is working since the minion employees must ask them for...
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    My unexpected reaction to the wii

    hahah good joke haha u say u can play with both wiiwii as in the controller and a weiner haha haha good joke haha what tv show am i from?
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    Madden '07 for Wii

    I'm in the same boat. How is the fantasy draft and franchise modes?
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    How hard is it to find a Wii

    8 days = 600,000 units if they kept with that ratio in 33 more days till end of year = 2,400,000 2,400,000 + 600,000 = 3,000,000 3,000,000 does not = 4,000,000 units therefore -----------> not on track given their current ratio of units sold to days since launch