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    The Official [H]ard|Gaming Minecraft Server

    Why does he Fus Ro Dah the dragon? Everyone knows that doesn't work, lol
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    The Official [H]ard|Gaming Minecraft Server

    After the last time daniel got whitelisted, I didn't think he'd be allowed back. Granted, he didn't grief or anything, but he was quite rude.
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    The Official [H]ard|Gaming Minecraft Server

    I also live on less than 25k a year no problem.
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    Brink - $5 + Free Weekend

    I wouldn't play if it was free forever.
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    Skyrim PC Patch 1.2

    No, your mods broke the game. There are many people posting on Steam's forums that their mods are causing the game to crash. There is no official mod kit yet, so any mod you install is even more riskier than usual. Don't install them if you don't want to worry about your game working...
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    Skyrim PC Patch 1.2

    Because everyone knows that all developers put every single change that they've made into the update notes....... oh wait, no they don't.
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    Terraria 1.1 patch day! And 75% off.

    Unless they made the world 3 dimensional, not interested. All of the loot and monsters in terraria are great, but the game engine in Minecraft is just so much better that I cannot play terraria for very long without becoming extremely frustrated with all of the things that you can't do.
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    Skyrim impressions

    The Dark Brotherhood quest line is great. I really, really enjoyed it. It's also pretty easy to join. To join, you have to help Aventus Aretino in Windhelm. He's preformed the Black Sacrament and wants someone killed. After you kill the person, sleep and you'll wake up in an abandoned shack...
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    Steam sale has begun! 1 PM EST 11/23!

    Imagine that.. the Christmas sale, the hugest selling time of the year, would be bigger than the fall sale??!?!?! You'd have to be a rocket scientist brain surgeon to be able to figure that out.
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    Steam sale has begun! 1 PM EST 11/23!

    Dude (and anyone else bitching about the sales not being good enough), shut up. You're lucky we get any discounts at all. Don't be an ungrateful douchebag. Console gamers don't get really any sort of huge discount sales like these, so you should be extremely grateful that we have the...
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    Gabe Newell isn't worried about piracy, and responds to Ubisoft's "95%" quote

    It is by far one of the least obtrusive, easiest to deal with DRMs out there. Steam is the way that I buy games. I don't even notice the "DRM" because I have steam running whenever my computer is on anyways.
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    Gabe Newell isn't worried about piracy, and responds to Ubisoft's "95%" quote

    Steam's "DRM" consists of keeping the steam client running while you're playing, which I'd want anyways because of the friends list and in game browser. That's hardly what I call DRM.
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    Steam sale has begun! 1 PM EST 11/23!

    Op, you should make yourself useful and put the sales in your post instead of just smilies.. lol
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    Ubisoft: Why "I Am Alive" is not coming to PC

    Never purchasing another Ubisoft title again. They just don't get it.. they don't deserve a penny of anyone's money.
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    GameStop Sued By Employee Over Security Checks

    I'm sorry, but everyone is entitled to a break after so many hours of work. Just because you think you work harder than a Gamestop employee doesn't mean that they aren't entitled to breaks.
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    Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Performance and IQ Review @ [H]

    People complain about everything that has ever happened. It's ALWAYS going to happen. Using that as an excuse not to do something is just plain idiotic.
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    Skyrim Patches Coming Soon

    It takes a bit getting used to, but the UI is worlds better than Oblivion's. Everything else about the game just feels epic. I'm enjoying this more than I've enjoyed a game in years. There are a few bugs, but no show stoppers.
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    Gerber Selling An Apocalypse Survival Kit

    Stupid. This is just a regular survival kit with the word zombie slapped on the front.
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    Skyrim impressions

    Not without modifying the game. Bethesda made it work that way intentionally. It makes if feel more like you're actually casting a spell instead of coming out of nowhere.
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    Skyrim impressions

    I'm pretty sure that it actually does use all 4 cores.. This post has a screenshot of someone's task manager, and it shows that only one core was used before the game was launched, and all 4 cores are being used after the game was launched.
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    Skyrim impressions

    Yes, companions can be extremely annoying. They always seem to stand RIGHT in the doorway, and won't move until you shove on them for a while.. then they complain that you pushed them.. lol
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    Skyrim impressions

    If you guys are having trouble with dragons, get the sword Dragonsbane from Sky Haven Temple. Mine does 29 damage and 40 extra damage to dragons, so it does 69 damage per hit. It takes 7-8 swings to bring down a dragon. The hard part is surviving until they land. I'm really loving this...
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    Skyrim - First or third person?

    I use 3rd person for the most part because I find it easier to navigate with unless you're in a tight spot. When I need to aim a spell at something or pick up something that I can't get with 3rd person, I'll switch to 1st person.
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    Jeep - Modern Wafare 3 Edition

    "Jeep Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Edition - Rated M for Mature." I don't know why, but they said that in the commercial for it.. I guess you have to be 17 to buy one, lol..
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    Textures in Skyrim are fail to accomodate consoles

    OP (and many others) fails to understand the complexity of the engine used in this game.
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    i7 930 @ 4Ghz not enough for maxed out Skyrim @ 60fps?

    I would really, really love to see you (or ANYONE for that matter) make an engine that has to keep track of as many things as Bethesda's engine does, and have it be easy on resources. It just isn't going to happen. There's a TON going on in the Elder Scrolls games, which is why they have very...
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    How long has this been in the Origin EULA?

    I really doubt that most things in a EULA would hold up in court. Simply pressing "accept" isn't really binding, especially considering that the alternative (pressing decline) leaves you with a $60 coaster because there's no way in hell that any retailer is going to take a game that you've...
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    My Ultimate PC + Controllers Gaming Rig

    Because not many people can tolerate to live in a pigsty like that.. It's pretty fucking ridiculous; and making excuses to not clean it is even more ridiculous. If you're going to post that something is "ultimate," you might at least take the time to clean up a bit, especially if what you're...
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    NASA: 2012 Solar Flares Could Devastate Cities!

    People ignore bad news because 75% of what we're told is complete bullshit that someone made up to make a quick dollar.
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    Canada Starting to Switch Over to Plastic Currency

    I think that taking all of the valuable minerals out of money is a bad idea. When the world economy crashes, we're going to be left with a bunch of useless plastic and paper instead of potentially useful copper, nickel, silver, gold, and etc.
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    PETA Attacks Battlefield 3 Over Animal Cruelty

    Why hasn't someone targeted PETA for being extremely hypocritical yet? People are animals, and they do cruel stuff to humans (ex dumping blood on random people) all the time..
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    Skyrim impressions

    Even with that hardware, it will look better on your PC than it would on the PS3. Also, you can use the PS3 move on a PC with motionjoy.
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    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Announced for release on 11/11/11.

    I blame people that bitch too much. It seems that the devs have gotten to the point where they don't even care to try to please us PC gamers because no matter how hard they try, there's always people bitching that the grass isn't the right shade of green or something else stupid. Sure, this...
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    How to Fly in Skyrim

    The person in the video is going down a hill. The time it takes to travel up in the air is going to be less than the time it takes to travel back down to the ground because as the person travels forwards in the air, the ground becomes further away from them. This makes it appear like they are...
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    Textures in Skyrim are fail to accomodate consoles

    There is really nothing they could do graphically to ruin this game for me. Even if it looked exactly the same as Oblivion, I would be extremely happy. Knowing that it's going to look better, I'm overjoyed.
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    skyrim controls

    ITT: OP tries to stir up a ruckus by making rash claims that a PC game doesn't support mouse and keyboard. Seriously, that's never going to happen. Shut the fuck up, OP, and learn to do some proper research.
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    How to Fly in Skyrim

    You can.. just set your agility and speed super high using console commands.
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    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Announced for release on 11/11/11.

    I think that most reviewers grade on some sort of curve. 10/10 isn't "perfect"; it's simply one of the best games that they've played. Having 10/10 represent "perfect" just doesn't work because it's absolutely impossible make a perfect video game. It's pretty much like grading on a curve in...
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    Ars Technica: Why buying games on launch day is a scam

    The only games that I buy on launch day are games that I've been waiting to play for a long time, such as Skyrim. I've got enough of a backlog to keep me busy, so if I haven't been waiting for it for a while, I'll just wait until the game is on sale to purchase it, especially with the $60 trend.
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    PC sales of MW3 make up less than 5 percent of all MW's sales

    I have CoD 4; I don't need a new Modern Warfare Call of Duty. CoD4 was pretty much perfect. I'm not going to pay $60 for a slightly modified version of the same game. Infinity Ward has been remaking the same game since CoD4. It's fucking pathetic that people race out to buy the same game...