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    Got My IPHONE! (all sorts of pics and videos!)

    The icon in the upper right hand corner looks to be a battery symbol. Maybe im missing something.
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    Cisco Information

    My CCNP lab consisted of 2 2514s, a 2621 and a 4000 modular router (old old). The only reason I had the 2621 is a guy off of here sold it to me for 100 bucks. The 2514s work great, just look for ones with upgraded ram and flash so that you can run at least 12.0 code minimum.
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    Internetworking Salary Survey (based on Cisco certification)

    Alot of those 2-3 and 3-5 year numbers are getting drug down by the fact that the job market was poor when alot of those people started. I have first hand experience, having started in that time frame. While I haven't seen anyone come in and grab a job where I work with a CCNA and pull 76k, its...
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    NOC remodel

    When I worked in a NOC, I had 4 19 inch dell LCDs - 2 for monitoring, 2 for working. I had these hooked up to 2 PCs (the monitoring one I controlled with VNC when necessary). I also had a solaris system connected to a giant old sun 22 or so inch monitor. I felt this was a good setup.
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    Starting a small business -- side job type stuff

    That sounds all well and good in theory, but is not a smart idea in the real business world. If you are going to run a business, you need the legal protection that being an LLC or corp can provide.
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    I Need some advice

    We need network engineers and NOC employees pretty badly in the Seattle area right now. If you are a good NOC candidate (CCNA, some experience, can apply them together), you could easily get 50 right off the bat up here. 60 would not take long. Obviously im not aware of how the job market is...
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    Starting a small business -- side job type stuff

    The most important advice I can give you is to run your business as an LLC and keep it seperate from your personal life. You don't want someone coming after your personal assets and income for the rest of your life if something goes wrong in your business venture. Its worth the few hundred...
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    Quickbooks Pro 2004 to 2007 Contractor

    I upgraded quickbooks 2005 pro to quickbooks enterprise (manufacturer). Just make sure to make a copy of the data file, but its a piece of cake.
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    Post Your Home File Server Specs

    1.4 Tbird, 1gb ram, 2x160Gb seagate's, hardware raid 1. I don't have a ton of space, but its mainly used for backups of important files from my other PCs in case of hard drive failure.
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    Small business network suggestion

    Ya, DSL/CABLE with a branch 2 branch VPN configured on each end.
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    1000 Xbox 360's $100

    I am about 15 miles from Amazon's Seattle data center, and it didn't do me any good.
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    Places to buy X1950pro AGP

    I have to replace everything if I go to PCI-E, so when I priced it out I was looking at more around 1200 bucks for what I want. Still, 300 may be too high for this for me. I was hoping for close in line to what the PCI-E version is going for.
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    2 Cisco 2503s & 1 1912

    The 1900 is pretty useless for the current CCNA. The 2500s will be ok so long as they have enough ram and flash to run a decently modern IOS. Anything above 12.0 enterprise should be ok. I completed my CCNP about 1 year ago, and used the following: 2 2514s 1 2621 1 4000 modular router 2...
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    Cisco 3725 WIC Problem

    I verified that it does it for POS and FRATM also. Doesn't seem to do it for ethernet. Maybe its a WAN link only sort of thing? You can do a traceroute to a working serial interface IP to show that it goes out to the far end and loops back. I agree that checking out the far end would be a...
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    Cisco 3725 WIC Problem

    Pinging itself won't work unless the circuit works, as far as I know. What encapsulation are you using on the link (I am not familiar with sat links)? Here is output from a cisco page regarding ATM, which matches what I have read in the past about pinging your own interface: When you ping a...
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    Cisco 3725 WIC Problem

    Oh god. I was hoping you'd say something I knew something about. Who checked out the circuit? Is it a telecom provided circuit, or do you or your team own it?
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    Cisco 3725 WIC Problem

    What kind of circuit is it?
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    Who has the fastest net connection?

    I am working from home today, so its just 6Mbps cable. When I am in the data center at work, I am on wan gig-e. :D
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    Anyone using a KVM with a widescreen LCD?

    I want to get a DVI/USB KVM so that I can hook up my work laptop docking station to my 2005fpw instead of this nearly 10 year old CRT when I have to work from home (I am on call 1/3 of the year, so it is frequent). Max resolution indicated is 1600x1200 for the DVI KVMs I see. I don't think the...
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    Cisco 2900XL

    I used a 2912, and it was close but not exactly correct to current CCNP requirements. Some of the command syntaxes were a little off. I believe the 2950 is the lowest switch that will be 100% accurate, could be wrong though.
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    DC3 Challenge

    You don't have to write your own, it appears, you just have to submit the tools that you use if you have created them.
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    BOGO Motorola HS850 BlueTooth Headset

    buy one get one
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    job interview; what to expect?

    Yup. My technical interview team is made up of people who can and have ran into and fixed almost every possible issue that can happen in enterprise networking. People who exaggerate too much on their resumes are flogged mercilessly yet briefly, and then cut loose. Really, though, being able...
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    cisco static nat

    conf t ip nat inside source static int fa0/0 ip nat inside int s0/0 ip nat outside I use ip nat inside generally, just because it makes more sense to me. Do you have a default route or anything currently? I am assuming you must not have included all of your...
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    Cisco DHCP relay question

    What kind of firewall is it? PIX, checkpoint netscreen, other?
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    Help Setting Up a Cisco Based LAN

    My opinions on your 11 questions 1. No, put your PIX at the corporate internet DMZ. The other sites shouldn't have direct internet access, and should not need them. Too many firewalls become a horrible pain. 2. The best model, for redundancy, looks like a bow tie. So each router at a site...
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    Help Setting Up a Cisco Based LAN

    I am not sure why you would want to have so many little switches. It is generally better to run fewer, larger switches. Easier to manage, you can keep spare modules on hand, and with dual sup engines they are more fault tolerant. That being said, here is what I would do: Site 1: Main...
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    HELP - need advice/help with ISP for college house

    Have T1s come down in price lately? Last time I looked they were about 400-600 per month, and that would still hurt split between 7 people. However, that was a couple of years ago, and maybe with the increased competition from business class DSL and cable the price has come down.
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    Server storage expansion options

    I figured id get a decent controller card if I went SATA. I would like to offload the array management to the controller card like I have with the current SCSI card, but I can't tell well which cards actually do that.
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    Server storage expansion options

    Right now data is backed up on daily tapes, monthly, quarterly and annually. The quarterly and annually tapes are stored in a safe deposit box. Currently it is using a 20/40GB backup tape, but I may need to upgrade that eventually. However, money is tight, so I may also just have to be more...
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    Server storage expansion options

    I have a server running SBS2k3 that is running low on disk space. It has not reached the critical point yet, but I want to start planning to increase capacity. Currently it has 2 36GB 10k SCSI drives in Raid1, split into a 10 gig OS and 24 gig data data partitions. I keep having to move stuff...
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    stacking switches

    I think he may mean over the backplane.
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    Technical folks, ever felt sick of technical books?

    I hear ya. I pushed hard through my CCNP last year, and I haven't been very motivated since then. I read TCP/IP illustrated so far this year, but I really ought to do the CCDA or learn unix/linux better. Working 45+ hours a week and being on call makes it hard to read as much as I should though.
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    Exchange to Exchange not working

    Verify that whatever is doing your DNS is responding on TCP port 53. Exchange 2000 is dependent on DNS to forward email between servers, and only uses TCP (nslookup uses UDP by default). We actually had this happen this week at work. It was quite the stumper. If that doesn't do it...
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    Exchange to Exchange not working

    How long does it take before you get that undeliverable?
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    Work should pay for Cisco class & CCNA, recommendations?

    I had one CCNP class through global knowledge. The instructor was good, and they had top notch treats. I still prefer working through the info on my own when preparing for the tests, but the classes are nice when someone else is paying for them.
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    Cisco 2501 and 2503 Routers

    Ya, it isn't cheap, but its worth it. My CCNA cost me around 300-400 (used a software simulator). I spent probably at least 1500 on books, gear, and test fees for my CCNP, if not more. However the CCNA and a good interview got me a shot in network operations, and my CCNP has easily paid for...
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    Need some career advice.

    I agree that it is time to move on. Your skills probably aren't growing, and I always look to move when I feel I am starting to stagnate. The interests and prior enjoyable work you list (Apache, IIS, exchange) lend towards an SA type of job. The other set of interests obviously point...
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    Just got my 2005fpw in from UPS

    I just got my 2005 today. It has minor backlight bleeding on the lower two corners, but it only goes about an inch into the screen from the corners, and the only time I noticed was during the loading screens for hl2 when I was trying it out. No dead pixels that I have found. Overall, for the...