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    Google Starts Selling Edge TPUs

    But can it run Crysis?
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    Jack Black's YouTube Gaming Channel Hits 1 Million Subs with Only One Video

    I'm pretty sure it isn't his YouTube channel. He says in the video it's his sons and his son made him do it.
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    [Build Log] Excelsior! Threadripper KVM Build with GPU Passthrough and ZFS

    I’m trying to decide on a HOST os. Originally, it seemed like ProxMox VE would be a good choice as it has tons of the feature I need. However, ProxMox VE 5.3 is based on Debian Stretch 9.61, kernel 4.15.18, QEMU 2.12.1, and ZFS 0.7.12 . I have read that for threadripper, I really want a kernel...
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    Threadripper 2990WX - 2950X & Wraith Ripper DIY Install

    Greetings [H]orde and El Chingón, I'm working on a Threadripper build (build log I followed the extremely helpful video to a T and I got it booted up earlier today...
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    [Build Log] Excelsior! Threadripper KVM Build with GPU Passthrough and ZFS

    I'll PM you about that DVD! Which one is your favorite?
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    [Build Log] Excelsior! Threadripper KVM Build with GPU Passthrough and ZFS

    I had some time to work on the build and added some content to the OP. Enjoy!
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    [Build Log] Excelsior! Threadripper KVM Build with GPU Passthrough and ZFS

    Johnny, do you play baseball? lol!
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    [Build Log] Excelsior! Threadripper KVM Build with GPU Passthrough and ZFS

    Greetings True Believers! Lets go on a journey together. Join me as I plan and execute an amazing computer for myself and my family that will go by the name of “Excelsior!” in honor of the great Stan Lee. To live up to its name, it must be something truly exceptional. My vision for Excelsior...
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    8K Broadcasting Begins in Japan

    Requires 4 HDMI 2.0 plugs. Sounds legit. Way to go HDMI Forum
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    Noctua AMD Threadripper Air Cooler Roundup @ [H]

    I am ordering parts for a 2950x build in a Fractal Design Define R6. I see these options for coolers: 1. Noctua NH-U14S TR4-SP3 + $79.90 2. Cooler Master MAM-D7PN-DWRPS-T1 AMD Wraith Ripper...
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    WTB 2x NVIDIA GTX 1070's

    BUMP for great justice! Change of Thread title/ request
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    Intel Core i9-9900K 9th Generation CPU Review @ [H]

    So are we saying that the ASUS Maximus XI Hero is actually a 4 phase VRM? Would this also hold true for the ASUS Maximus X Hero VRM? It is mentioned in the comments section that the 4 phases are "doubled." Does this equate to a legit 8 phase VRM? It is also mentioned that the ASUS Maximus XI...
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    Intel Has Disclosed New Security Flaws that Affect SGX and Virtualization

    Am I right in thinking that this situation is like the malware/virus situation on the windows platform vs say Mac/Linux? It isn't that exploits don't exist on AMD processors, its just that one platform (Intel) has a larger install base so it is the first target?
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    Dolphin Emulator Is Back on the Google Play Store

    What are some of your favorite GameCube/Wii games to play with the family?
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    A Look at Chrome’s New Tab Design

    Can I get two rows of tabs now?
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    Intel Spectre Vulnerabilities Now Have a Release Schedule

    How do you guys feel about running older systems that are unpatched for Meltdown and Spectre?
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    Seasonic FOCUS PLUS Platinum 850W PSU Review @ [H]

    Any expert guidance as to when to pick a focus unit or a prime unit? Or perhaps your educated opinion on the advantages of a prime unit over a focus unit?
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    Android Gets Messages for Web

    I've had this fuctionality with Hangouts on Project Fi always. I have my choice of getting sms in Gmail or on the web Hangouts interface. Anyone else in the same boat? I wonder if this will be better or worse and if they will kill my hangouts fuctionalily...
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    NVIDIA SlowMo Even Better than Real SloMo

    Yo Dawg, I heard you liked SloMo...
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    WTB 2x NVIDIA GTX 1070's

    BUMP. Did the cryptominers buy all of the 980 Ti's as well?
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    WTB 2x NVIDIA GTX 1070's

    BUMP. Still looking for some 980 Ti's with stock coolers. Make my day!
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    WTB 2x NVIDIA GTX 1070's

    I'm looking for 980 ti's with stock coolers so I may not be your best buyer. PM with asking price?
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    WTB 2x NVIDIA GTX 1070's

    WTB 2 x NVIDIA GTX 1070's Prefer same make/model with original coolers. Google Pay/Paypal etc.
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    Intel Teases Threadripper Challenger and 5GHz 6-Core at Computex

    You can do 5ghz on air on that thing unless you are some kind of noob. -Intel
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    Intel Teases Threadripper Challenger and 5GHz 6-Core at Computex

    28 core part with no ecc support?
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    Descent’s True Spiritual Successor, Overload, Is Now Available

    Anyone up for some Minerva map on Kali ?
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    Unreal is 20 Years Old

    My voodoo banshee and Celeron 300a at 450mhz plugged into my Abit bh6... I had to tell all of my friends on ICQ about how awesome Unreal was... Good times.
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    Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII Revealed

    Anyone else bothered by these new non-blizzard games being added to It used to be if you signed in to, every single game and bit of content on there was the amazing stuff that you can find from blizzard. Now I see ads for destiny 2 (and COD apparently). Trash littering...
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    How Wide is too Wide?

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    Hilton Panama’s Alienware Room for Game-Crazy Travelers

    Room 1337 was already taken?
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    Japan to Deploy World’s Most Powerful Supercomputer for Fusion Research

    ***It drops to 3 petaflops of peek performance after microcode update for Spectre and Meltdown.
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    Have Your Browser and Eat it Too

    The cake is a lie.
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    Statistical Analysis Of Pr0n Viewership During A Nuclear Crisis

    "I guess a sigh of relief wasn't adequate." Thanks, I lol'd
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    Nioh: Complete Edition Does Not Support Mice on the PC

    "Complete Edition" Oh, the irony!
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    Google Pixel 2 Sets New Record for Overall Smartphone Camera Quality

    I've never had a professional photograph taken with 2 lenses...
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    Gamers Promised Better Graphics Thanks To Nano Technology Breakthrough

    I can't wait to try this! I'm downloading more ram now!
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    Bangin' Robots Responsibly

    Second hand market... Hehehehe
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    48V Point of Load regulators, the time is now.

    Beyond my understanding, but interesting. I hope someone chimes in.