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    Your CPU progression

    I just went through this exercise with my friends a few months ago heh. This doesn't include the dozen or so personal laptops I've owned . Workstation AMD 286 @ 16 MHz AMD 386DX @ 40 MHz Pentium 100 Pentium MMX 166 Celeron 300A @ 450Mhz - so proud of this guy, paired with Voodoo2 SLI it...
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    FS: Windows 7/8.1/10/Server 12/16 | Office 10/13/16 | Win 10 Pro: $8 | Office 2019 ProPlus

    Probabaly doesn't need a bump, but... Fast response, excellent communication, easy transaction. Thanks new2019!
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    Looking for Bluetooth Numpad with Standard Layout

    oh, I would love the top one except the extra home/del/ins keys. The second one has the BS where the - key is. Thanks for the input though, much appreciated! :)
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    Looking for Bluetooth Numpad with Standard Layout

    I bought a TKL for gaming and love it. But when I work from home, I still very much want a numpad. So I've been looking for a numpad that is EXACTLY like someone chopped the numpad off a normal 100% keyboard like this: I basically want this but made into a separate keypad. Bluetooth is...
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    All Sold

    As much as I like people doing nice things like giving free bumps, I also dislike when people post things like "it can run games at 1440@100fps just fine". What games? What settings? Without stating those things, it's a pretty useless statement. Your definition of "just fine" is very different...
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    [Microsoft store] American Pool (Free till July 8)

    How is a billiards game that has in app purchases worth $85? I don't have much experience with the MS store, but this screams shady to me that all of a sudden it's "Free".
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    FS: Windows 7/8.1/10/Server 12/16 | Office 10/13/16 | Win 10 Pro: $8 | Office 2019 ProPlus

    Quick service, no hassle, key worked. Awesome transaction. Will buy from again in future!
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    Stadia exclusives to have features “not possible” on home hardware

    Anybody else think that Stadia is another project to teach their AI? That this was the idea all along and some marketing genius then said, "let's hide this as a gaming platform instead!"
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    Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC has issues (duh)

    So you EXPECT a AAA game that is a year late to launch WITH issues? Oh man, what has this world come to?
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    Ad block for phone on local network?

    Check out adguard I got a premium (lifetime) license when it was on sale so I can't be sure how well the free version functions, but I heard the free one is still pretty good.
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    Curved Monitors yah or nah?

    It's a gimmick. Don't fall for it
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    is 1080 decent for 1440P 144hz?

    I don't understand how any of you are answering his question without first asking the most important one. "What games are you planning on playing?"
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    Do we still need spinning drives?

    I have a mobo that supports 3 NVMe's and they are all full. I love not having to deal with SATA and power cables. I have a Crystal 570x case and it looks clean as hell thanks to that. It does limit storage space though so I have to manage game installs. But this is pretty much how I keep...
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    Windows capping my download speed at 200mbps

    If you ever find out what program(s) actually changed your network settings, it would be good to know.
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    what are some top notch screen saver, such as 3D Aquarium for PC?

    Anybody remember Neko? Not so much a screen saver but I know I've lost hours of my life to that damn cat.
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    Kathy Rain on Steam

    Thanks KG!
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    This Is Probably the Movie Version of Sonic the Hedgehog

    My guess us they probably had an actor in a mocap suit and making a more true to video game version of Sonic did not map well to the suit.
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    580 vs 1060?

    Do you have any Freesync/Gsync considerations?
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    Is Core Performance Boost OS dependent? Server 2016 here with 2700x and it is locked for me

    Thanks for the reply. Someone else in another thread said that the 16GB modules are dual sided and that's tougher in general (not just on Ryzen boards), to get them run at faster rates.
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    Motherboard wont stay turned off?

    Yup, my experience is the same, a short somewhere. Also, I don't know much about that mobo and CPU, but is that Pentium overclocked? Are the mobo settings at default? Also in my experience, pumped up voltages can keep a mobo from shutting down correctly.
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    How young to be a Net Admin?

    I am more curious on which part of the AP is a choking hazard.
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    Is Core Performance Boost OS dependent? Server 2016 here with 2700x and it is locked for me

    Trust me, I've tried everything. I am 99% sure it is the usage of all 4 slots. For my sticks, I can get 2x8GB working fine at 32000 MHz, I just can't get 4x8GB . I've tried using all 4 sticks in all combinations in 2x8GB just in case one was bad, but they all worked. In my research, getting...
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    Is Core Performance Boost OS dependent? Server 2016 here with 2700x and it is locked for me

    TL;DR - Core Performance Boost is disabled and I cannot get it enabled. Have tried changing all BIOS settings I can think of. Is it because I am running Server 2016? I've checked my BIOS settings over and over, I have ensured EVERYTHING is set correctly. I have a 2700x on Server 2016 since...
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    3DFX's Unreleased Rampage GPU Lives On in 2019

    But will it play Crysis? :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    Nintendo Launches Labo VR Kit

    I'm curious to see how Nintendo deals with the 720p resolution of the Switch.
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    2700x high voltage

    I'm no expert, but doesn't 94% of 114A and 95% of 168A means that A LOT of current is running through it?
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    Columbia Engineering Researchers Create a Self-Aware Robot

    And after nearly 3 more days of training, the self-model was able learn how to navigate YouTube, watch videos of the Logan brothers, Tide Pod challenges, and "In My Feelings" challenge. And 1 more hour after that the self-model learned how to launch itself off the roof of the building and...
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    Facebook Paid Teens to Test Even More Invasive Apps

    Should install this on a device that's just devoted to just "adult oriented" web surfing.
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    CBS Offers "Star Trek: Discovery" Season 2 Premiere for Free on YouTube

    I found that you can enjoy a show or movie a lot more if you watch it without a super bullheaded nostalgic fanboy glasses on. That doesn't mean that you'll automatically start enjoying every new reboot or prequel ever made. But it at least gives you a chance to enjoy them more. But if you...
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    Added two extra RAM sticks, frequencies go WAY down (XMP crashes)

    I had 2 sticks of G Skill F4-3200C14D-16GVK (3200MHZ CAS 14 2x8 GB) on a MSI Gaming Carbon Pro with a 2700x. If I used XMP I could not get them to run at 3200, only at 2933. Using the Ryzen DRAM Calculator I was finally able to get them to run at 3200. I needed more RAM since I started...
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    Reset UEFI Windows 10 admin password with boot CD?

    Yup, that's the old adage of computing/metworking. If someone has physical access to your device, all security does is delay intrusion, not prevent it.
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    Here Is the Samsung C32JG53 32" Curved Gaming Monitor

    I have been wondering recently if manufacturers are making large screens with low res at a really low price point in order to get a consumer hooked on a large screen size. So when the consumer realizes "OMG this looks like ass" they then spend more on a same size panel but higher res. Like a...
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    Diablo IV Will Be Heavily Influenced by Diablo II

    All I wanted from D3 was PVP, and they never delivered so I stopped playing.
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    Lan and Wifi at same time

    Basically what you are talking about is called bonding. A few conditions would have to exist for this type of bonding to be of any benefit. 1) Your PC would have to have a slower connection to your gateway than your Internet speed. i.e. You're paying for 500mbit/second internet (WAN) and for...
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    SATA to NVMe

    No issues at all. When I made the switch that's exactly what I did, cloned my SATA drive to the NVMe drive on Windows 10.
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    4k gaming is Dumb

    Nice vid. Pretty much what my own conclusions are.
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    Dealing with users who avoid screensaver/lock screen?

    We used to "Hoff" people who didn't lock their PCs. Not sure if it was this exact picture, but we used one similiar to it and put it as their background and lockscreen and move all of their desktop icons off screen.