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    Is NAS this slow or am I doing it wrong??

    Define "4k uncompressed"? 4096x2160 x 24 fps x 8 bit RGB = 637 MB/s
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    Hybrid drives - SSHD - are they still a thing?

    I bought a 2TB Seagate FireCuda ( ST2000LX001 ) to add capacity to my laptop which only came with an NVMe drive. The SSD cache would help if you had your steam library on the mechanical drive for instance. It's not like you have any control on what goes to the SSD part, there's just some...
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    Enabling an MD1220 with an R430 Server

    Yes you can. Because the ports are different you will need a 6g to 12g SAS cable. Search for "SFF-8088 to SFF-8644 Mini SAS HD Cable"
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    Are you out of luck now if you need drivers or firmware for older LSI cards?

    Legacy Products -> Legacy RAID Controllers -> MegaRAID SAS 9260-8i
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    10GbE NFS performance optimization help

    How is the performance with jumbo frames on?
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    Left handed gamer who DOESNT use "WASD" layout

    I have an MX610 left handed and I don't use it because the wireless is pretty flaky, certainly too annoying to game with which is a shame because of the amount of time I spent tracking one down (I found it mis-categorised on a small retailer's e-store last year) I've since bought a Steelseries...
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    raid 5 with 8 large drives is not a good idea. If you lose a drive it may take days to rebuild, and if you lose another drive in that time, you're hosed. raid 6 is safer in that regard, but with sata drives still a concern. We do however use raid 6 arrays with 8 sas drives in our storage (with...
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    Fastest Theoretical SSD Build?

    #6, raw video at that rate is about 7.3 GB per second and while you can make storage that fast, you're going to be limited by other factors on the machine (that's assuming you can even make a system to run a game at 8k/144fps)
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    Multiple Raid Cards per computer?

    the problem is the rebuild times, which will be very long, and if another drive fails in the meantime you're stuffed.
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    XSAN - OpenFiler

    Maybe crazy raid 0 for home use... A typical small(er) system for video editing looks like this: nearline - 66TB raid 6 7.2k NL SAS realtime - 13TB raid 6 10k NL SAS which gets you:# df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/testfs1 79T 432G 79T 1%...
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    SSD Bottleneck 1.2 GBs

    You're hitting the UMI limit as data is coming to/from memory
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    Possible to have 10k rpm drive in laptop?

    How about a Momentus XT SSD as they are called now? 1tb size is metioned on the site, but I think only the 750 and 500gb versions are available at the moment
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    Clean room necessary?

    I've opened up a 3.5" drive just to see what happens. It ran OK (lid off) doing a scandisk in Windows XP for about 15 minutes but then started getting disk errors all over and died completely within 30 minutes. I have successfully recovered data from a click of death 2.5" HDD by removing the...
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    Anything new smaller than SG05?

    The SG08 is longer than the SG05 (351mm vs 276mm) and also 14mm taller leading to a volume of 14.8 litres, 4 larger than the SG05. I haven't worked with a Q08 but the Q07 is 11.6 litres and will only take graphics cards up to 7"
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    Ivy Bridge high-end SFF motherboard compilation
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    The OFFICIAL post pics of your SFF thread...

    Yeah, just got one of these cases and the cabling is annoying. I've had to route most of the power cables over the psu to the right hand side of the case to fit in a gigabyte 560 ti 448. I was surprised at how well it is built but I noticed a large gap in the optical drive slot - I can see the...
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    Recommendations for a M-ITX case with half-height expansion?

    The Antek ISK300-150 is a decent enough case the 310-150 is the same internally but has a redesigned silver fascia. It can only fit 2x2.5" drives though, no room for a 3.5". It's worth noting that if the graphic card has some...
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    Win 7 Account Passwords

    start -> control panel -> user accounts -> change your password You can't not have a username
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    Win 7 Account Passwords

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    My new AMD Llano APU mITX build (ASRock + A8-3850 + Antec ISK 310-150)

    The isk-3xx series with the 150w power supply are very quiet with 2 fans, one pulling air from the cpu area and one pulling through the psu. At my company we've built about half a dozen demo machines from these cases with 1156 socket i7 870s and a passively cooled radeon 5450. They tend to get...