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    Smoothwall and Active Directory

    Have you checked on the Smoothwall forum? They have some very knowledgeable people over there.
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    backup advice

    Offsite online back up would be my main issue. It's a headache for them to deal with copying the files then taking the drive home with them every night. If the guy won't budge on the internet issue, then I'm not sure I would want him as my client if he's putting up that much of a fight.What...
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    AT&T Uverse users....tell me your experiences!

    I have had them for a couple years now. Started with them at the previous place I lived and had a small issue at installation for the phone service, for some reason they couldn't port my Vonage phone number over so I just dropped that off the account. Moved to a new place and other then having...
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    What is he doing?

    You could get the system set up, then install Deep Freeze Once the system is frozen, all you need to do is reboot to wipe any changes made. Microsoft has a similar solution but the name escapes me.
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    Home LAN Wiring

    I'd cut those cables off inside and punch them down to a patch panel. Then get the builder to fix the hole in the exterior wall. Pulling the cables all the way outside is ridiculous.
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    Running a new phone and DSL line.

    If your existing wires from the box come into the house then split off from a rats nest of wires connected up with splicing connectors you can cut it and punch down to this then punch your existing and new lines to it...
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    Which routing/firewall os do you use?

    Currently running Astaro at home but I have used Smoothwall, pFsense, Endian, and Untangle. I am really happy that Astaro bumped up their home IP limit from 10 to 50. The Astaro interface is a little confusing and very geeky but I really like it.
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    Ethernet Splitter / Network Switch question

    All you need is a simple 5 port switch. I am a fan of the Linksys/Cisco equipment so I would pick this one:
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    FS: Cisco Switches

    Tuesday morning bump.
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    FS: Cisco Switches

    Monday night bump.
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    FS: Cisco Switches

    I have 2 Catalyst 3500 switches up for sale. 1.) Catalyst 3500XL w/ POE 24 Ports $200 2.) Catalyst 3500XL 48 ports $100 Shipping is not included in the listed price. Will be shipped from 60070 (NW Chicago Burbs) Local pick up from the Chicago area only. Prices are negotiable.
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    Wiring house

    For the phones I would use something like what I have linked below. Run the line from the phone company to the distribution point on the board then punch down the rest of your phone lines to it. For the jacks you are using for phones, just punch all 8 wires down to the jack...
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    Network pics thread

    Very nice little set up.
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    What's a good *nix server software for beginner/intermediate user?

    Ubuntu server with a LAMP install. Start learning the command line, way more powerful then using a GUI.
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    Encrypted Directory with Backup

    +1 for TrueCrypt.
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    Looking to buy new firewall for small business

    Look into Astaro. I believe it also started off as open source but is highly, highly customized.
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    New iMac vs. Older "Lamp" design?

    Me too. I've looked into getting one again just for the fun of having it.
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    20" iMac Hard Drive Replacment

    This is for an Aluminum 20" iMac.
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    20" iMac Hard Drive Replacment

    This morning when I woke up my iMac, it had the spinning beach ball of death. Nothing responded to the mouse or keyboard commands so I held the power button and rebooted it. After rebooting it was still slugish and I could hear the hard drive reading data when previously the machine had been...
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    Networking in a Condo.

    Not completely related but... My wife and I are renting a townhouse from a very nice older lady. When we moved in there were some plumbing issues that caused some walls to be opened up so I took that opportunity to run 4 ethernet lines from the basement up to the second floor loft where our...
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    Inspiron CD/DVD Drive Issue

    I will check for the code tonight when I get home. Where in the registry are these filters hidden?
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    Inspiron CD/DVD Drive Issue

    A friend brought me her Inspiron 1525 laptop, the cd/dvd drive isn't recognized by Windows Vista anymore. I removed and re-added it in the device manager but it still came up with the yellow exclamation point after Windows reinstalled the device. So I figured there was a problem with the drive...
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    How to kill time on winter weekends..

    Was just looking through the documentation for ClearOS. Looks very interesting, might have to give it a try.
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    New Office Photos

    Where are you located Adam?
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    Remote Desktop software

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    [H]ard chemists. Can I soak my ipod touch in rubbing alcohol?

    Try putting it in a bowl of uncooked rice for a week. The rice will absorb the moisture.
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    Network pics thread

    Blue Fox: What are the cases with the blue doors? Who makes them?
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    Snow Leopard question

    I tried that and it didn't work.
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    Snow Leopard question

    I was having problems with Spotlight raping my external drive with all my music and movies on it so I removed the Spotlight files. I would like to get Spotlight back as long as it doesn't go after my external drive again. Will an upgrade replace the missing files?
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    ESXi Error: Unable to connect to the MKS

    I got it figured out. Being frustrated with ESXi 4.0 on the GX620, I installed 3.5 U4 on a GX280. When I connected to it from my laptop, I got a simular MKS error. After some research I found a thread discussing this issue, it's actually the ATT mobile broadband software that causes this issue...
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    ESXi Error: Unable to connect to the MKS

    Any thoughts about this over the weekend?
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    ESXi Error: Unable to connect to the MKS

    I get this message when running that command. -ash: route: not found.
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    ESXi Error: Unable to connect to the MKS

    Only one NIC, vmnic0.
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    ESXi Error: Unable to connect to the MKS

    I am using DHCP with a reservation for this computer.
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    ESXi Error: Unable to connect to the MKS

    I set the vmkernel gateway to my default gateway with the command esxcfg-route then rebooted the ESXi server. I still get the MKS error.
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    ESXi Error: Unable to connect to the MKS

    Where would I set the Service Console Gateway?
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    ESXi Error: Unable to connect to the MKS

    Correct, I am getting this when trying to view the console in the vSphere client. Can you clarify what the COS gateway is?
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    ESXi Error: Unable to connect to the MKS

    I get this text when I telnet to port 902 on the ESXi server. 220 VMware Authentication Daemon Version 1.10: SSL Required, ServerDaemonProtocol:SOAP, MKSDisplayProtocol:VNC ,