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    This is why you don't buy cheap PSU

    ~ "T" Learned this the hard way with my first build; bought a 1000w psu from who-knows-where, and they left out the wrong pin. Normally, PSU makers leave one of the pins out of the 24-pin connector on purpose because it's completely unneeded; they apparently didn't know which one and made a...
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    Corsair SF600 600w SFX Powersupply

    The sound doesn't bother me too much since I'm the type of guy to rip the default fan setup out and replace it. I remember the voltage of the Silverstone SFX fan being compatible with a Noiseblocker 60mm if I remember correctly. Might have been an 80mm, I'd have to check the serial off the...
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    Now a good time to upgrade to Win 10?

    I had issues indexing multiple drives under Windows 10; despite adding my x3 RAID 0 array four or five times, I'd have to click the additional button in the search to actually pull information from them. Aside from that, the only feasible upgrade between the two is visual from what I noticed...
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    Do noise cancelling headphones work even without listening to music?

    Depends on whether they're active or passive; either they take in existing noise and cancel it out by producing filler noise to even out the ambience or they just act as a pure block to noise. How Noise-canceling Headphones Work
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    Just fell deep into persona 4...

    ~ "L" That's kinda' the problem. Go into a dungeon, fight a mini-boss, go to the final floor, obligatory, "You're not the real me!" scene where the boss arrives, get beaten half-a-million times because the random encounters are easy but the bosses are just level-checks. Eventually win after...
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    Any way to cheaply upgrade/refresh my pc? maybe it is worth upgrading ram? (2500k rig)

    Upgrade the GPU like the poster mentioned above. Aside from that, you could always find a 7870 for $120 and crossfire; your existing setup should be capable. Granted, crossfire kinda sucks sometimes, but that'd give the biggest bang for the buck.
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    Discard your desktop PC

    ~ "o" Stop driving your sports car, buy a hybrid. Enthusiasts don't exist. Stop being niche.
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    Leaked Patch Confirms AMD Zen Will Have 32 Cores Per Socket?

    Can't wait for the future tech of 128 cores. Maybe by that time we'll finally start seeing the first quad-core optimized game.
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    Weird crash after overclock

    For stability testing, you should probably hit closer to an 8 hour benchmark instead of a 2.
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    CPU Multiplier locked at 43?

    Seems high. I got my previous 2600K to that overclock on air with a bit less voltage and hyperthreading enabled. Unless that's a bad draw, you should be able to hit 1.3.
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    Issue with WinRAR

    Sounds like a premium feature. Better purchase the software, besides - I heard purchasing Winrar transforms you into a superhero, hence why so few exist. Either that, or uninstall/reinstall or check other compressed files to ensure the ones tested weren't corrupt.
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    Corsair SF600 600w SFX Powersupply

    Welp; not sure whether I'll go with this or Silverstone now. Guess it's the race to a small form factor 800w now.
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    Before I buy the you see any red flags.

    Yup. Don't get a blu-ray drive. Speaking as a person that bought a blu-ray burner, never used it. Completely worthless and a waste of money.
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    OnePlus Three ( 2016 )

    Specs seem on point; the lack of NFC on the previous was kinda' baffling. Hopefully they don't cut too many corners.
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    Just fell deep into persona 4...

    Played the game and liked it quite a bit until the section with the lab; the gameplay was way too repetitive, but strangely the dating sim portion was the best part. Normally can't stand weaboo stuff.
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    BioWare asks, "Would you play a Dragon Age Tactics game?"

    Can I answer, "No"?
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    Black Desert Online

    I really hope this doesn't feel like every other MMO with hotbar skills, exclamation points over people's heads, a quest log, and everything else standardized by them, cause this game is looking really good.
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    Upgrade PS3 to PS4 for free...? What the hell?

    I'm gonna attempt this with my old Tiger Electronics Batman watch. Wish me luck.
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    Tales of Zestiria & Symphonia HD coming to PC

    I've wanted to play this for an eternity and a half, so actually having it in this format might actually get me on the Tales Train.
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    Project VF8

    What thickness are you going with for the materials? Standard 1/8 acrylic, 2mm aluminum, and 1mm steel, or something thicker/lighter?
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    Fury X vs. Titan X benchmark

    Sad to see the Fury X get beaten to such a degree, but the smallness of the chip's form-factor combined with the HBM setup might allow for better optimization in the future. As is, the TDP is too high for the data output; I'd imagine future revisions lowering the TDP quite a bit more with the...
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    Project VF8

    Sexy looking case. Any plans for accents in the paint or materials?
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    Post your "Ghetto Mod" pics

    Some of these are absolutely disgusting. I love it.
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    sickest gaming PC case ever??

    It really bothers me that the chassis isn't boxed with clear plastic/glass or that they didn't do so with interconnecting pieces on the moving case when closed. Just screams dust magnet.
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    Project Snowblind: Dancing LEDs

    Lookin' great. The LEDs you used are pretty neet-o, but I wish they sold them in larger strands.
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    What resolution should I game?

    1440p is looking to be the best in terms of performance with the benefit of 144hz GSync displays being available. Probably the best platform for 3-4 years until 4k becomes easier to run.
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    OnePlus 2

    Really looking forward to picking one up (excuse the pun). I've heard tons of great things about the original, and the Two is looking great on the specs side.
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    AMD Phenom X4 970 Served me Well!

    My first build was a 1045T undervolted and overclocked. Had to drop it when it bottlenecked an OCed 6970. It was still a great CPU though.
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    Can dropping a HD cause data loss?

    They are incredibly fragile due to using small mechanical parts. Dropping them from a few feet onto a hard surface is enough to damage most 3.5 HDDs.
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    Just Bought all This *Question

    Great board, but generally not worth the price.
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    a question about the 980 ti and my comptuer

    If you decide to SLI, then you'll want to OC; if you go triple, then yes, it'll be a bottleneck. 1080p might bottleneck at one, will do so at 2, and is guaranteed at 3.
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    Raijintek THEMIS Evo CPU Cooler

    Sexy heatsink. Could go multiple blocks though, although I doubt it'd be needed due to the shape.
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    Upgrade Advice Request

    CPU is almost low enough to be replaced first. Replace that followed by GPU. PSU should be fine as is RAM.
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    Can I squeeze more life out of this build?

    OC the CPU for a small bump; you might be able to sustain a 10% OC on the GPU as well fairly cheaply. Aside from that, replace the GPU followed by a mobo+CPU replacement then RAM.
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    No more E3 on tv?

    At this point, TV is so irrelevant towards gaming that there really is no point. Spike is the closest thing to it, and their gaming coverage is laughable at best.
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    Dark Souls 3 annoucement at e3

    Liked DS1 and 2 but I wonder who will be working on this if the main team was on Bloodborne. Almost makes me think the DS2 team will be on this one.
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    Nixeus NX-Vue24. 30Hz - 144Hz FreeSync range!

    Bump up the resolution and I'll buy 5.
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    390X coming soon few weeks

    I'm excited for it. Can't wait to see the TDP; hopefully it's not too insane.
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    God of War III Remastered - PS4 1080p60

    I have no problem with remasters myself so-long as they improve on the graphics of the previous. Listing the game at full retail price is often a no-buy though; FFX HD with X-2 HD packaged at $40 was a pretty good listing.
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    Case fan instead of GPU fan

    The issue with doing this is that most GPUs take in air from the case, blow them onto the PCB, then redirect them out of the case via the back of the card (where the connectors are located). Replacing the fan with something bigger might mess with the airflow considering most cards feature fans...