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    Charter Pays Record $174 Million Consumer Fraud Settlement in New York

    I'm sorry but that's chump change. I'd rather get 5 years of free gigbit and no data caps.
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    iPhone X Is Selling for as Much as $6,000 on eBay

    A fool and their money are soon parted
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    Confirmed: Apple to Add Wireless Charging to the iPhone 8

    I'd love to see them use the phone and charge it wireless at the same time. Someone needs to build area wireless charging on the cheap.
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    Living with Windows 10 S

    It's MS's way of creating a walled garden like Apple does with their IOS. At least with IOS, you can use other web browsers
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    Nexus 6P Bootloop Fix Found

    Had the Lumia 950XL until very recently, which also used the Qualcomm SnapDragon 810. Ran like shit. I'm surprised I kept it so long. Moved to a very cheap Android phone which runs circles around the 950XL due to it crashing and hanging all the time. Not sure how much of it was the 810 related.
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    New 2.1 setup

    I recently put this 2.1 together. No dac/amp needed. Sounds amazing and rocks the house....and neighbors' houses too. Powered book shelf speakers with Bluetooth. Has subwoofer out. 15" powered subwoofer. You can run a single subwoofer...
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    Verizon Customers Booted off Unlimited Plans for Using Too Much Data

    I smell lawsuit. I hope they lose big time. That will wake the carriers up and offer actual unlimited plans or lower their prices dramatically.
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    Parental Control App Leads to Sting Operation

    The parents of the teen better be having a serious talk about that stuff. I chalk this up to bad parenting. Good that they are monitoring parental controls, but they need to do a better job at monitoring all communications. Didn't the parent teach them to say no to strangers? According to the...
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    Foxconn Planning $10B US Investment, Eyeing Six States for Display Plant

    Is this how it begins where the US becomes a 3rd world country? I mean China is outsourcing to the US. Then we ship the stuff back over there for them to do whatever. China is already excelling in other markets as well as consuming more. Space industry and space tourism, mining the moon and...
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    Tesla Driver in Fatal “Autopilot” Crash Got Numerous Warnings

    If you believed that the Tesla has full auto pilot and can perform all those functions without error, you're delusional. They have disclaimers that pretty much states the driver needs to be fully attentive and in control at all times. That's why they have you agree to their EULA and TOS and all...
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    Logitech Announces POWERPLAY Wireless Charging System to Recharge Wireless Mice

    I don't get wireless mouse for gaming. For normal everyday computing usage, sure. But not gaming. If you're going to run a cord mere inches from the wireless mouse, why not just get a wired mouse. Wireless isn't going to be faster than wired, period. It's just physics. Cord drag you say? You...
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    Why Windows Vista Sucked

    Vista was a pile of poo. Ran slow even on decent and good hardware. Anyone remember gadgets? Peeps can add an almost unlimited number of them and you couldn't scroll down nor close them properly. This caused system to essentially lock up. Anytime you did any thing to a file, it would take ages...
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    Studios Blame Rotten Tomatoes for Ruining Summer Movies

    RT is kind of like Yelp for restaurants. Some critic review and general public perception are skewed. All it takes is one bad remark to snowball it into oblivion. I don't read reviews and I avoid trailers and spoilers when I can. To me, all of those makes the movie going experience that much...
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    Intel Core i9-7900 Series CPU Core Count and Prices

    Too rich for my blood. Do any mainstream OS really even use all these cores efficiently for normal computing? Not enterprise stuff. Just your regular Joe/Jane 9-5 closet gamer.
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    Microsoft Reportedly Working on New Windows Mobile Reboot

    Yay, another restart and retrenching. Getting the popcorn. At this point, even if they made the phones out of platinum and paid devs a grip load of cash, it's too late. Peeps are now tied to their respective ecosystems with purchases from the app stores. On the other side, they are making a...
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    You Should Care about the Supreme Court Case on Toner Cartridges

    If not done so already, printer manufacturers will be more aggressive about checking for genuine branded ink tanks and it's expiration date. It will give them a good reason to refuse warranty because 3rd party ink tanks were used. Manufacturer branded ink tanks already report expiration date...
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    Google Pixel XL Phones Blacklisted as Stolen

    Thank you for keeping us in the loop Kyle. While I do not have a Pixel XL, I'm sure other were just as frustrated as you. I'm curious if this will evolve into a law suit since people's phone were suddenly not able to make call, especially in emergency situations. Or was that always an option no...
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    Audeze Makes $2,495 Earbuds Only an Audiophile Could Love

    I have the Audeze LCD-XC because I love EDM, and hip hop bass music. They sound incredible and even better when paired with a decent DAC/AMP. This however, is a bit extravagant. More so because they're earbuds. Audiophiles will spend however much they want to eek out the best possible quality...
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    Facebook Will Make More People Watch Violent Videos so You Don't Have To

    I heard it pays pretty well due the amount of stress and insane stuff they have to put up with. But I imagine most of them get burn out pretty quickly. On the other hand, it is a form of censorship. There's nothing that is preventing them from blocking anti Facebook stuff.
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    AV Provider Webroot Melts down as Update Nukes Hundreds of Legit Files

    Gee. A 3rd party AV software messed up files. That never happens right? I've stopped using 3rd party security software a while ago. No real incentive to use them. Windows Defender + custom HOSTS files + common sense. I don't even use adblockers. Yeah yeah, I'm living on the edge aren't I? :ROFLMAO:
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    Russian Cybercriminal Sentenced to 27 Years for Credit Card Theft

    And how much of the stolen money are recovered? I guessing none.
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    Tennessee Gives Comcast and AT&T $45M Instead of America's Fastest Internet for Free

    And those living there will just take the crap. They will not go out and boycott or protest. Corporations have simply bought the government now.
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    Microsoft Finally Says Goodbye to Windows Vista

    Vista was crap for me. My most hated OS ever. Put up with it for a month and never touched my laptop until Win 7 came out. Upgraded to 7. Worked like a charm. UPgraded to Win 8. Worked great until my laptop died. I wished MS EOL'd it much sooner.
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    "Windows 10 Destroyed Our Data!" Microsoft Hauled into US Court

    I blame MS as well as the end user. MS for essentially forcing the upgrade with no clear indicator whether it's a clean install or in-place upgrade. The client should know to back up their data. Yeah you can argue that some clients are only smart enough to just turn the computer on, surf the...
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    [H]ardOCP Spec Bookshelf Speaker Setup

    Nice dude!!! I very recently upgraded my 15 year old 2.1 Altec Lansing computer speakers for my computer. The Altec Lansing still works great. It's hooked up to a small-ish TV now. I upgraded to Klipsh R15PM reference desktop POWERED speakers with sub-out and grounding post if needed. It's got...
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    Someone Shot down a $200 Drone with a $3M Patriot Missile

    This is why we can't have nice things. Because our money is being wasted on stuff like this.
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    LG Launches 32UD99-W 32" Class 4K UHD IPS LED Monitor with HDR10 and FreeSync

    This is extremely tempting. Gonna keep any eye on this. Need more specs. I hope an OLED is in the works. Best bet would be to get a OLED TV atm. BUT dat HDR and FRESYNC.
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    How Technology Can Ruin Christmas

    This is why we can't have nice things.
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    The Dark Side of VR

    it will most likely end up like this.
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    VR Headsets Blamed For Spread Of Eye Herpes

    iHerpes and iClap? EWWWWWW. Again abstinence people. Abstinence.
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    Pornhub Running On A Refrigerator In Home Depot

    Isn't this what the screen was made for? Having a nice family dinner showing 2 Girls 1 Cup. /S I wish they did away with screens on fridges. It's absolutely unnecessary.
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    USB-IF Publishes Audio Over USB Type-C Specifications

    I wouldn't mind losing the 3.5mm jack. Just give us more USB-C ports instead of just one. Some of us like to charge AND listen to music at the same time. Qi charging isn't near as fast as wired charging yet. However, I don't mind Bluetooth audio. It's great and convenient. I have a Bluetooth...
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    Young People Say Quitting Social Media Makes Them Happier

    Too much social is a bad thing. The only active social platform I use is Facebook and it's just to keep in contact with family and friends across the globe. It's convenient. Yes I post a lot of food pics, but at least I'll know what I got sick from eating the night before. :D
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    Lose Weight With This HTC Vive Workout

    Can't imagine how hot the headset will feel. All that sweat. Those things are gonna get moldy very soon and/or get some kind of fungus. Reminds me of the fleshlight fungus and mold pic doing the rounds a while back.
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    I Got Scammed By A Silicon Valley Startup

    too many red flags. Sounds like a hoax story like that it got who supposedly delete an entire company data and its backups with that simple command lime.
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    Windows 10 Anniversary Update – Heaven for Power Users

    Been running it for a while. No issues yet. *crosses fingers*
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    Court Affirms $25m Piracy Verdict Against Cox

    This judgement is whacked! The judge is a total moron who got bought out. Internet service is like a utility or service. Just like electricity and water. The providers cannot be held responsible for what their customers do, like growing weed, or electrocuting puppies and kittens. If that's the...
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    Cool Video of the Day

    I was expecting Godzilla also. Here's something to hold us over.
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    Study: Even Watching TV Can Kill You

    Can we sue Netflix and all TV stations, computer makers, and furniture makers for causing us health issues and death? Like those handy lighters to light up bbq grills. Who knew they were hot!! We need warning labels. I'll just sue every company. /S