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    So many P35's ... which one to choose??

    Agreed. I have the P35-DS3L. Fantastic Motherboard for the price.
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    All text are boxes

    sounds like a corrupted/missing fonts file, to me.
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    Has the Desktop Linux Bubble burst?

    I think you're wrong on a few points. The article was talking about desktop environments (even if the article was mis-named). It's not talking about developments in compositing and xorg itself (which has been coming up in leaps and bounds), but about the desktop environments with which we...
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    Flash audio lag in ubuntu/firefox

    I originally had a few problems with the flash 9 beta player and ff2, but they seem to have been resolved. As of this post, I am watching a flash video on youtube in ff2 with the flash player 9 beta (in kubuntu 6.10), with absolutely no audio/video lag.
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    Has the Desktop Linux Bubble burst? Read it. Tell me what you think/know. I personally didn't know (or, i suppose, realize), that both KDE and GNOME have come pretty closely to a halt. Kinda depressing.
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    Searched but didn't find squat - Flipping Mobo Trays.

    look for a BTX motherboard tray
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    Custom Dell Case (Completed!)

    Glad to finally see it done, geo fry ;) Fantastic work, though. I absolutely LOVE the dell logo. Told you it'd be worth it.
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    What CD images do I absolutely need to install fedora 6?

    I wasn't trying to troll, I just figured you were one of those people who blindly jumped in. I apologize for being condescending. At any rate, I answered ya question, did I not? :P
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    What CD images do I absolutely need to install fedora 6? Google is your friend. thirty seconds isn't that long.
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    Yellow Dog Linux v5.0 Confirmed for PS3

    Yeah, I'll wait and see how well it works out before I decide to buy one. Looks like all systems are go, though :)
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    Need a little guidance.

    Gratz! Welcome to linux :)
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    Need a little guidance.

    I've got Xubuntu installed on my laptop, and I agree with Ghettobox. It's good. Runs well on my laptop. Only other thing I'd suggest is make sure you have powernowd running. CPU scaling = better battery life.
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    Yellow Dog Linux v5.0 Confirmed for PS3

    As I lay dying, what are your thoughts on this?
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    Is it just me or does this bug any one else who uses linux?

    i don't see how that presents a problem. I'm using a linux box as a main desktop replacement. Granted, I'm not doing much gaming anymore, and I'll admit that's one of linux's fallacies, but that, and given the need to know 'draconian commands' to run the OS doesn't discount it as a desktop...
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    Music player?

    Banshee broke while installing. Got it installed, and it won't start. rhythmbox it is :)
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    Music player?

    I haven't even heard of banshee. Looks a lot like rhythmbox. I'll give it a whirl, though, see what it's like. I'll report back here when i'm done
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    Post a screenshot of your linux!

    Xubuntu 6.10 converted to regular Ubuntu 6.10: not hotlinked 'cause it's a pretty big image O.o shoulda posted a screenie back when i was using beryl with the beta nvidia drivers. oh well.
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    Music player?

    I use xmms and/or amarok... depending on if i'm on my desktop or laptop. EDIT: Someone confused me. I meant I use XMMS/Rhythmbox. no kde for me.
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    Good distro for older computer

    Xubuntu would work okay.
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    Few Linux questions from a total nubcake

    cool. let us know how you like it
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    Case that holds alot of hard drives

    and besides, he said he wanted at least 8... and the tx only has seven. silverstone, in this case, seems to be your best bet.
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    Few Linux questions from a total nubcake

    I installed dapper on my main box the other day (for like the fifth time :P yay for distro hopping), and have installed xfce4, as i have apparently found that i like xfce more than gnome O.o so i'm apparently running xubuntu dapper :P
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    Flash 9 Beta

    I have edgy xubuntu installed on my laptop, running ff2 (latest update in edgy universe)... installed the flash 9, and firefox just crashes whenever i view a page with embedded flash. if needed, i can boot up my laptop and run it in a terminal to see if there's any error.
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    UBUNTU mouse drivers for 5 button notebook mouse

    I also forgot to add that you'll have to add a keyboard emulation option in your ~/.xbindkeysrc. should look like this for your five button mouse: # Activate Backward button "xvkbd -text "\[Alt_L]\[Left]"" m:0x10 + b:5 and you'll have to set xbindkeys to run whenever you start X...
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    Project: Yuugou

    Subscribed :) Fantastic work.
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    Odd question

    And I feel like I could get flamed for asking, but, within GNOME, is it possible to set two separate wallpapers for each of my monitors? I'm not using Xinerama, as i like being able to change the workspace on each monitor individually. I've been perusing google and most of the other linux forums...
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    What do you think? (dial up warning)

    quite a few of the linux live cds can boot the 'memtest' kernel... which is, in essence, memtest on a cd, no?
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    Post a screenshot of your linux!

    'bout to install dapper on my main box.... will post a screenie after i get it up and running
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    Win XP & Ubuntu Dualbooting problem!

    Boot into ubuntu, fire up your favorite editor, and open up one of two files (depending on which one ubuntu uses, i forget) it'll either be /boot/grub/menu.lst or /boot/grub/grub.conf. either way, open it up and add this to the end of it: Title Windows XP rootnoverify (hd0,0)...
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    Flash 9 Beta

    there's a bug with xubuntu edgy and flash 9 on ff2. -_-
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    Distro for older laptop?

    I'd go for Xubuntu. runs good on my old laptop.
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    Need help choosing Linux distro..

    most executables are in /bin or /usr/bin :)
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    UBUNTU mouse drivers for 5 button notebook mouse

    Well, you're going to have to do a bit of research on this one, i think. There are many many many tutorials out there (for every distro imaginable) about getting back/forward and scrolling to work. I am, (un)fortunately, going to try and combine what i've gleamed from reading a lot of them...
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    Ugh, my computer won't boot

    Could you possibly take a picture of the inside of your case? preferably multiple angles, so we can get a look at your physical set up. I'm thinking that it could have something to do with the RAID controller (assuming there is one).
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    Need help choosing Linux distro..

    Update, for those who are following. the XUbuntu 6.10 live cd works! boots fine, install app runs okay (so far, at least, i'm copying files to the hd as i type). If that fails (and, given the way tonight's been going, it'll fail), i've got the alternate cd downloading on my main box right...
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    Post your "Ghetto Mod" pics

    I may have already posted this. I dunno. but! I got all you '80mm case fan attached to my video card' fools beat. behold! For a closer look: Yeah, that's right. Red duct tape. It's been running that way for a bit over a year now.
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    UBUNTU mouse drivers for 5 button notebook mouse

    I'm not sure about horizontal scrolling, as i never got that to work quite right in windows, so i never used it at all. What you need to do is change a few options in your xorg.conf (located in /etc/X11/xorg.conf) and use a little bit of xmodmap. let me make sure we're talking about the...