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    SoftBank Dumped Its NVIDIA Stock

    I got lucky and with some screw around money, bout 100 AMD at 2.56 and sold at 12.88.
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    NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Driver 417.71 WHQL Has Been Released

    These drivers not only increased my average and lowest FPS ON my 2080, but gave me GSYNC on my Acer XG27 freesync monitor, popped up automatically right after drivers finished installing. And wow, just wow, I didn't realise what I was missing, especially in areas where before I had lag or...
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    NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Driver 417.71 WHQL Has Been Released

    Windows 10 only, update 1809 or later, Display Port only.
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    NASA Employee Personal Identifiable Information at Risk After Servers Compromised

    Yeah just got a notification my credentials from 94-12 were compromised. Their offering us a whole year, whoopee, of credit monitoring.
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    Spider-Man "Raimi" Suit Drama: Insomniac Speaks against Gamer Entitlement

    I want an open world Superman game with the types of speed and turns shown here.
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    MSI Sea Hawk RTX 2080 Overclocking @ [H]

    Your getting old and playing it safe Kyle, running at the first sign of an artifact lol. With a little patience, good psu, and msi Afterburner slider at max and fans at 66%, my Seahawk settles in athe 2138 for the ride. The VRAM is tricky this generation, I have micron on board mine, it eats...
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    Tumblr Bans All Porn from Its Service

    Ha....Hahaha haha.... omg they just put themselves out of business .
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    FTC Will Investigate Loot Boxes

    I would be soooo happy to get rid of loot boxes.
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    Princess Leia's Only Hope is Coming to Battlefront 2

    Do you have to install any funky third party launcher to buy/play this?
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    Turing binning

    Luckily my MSI 2080 Seahawk X has it. Explains why I can get over 2100 on the core, but I have micron memory that is unstable past a 200 oc, so I don't even bother with it.
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    GeForce RTX 2080 Founders Edition Overclocking Final @ [H]

    Damn, wish I coukd have sent my MSI Seahawk 2080 X to you Kyle for testing before I sold my old card. During one game, at some point it boosted to 2130, with MSI Afterburner at plus 100 core, 250 memory. Woukd love to see it tested in a controlled setting.
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    Nvidia Nerfing 10-Series With New Drivers?

    I dont think so. Think trying to mix in all the new 2080 features it just scrambled their driver code some. I'd give it 3-5 more releases before making true comparisons.
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    RTX 2070 vs RTX 2080 vs GTX 1080 Ti vs GTX 1070 @ [H]

    I just got a gtx 2080 msi Seahawk X, and it boosted to 2130 before hitting power limit according to gpu-z. It was insane performance at that level at 144/1440p. And it never got over 56 with the AIO water cooler, and it's dead silent. Highly recommend it over most other 2080s out there.
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    MSI GeForce RTX 2070 GAMING Z Performance Review @ [H]

    Looks like Nvidia is trying to go Apples route and charge you as much as they think they can, because "Nvidia".
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    NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Driver 411.70 WHQL Has Been Released

    These drivers kill performance on 10xx and older series cards by about 5%-7%.
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    White House Mulls Antitrust Probe on Tech Giants

    And this is what happens when you put pure evil and his henchmen in the White House.
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    GeForce RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti Reviews

    Any idea when you'll have cards in hand to test Kyle?
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    Sign it. Yours has always been my day 1 goto review for these cards.
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    Nordic Hardware Says RTX 2080 a Paper Launch

    PNY has the pre-order up early. $799 for a 2080 and $1000 for a 2080ti. Damn. That ti better walk on water and cook me breakfast.
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    Anyone run into this error when playing a game?

    Nada. I've tried every trick in the book plus some suggested to me. Even tried to use the games repair, clean, and update tools with no success.
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    Anyone run into this error when playing a game?

    This is from DCS world, a flight sim. It was working fine last week, then after a windows insider build update, the program won't even start, and gives me the error listed below. The official forums have been no help, was wondering if anyone here was a Windows 10 Wiz and could explain to me...
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    GTX 1180 Leaked On Vietnamese Store

    For $1500 it better get up in the morning and make me bacon and coffee.
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    The New Old Pencil Trick for 8th Gen Intel

    I have several rolls, though none that small, of Kap tape leftover from my years with NASA and the Shuttle. Makes great outdoor fly tape strips too.
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    EA on Women in Battlefield V: Accept It, or Don’t Buy the Game

    Russia had some of the deadliest Female Snipers of the entire war.
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    PSA: Amazon Raising Prime Annual Price to $119

    Yeah I just use the free shipping, so I'm going to cancel as we don't order enough to even justify that in shipping.
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    Heads up, these are causing massive issues with GTX 1060's right now, leading to boot loops or max resolution of 800x. Hold off Nvidia said in another forum not to be mentioned here a hot fix will be out soon.
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    Video Released of Uber Self-Driving Car Accident

    Hell, seeing this video now, I don't blame the self driving car at all. The woman crossing the street in the damn dark not at a crosswalk deserves the blame. Any of us would have plowed right over her as well.
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    Stores Use Database To Track And Decline Returns

    Big Box retailer hurt you as a child didn't they? It's OK, let it all out, we're here for you. Returns are there for a reason as there's no guarantee your product will work when you get home, even if it was tested in the store. Returns are a consumers right.
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    4690k --> 4770k

    Well worth it for me when my x58 died last month as I had 32GB of DDR3 sitting around. Couldn't afford a system and DDR4. With my 1080ti, it's not holding anything back, and I'm playing everything at 1440/144.
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    Samsung Unveils the Galaxy S9 and S9+

    And here I am sitting with my S5 still looking at phones that cost the down payment on a car.
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    Gartner Reports First Ever Global Decline in Smartphone Sales

    Smartphones cost more than old cars now, think that's where the line crossed.
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    Enermax T.B. RGB Fan 3-Pack & RevoBron 600W PSU Luck Draw

    My old power supply just fried my motherboard, and I'm trying to put together a new system. But do to medical bills I'm having a hard time, so a power supply and fans as a gift would go a long way to helping me game again and be able to talk to my friends.
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    Website Lets You Track Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster in Space

    October 20th, 2020 should have one heavy gravitational effect on the craft as it gets pulled by a conjunction of earth and Mars. Wonder what that will do to its orbit.
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    US Air Force to Scrap Computers Due to Windows 10 Compatibility Issues

    My buddy Flys an A10. Said each AFB has a different computer. One base might have Dell's, HP at another, and Lenvo at yet another. Some still have E machines win 98 on them, but a majority still run 2000, XP, and Vista. Luckily none of them interface or are used for mission critical items...
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    Bloke Sues Microsoft: Give Me $600M, or My Copy of Windows 7 Back

    I need to friviously sue Microsoft, they can't get to every one in time. Watch this dude accidentally win a billion through summary judgement lol.
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    Ya'll notice anything...

    Previous browsing.... Lol not gonna touch that with a 6 inch stick.
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    NVIDIA “Working Really Hard” to Increase Supply of Graphics Cards

    Soooo what's to keep the miners from picking up the increased supply?
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    Stealthy Data Exfiltration Possible via Magnetic Fields

    Basically we worry to much because our data is truly never safe.
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    After 15 Years, eBay Plans to Cut Off PayPal as Its Main Payments Processor

    Good, PayPal has gone to hell over the past 3-4 years.
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    Lots of GPUs Needed to Make Up for $500M Theft

    If one or two hackers wind up with it all it becomes worthless and gpu prices plumet! C'mon hackers.