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    Bambu Labs Printers

    Just picked up an x1 carbon for my first 3d printer. Printed some custom cases, then printed more. So freaking happy with this printer! My good friend and I have been waiting 20 years for this tech and capability! Thanks for advice from notarat to say skip the K1, get the X1. Here's some...
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    StarUI Inventory+++ And fyi
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    There goes 3 hours.. Working great on the laptop so far.
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    Password manager
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    Whatz your oldest system/gear you still use on a daily or regular basis?

    Either my current workstation or my raspberry pie 2+ b I use as a pie-hole
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    Remembering the disaster that was crypto mining and it's detrimental affects on GPU prices.

    The majority of crypto mining is done on asic's, not GPU's like you think. So I'm not sure what you're talking about with crypto miners making GPU's expensive. I think the prob was covid, and supply chain issues. I.E Dealerships have cars, but no chips in them. Thousands of ships were sitting...
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    How to connect a work laptop, personal use desktop PC and two monitors ??

    Could use a Wavlink docking station (like this) and a software like Synergy for mouse and keyboard sharing.. There are free software solutions, just can't think of it now. I use one of these 4k wavlink docking stating everyday for my work laptop as I work from...
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    China Bars Purchases of Micron Chips, Escalating US Conflict

    Retaliation for calling Huawei a security risk??
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    Intel Exits Server Building Business Market

    We use the M50CYP at work.
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    Is there a script that will compare & update all drivers against a specific folder ?

    Slipstream updates using Nlite. Should be a way with powershell. This is just an example...
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    Just read something disturbing about Windows 11

    I'd make a guess they have been doing this since Win 8.
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    The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Official Thread

    The update is not showing up in EA Play... or Origin for me. Hopefully see it tomorrow...
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    DJ Application for Mac

    Winamp? Serato DJ Lite ?
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    TC Wildlands & Breakpoint games keeps crashing

    How's your temps? I use MSI Afterburner to crank up the fans when I play. Try an older video driver? -Uninstall video card driver/app thru programs and features, reboot -Remove remaining driver with DDU, reboot -Install an older version of the driver, reboot. Try again??
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    Single Port 25gbe NIC's with 4x PCIe Gen3?

    Opps, you're 100% correct. Not sure what I was thinking.. 🙄
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    Single Port 25gbe NIC's with 4x PCIe Gen3?

    Short answer, no. You'll not see anything close to 25GB with PCIe 3.0 4x. You'll need PCIe 6.0 for the speeds you'll want to achieve with 4x.
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    2FA Authentication for SSH in FreeBSD using FIDO Webinar

    I have not implemented this methods. It's something that might be needed depending on your use case. Good idea tho! I've always used pub keys only, no passwords etc.
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    vmware vs hyper v

    vmware by far, but I hate windows and hyperv does weird things with networking. Use case? What do you want todo? There is always Linux KVM and Proxmox.
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    Old s9i miner won't mine Normal led not On Running an S19 Pro 110TH with new firmware (
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    Antminer S19 95th/s Asic Miner, 3250w Bitcoin Miner $4,599.99 (OOS)

    You can find them, but have you purchased from this place? Where are they coming from? Is the import tax paid for or not? Can you share that info, or post in this thread? I was speaking about new S19's, not used. I would never buy a used miner.
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    Antminer S19 95th/s Asic Miner, 3250w Bitcoin Miner $4,599.99 (OOS)

    Any new S19 below 10k right now is a scam. FYI:
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    Intel Building New 7nm Chip.... to mine Bitcoin

    Not sure if you've seen this, but they already have a buyer. What I'm not sure about is if they are only doing the chip, or the entire unit? They have the resources to either or. As someone in a...
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    New Mass Effect Game
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    Bitcoin all time high

    No, it wont end. It's going to keep going up. More so when millions are going into mining ops.. As BTC gets worth more $$, more will mine, and more $$ will pour into it.
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    Need to wipe the drives in a few PC's and laptops

    dban Put on USB, boot..wipe...
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    Help troubleshoot 10gb nic slowness

    Which NIC? Did you set MTU there too? All devices should be same MTU.. but you prolly know that. Have you tried another tool other than iperf3.x? Try 2.x? Try a "-b" to set BW. When I was testing 25G/40G/100G at Intel in linux land we used various tools to measure speeds. Some were not...
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    Windows 11 leak reveals new UI, Start menu, and more (UPDATE - added source for Windows 10 retirement date)

    Are they adding more spying, or the ability to easily disable/remove etc?🤔
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    Stranded Deep

    May got a major update for PC for those curious.... I have ~50 hours if playtime... but have not...
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    Looking for software to store user/pwd info
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    Reboots when starting cmd [SOLVED]

    What do your system logs say? Anything of value? Do you have any logging when you start the bat file? What does it say? >I disconnected a cpu and it seems that the problem was solved Could be bad memory just looking at all the issues. Could be bad CPU.... Make sure BIOS firmware is up to date...
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    CD Projekt Red says it was hacked but won't pay the ransom

    How the f did this happen? "an unidentified actor gained unauthorized access to our internal network" So they had anon access? Lack of proper security people doing audits maybe? I do some of this for my job so I dont understand how this happens. Lack of people, exp, oversight etc. 😠
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    Assembling an Ethernet video & audio network

    The context of NAS here is not a program. NAS = Network Attached Storage. Please do more research. What do you like about Raid6? Why Rad6? Raid != backup What? Sounds like you either need an external hdd or you want to build a SAN or NAS server. You did not give a use case, so it may not be...
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    Assembling an Ethernet video & audio network

    Link to the thread, it may help with questions. There is no context and its not clear what you want. Sounds like you need to go buy a network switch....?
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    [DEAD][Epic store] Free STAR WARS Battlefront II: Celebration Edition until January 21, 2021 8 AM PST

    I liked the SP. I really liked flying. I have not tried MP yet. SP was too short imho. :(
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    Do I hate Epic LESS then Origin?!?

    Epic is slow for me. Got a free game in Epic.. installed it, which it asks for Origins creds... Game installed but you simply cant run it from Origin you have to start it from Epic. So I have Origin and Epic open to play Star Wars Battlefield 2 o_O . (Never played it, free on Epic.)
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    Advice wanted on good cable management solution

    I screwed a 6' PDU to the underside of my desk and use the Ikea Signum and lots of velcro ties to keep things neat.
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    Cheapest way to get into servers

    What do want to learn exactly? If you want to learn how to apply firmware and watch how long they reboot, then get a phyiscal server... otherwise you really dont need a 1U/2U server. A raspberry pi will work with your use case. Can always go the VM route with vmware workstation for windows or...
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    Question about Deleted Data Security of Different Drives

    dban - Use it at work for Top Security cleaning...
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    Cyberpunk 2077 - needs more polish for a AAA title

    Play again on another background? Do more side stuff? I dont have the pc to play this yet, but been watching lots of videos....