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    Amazon Enters the Ground Delivery Robot Market

    Need one more like a battle-droid...
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    The Ora R1 Is a $8,600 Electric Car from China

    i'm getting an Ora fixation...
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    Researchers Demonstrate Hot Tub Hack

    Could be a great example of this:
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    2015 White House OPM Hack is Still Largely Unfixed

    top secret full exposure
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    San Francisco Passes Proposition C Also Known as the "Homeless Tax"

    Maybe it's time to start building ethical suicide parlors, with optional organ donation.
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    Facebook Has Patented Generating Friend Suggestions Based on Real Life Contact

    just leave your phones in the living room while you're bouncing on the bed
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    Apple Plans to Give Away Original Content for Free to Device Owners

    That's what they meant by the reference to the tent pole franchises...
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    Tommy Hilfiger XPLORE Clothes Will Track Your Location

    minus 10 points for going to the laundry
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    Drone-Powered Parasols Possibly Coming to Japanese Golf Courses in 2019

    As in : use this if your heart plug is jammed?
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    Facebook Delays Home-Listening Tech

    "video chat capabilities". ...i see you need to buy some skin cream and some hair replacement service...
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    AMD Stock Downgraded, Bitmain Releasing Ethereum ASIC Miner

    all those cards have black lung, and glow in the dark gonads
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    Wu Tang Clan Coin?

    It's all mines
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    Rainbow Six Siege $129.99 but Wait There's MORE!

    Hot enough to make you itch
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    A Doctor Built a Machine That Helps People Die

    quick slash thru jugular and carotid: all over in 15-20 seconds, lie in bath for easy cleanup.
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    Facebook Denies 'listening' to Conversations

    they're not using the microphone, they're reading your mind...
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    Samsung Jumps into the Tracker Business

    explosive collar version available q3 2018
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    Killer Pacific Rim Robots Coming in 2018

    the first movie was well done and fun to watch and good fx, but the idea of making human shaped waldos to fight monsters is silly.
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    The Pixel 2 Proves Headphone Jacks Are Truly Doomed

    it's like assless chaps...
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    Watch Star Trek: Discovery’s Main Title Sequence

    but her name is Michael :(
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    Glassdoor Ordered to Unmask Anonymous Users in Criminal Inquiry

    anything you type, anywhere, may be used against you... whether you did anything wrong or not.
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    Battle for the Future of the Internet

    is that fire coming out both ends of the unicorn?
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    Amazon Quietly Rolls out Its Own Geek Squad to Set up Gadgets in Your Home

    $34.95 for professional installation of USB cable...
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    Konami Blacklisting Ex-Employees across Japanese Game Industry

    not a great way to entice new talent
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    HP, Lenovo, ASUS to Release First Snapdragon 835 Windows 10 PCs

    no backdoors required, since they live in your house
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    Hackers Hold Disney’s Latest "Pirates of the Caribbean" for Ransom

    The hackers have demanded an enormous amount of money be paid to dollar
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    [H]ardOCP Spec Bookshelf Speaker Setup

    If you want some really kick ass powered computer speakers try the JBL LSR305. Designed as studio monitors, they have better bass than most 5.5 inch monitors. Occasionally on sale for $200/pair. Sounds great at low volume or LOUD. ;}