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    ps2 converter for mechanical keyboard for nkey rollover?

    USB can do NKRO just fine if the manufacturer chooses to. Nerdy explanation. In the case of your Majestouch, Filco didn't choose too. However, it will still do NKRO with the PS/2 adapter.
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    Just to broaden the horizon a bit further, some people will use a gamepad and a mouse together. Analog stick movement while retaining mouselook, works pretty well if you don't need tons of buttons for a game.
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    I think my pc diying. Psu or ? Shutdown

    Aww shit... just realized who I was responding to. I'm nobody around here, but even I've noticed your frequent past PC worries. Yeah man, lighten up and let it go. Enjoy your games and don't think too much about every little weird thing that happens. Computers do weird shit all the time, it's...
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    I think my pc diying. Psu or ? Shutdown

    Since it only happened once and everything is fine since then, I'd just chalk it up to any number of random power issues. A short brownout or unusual fluctuations on the mains can sometime cause a PSU to shut off. I wouldn't worry about it unless it starts happening repeatedly.
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    Some games hard-crash my box but simultaneous Furmark & Prime95 torture tests don't... I'm going nuts

    Is that PSU from a year ago or more? Some of their older Focus models had an oversensitive OCP problem with 30 series cards, and some of their older Prime series are sensitive to noise on the 12V sense line also caused by 30 series cards. I experienced the latter with the exact same symptoms you...
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    Need replacement for Seasonic TX-850 with better OCP for 3090

    I had the hard shutdown problem on an older TX-750 with a 3080ti. Was convinced it was an OCP thing as well after reading this thread and others. Fortunately, I stumbled across the thread where Johnny Guru explains that it has nothing to do with OCP on the Prime models and is really a problem...
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    AMD Ryzen Master / Question about Best cores for PBO curve

    PBO on motherboard limits, CO at -25 for most cores, two cores at -15, Fmax enhancer off, and DRAM/FCLK at 1900. Everything else relevant on auto/default. I hadn't messed with RAM timings yet when the 00 codes started cropping up. I honestly don't know, I haven't tried optimized yet (or really...
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    AMD Ryzen Master / Question about Best cores for PBO curve

    I saw the same issue when setting CPU Power Phase Control to extreme, I would get random crashes with Q-Code 00. Switch back to auto and everything is rock solid, no other changes were necessary. Maybe there is something buggy going on with the extreme setting.
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    X570 Crosshair VIII Dark Hero

    W_PUMP+ and AIO_PUMP default to full speed, but you can configure them for PWM or voltage control in the BIOS if you like. So you can use whichever header is most convenient to you. edit: doh, didn't see the other reply while I was typing. Yeah, what he said.
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    5800x and Asus Fmax Enhancer. Higher clockspeed but lower scores!?

    Most likely it's because of a phenomena known as clock stretching. Essentially, the processor is throttling frequency down then back up faster than most monitoring software can recognize. The reason for lower scores is because your true average frequency ends up being lower over a given time...
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    Are there any air flow cases with support of 280mm radiators on top?

    Yeah, avoid the 4000D if you plan to top mount, nice case but it is very tight up top. I know from experience that Arctic's 280 and Gskill Neo aren't even close to fitting. In fact, front mount 280 with tubes down will require a bit of case cutting (Yup, I hacked that brand new SOB up). Tubes up...
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    Co. that makes wooden mechancial keyboard, is the keys + electronics in-house or is there a great OEM keyboard co.?

    Both examples get their key switches from Cherry, which is a popular mechanical switch manufacturer that most others are copying (copycats include Gateron, Kailh, Zeal, and many others). Your first link is made by Varmilo who I don't know much about, but for your second, the Filco boards from...
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    How bad did I screw up my radiator?

    It's probably fine. A small amount of bent fins isn't going to make any real difference as long as none of the tubes got damaged.
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    FLBK_LED started blinking after shutdown

    That LED is associated with the USB Bios Flashback function. Normally, if you hold the button on the back down for a few seconds you would see that light flash a few times and then it would attempt to do the BIOS flash if there was a drive with a Bios image on it attached to the right port. As...
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    Memory-selling obtuseness - please clarify this??

    Plus the two different revisions (B vs Z) are likely different memory IC's. Some have hynix chips, some have samsung etc. Certain IC chips (usually the samsungs) gained a good rep with the overclock crowd and early Ryzen owners, so sticks based on those tend to carry a price premium now.
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    Fry's Electronics permanently closing Feb 24, 2021

    Man, where am I going to get shitty 50¢ hot dogs now? mmm cold greasy delicious shitty 50¢ hot dogs.
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    X570 Crosshair VIII Dark Hero

    No issues yet, pump is very quiet, but I've only built this system a week ago.
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    X570 Crosshair VIII Dark Hero

    I'm using a Rev 3 of that cooler on this board right now, the normal mounting alignment will work just fine. It's just the optional new offset mounting that won't quite clear the top M.2 cover. The Rev 3 brackets are drilled for both options already and Arctic says they will send me a revised...
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    Arctic Liquid Freezer II rev3

    Re: wrong screws, yup I just installed one recently and the those are definitely the wrong screws included. The ones you need to use are the little bitty ones you use to screw an ssd into a drive tray, then the brackets will be nice and snug.
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    my Gen4 nvme speeds don't match. Anything to try?

    Benchmarking the OS drive (I'm assuming OS because of c: designation) while Windows is running from it can give pretty inconsistent results because the OS may be accessing it during the run. Also, yes smaller sizes are often slower and different mobos/systems can give different results as well.
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    WTT: * SOLD *

    Pmed about the combo.
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    CPU overclocking using offset voltage

    I've used offsets to OC a bunch, but mostly in the positive direction and I'm also on fairly old hardware atm so there may be newer caveats that I'm not aware of. But, you're correct in the understanding that applying an offset will generally affect every individual voltage level (VID) across...
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    Wireless mic? Not headphones...

    Some games will do what you want if set the headset as 'default communication device' and speakers as 'default playback device' in windows sound control panel. Unfortunately, a lot of games just combine all the audio into one signal and don't directly support multiple output devices. For the...
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    Mouse pad surfaces?

    Lemon pledge on your mouse feet, I'm serious, it works and if it's too slick for you it'll wear off in a couple days/weeks. On cloth pads I just do the feet, with a hard pad you can do both surfaces and it'll be ridiculously slick. Picked this tip up from someone here many years ago, so credit...
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    Whats your "go-to" TIM ?

    MX-4, because it's cheap and comes in a big tube that has lasted me years.
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    Anyone give up on PC Surround sound and just go stereo? Any regrets?

    To go along with this idea, you could also check out the Focusrite Scarlett or Presonus interfaces, they're all fairly inexpensive. I got the Scarlett to feed my PC to monitors based on a recommendation from here and I'm plenty happy with it (even though I barely use most of it's features).
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    Storage Suggestions (4 Months)

    Battery gurus usually recommend to store LI-ion batteries at around 40-50% charge if it's going to be long term; helps to avoid capacity loss. Other than that, I would say just keep 'em somewhere clean, dry, and free of extreme temps. And a lock, definitely lock them up so they don't grow...
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    Keyboard alternative for gaming?

    For some games, I just use a standard gamepad in my left hand and a mouse for the right hand. Makes a nice combination of analog stick for movement while still keeping superior mouse aim. I found it especially useful in games like GTAV where you're frequently switching from FPS to driving...
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    Do all of these new USB headsets even make use of a sound card?

    USB headsets act as their own sound card. The circuitry is built into the headset hardware.
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    Ironwolf / Western Digital - Help me make a decision.

    He's in Canada, thus
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    PC Building Simulator Out Now

    As a game, seems pretty meh. However, since the part models are based on real world components, maybe there is some potential for this as a cheap design tool. Check out different color schemes and loop layouts and whatnot.
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    Are you happy with your Pascal investment?

    I am absolutely thrilled with my Pascal "investment" because I invested exactly $0 into my 1070 (thanks to Nvidia's Order of 10 contest). I honestly thought I was getting trolled/no way this is real/nobody ever wins etc. until the card finally showed up to my doorstep a couple weeks ago. Decent...
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    Win10-What are these toggles for?

    It's not stock, I run it at 46. I don't think that page has ever recognized an OC correctly. This is the latest build that came down this morning. done...
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    Win10-What are these toggles for?

    I've never noticed these before. Anyone know what these four switches are supposed to do? Are they just a visual mistake in the latest preview build? Self destruct switches? Edit: I've turned them on a few times (disappointingly, no explosions yet), they just revert back to OFF every time I...
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    Wasteland 3 Officially Announced

    Wasteland 3 Announced, Coming to Fig October 5th - inXile Forums I just stumbled across this. I liked the last one enough to play through a couple of times. Crowdfunding is supposed to start Oct. 5.
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    Raspberry Pi Sells Over 10 Million Computers

    Pi 3 is only $35 for an ARM quad core and 40 GPIO pins. I'd rather have it than any used PC I can get for less than that.
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    The Z Is “The Most Advanced Gaming Mouse Ever Made”

    I'm not a huge fan of modifier buttons tied to tilt/pivot functions (or modifiers in general), just seems like it would be awkward and/or too easy to trigger the modifier when you weren't trying to. Tilt/pivot by themselves are sort of interesting, but it also bugs the hell out of me when I can...
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    What was the very first video card you ever bought?

    Voodoo 3 3000 to replace the S3 Virge that came in my first POS beige box. I still have that voodoo collecting dust around here somewhere...
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    very confused -- Color Management & Color Space questions

    I don't know a whole heck of a lot about the subject, but this is what I was told/had to do to get windows to use a color profile on the desktop and in Windows photo viewer: 1. Go to Windows Color Management control panel, go to the advanced tab. 2. Click on "Change system defaults...", a new...
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    Controlling Fan Speed

    If you're looking for a relatively simple controller that will run up to six 3-pin fans controlled by a single pwm line from the MB, check out the Sunbeam Rheosmart. It's not very fancy, but it does pretty much what you were looking for in the OP for ~$30. It "converts" a PWM control line to...