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    Intel 320 Series 300GB SSD

    Anand had this to say about the write failure...
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    New MBP and Intel QuickSync.

    Apple doesn't come out and say it, but it seems they might for Facetime.
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    Thunderbolt demo

    I think it's something like 8ns.
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    iPhone os 4.0

    I have to imagine that it is the RAM that is holding it back. I believe it's 128MB vs 256MB.
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    Intel 34nm SSD will have a 60% reduction in price!

    According to Anand's tweet: It's looking good.
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    Intel 34nm SSD will have a 60% reduction in price!

    Not entirely correct...
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    10.5.7 adds Core i7 support

    I hope it's the case that iMacs get a Core i7 but I don't think that is likely at all.
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    1TB drive by Hitachi will be available very, very soon... cheap, too :D

    Well, according to Seagate, their drive will only have 4 platters. Seems even more of a feat.
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    X-Fi for Mac?

    I wonder how that's going to occur? ;)
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    Why oh Why can't the Mac-Mini have dual-link DVI???

    I really don't consider an iMac low end.
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    Apple Virus

    No. Because Intel chips make OS X insecure.... :rolleyes:
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    ????-Will the new Intel Dual Core Mini's???/

    It should be fine. 1920 x 1200 is the max.
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    I need some feedback about the 12' iBook

    I don't think that is much of a reason to stay away from the MacBook, when I'm sure most programs will run just as fast through emulation on a MacBook, then they would natively on a PowerBook. Except for the handful of ones that won't work at all.
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    Post Your Mac Setup!

    Here's mine. Just a simple Mac Mini. Also, this topic needs to be a sticky. :)
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    iMac vs. Mac Mini

    iMac, even if you are only going to dabble in movie stuff.
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    Apple should have called the new iIrony

    I don't look at it that way at all. To me, it seemed as Apple had really no other choice. IBM wasn't helping them out, so they went to someone who could give them what they wanted. And one's not really better than the other. Apple will of course make the product seem better than pervious...
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    External hard drive problem

    Yes, it can read NTFS, but can not write to it.
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    5G iPod...The Little Things

    I believe it's 2.1 Mbit/s.
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    How do you convert avi or wmv to H.264 or .mov?

    Here is also a nice little guide on how to do it:
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    How do you convert avi or wmv to H.264 or .mov?

    You would think there would be a way to do it in iTunes now.......
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    Mac Mini?

    Screenshot? What are you getting at?.... ;) Why, do the Mini's now except 2GB sticks?
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    Mac Mini?

    Well, the Mini can only support one monitor so you won't be able to dual it up. And you'd be better off waiting to make sure you can get the "new" Minis cause the 64MB on the graphics card will be very helpful.
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    Should I get a cinema display?

    Nothing that I can think of. If you don't mind the look of a Dell, I would go with that.
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    what are the major differences between ibook and powerbook

    Both iBooks only sport a resolution of 1024x768.
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    bah! new mac mini...

    When did you get it?
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    7200RPM Hitachi 2.5"

    That's very good to hear, as I having been looking at one for my Mac Mini to speed it up. But wasn't too sure if it would be worth it.
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    Wierd safari issue and the [H]

    What is happening to me now, is if I don't use Safari at HardForums for awhile it won't work. But go and access it on Firefox and then use Safari to access it, it will suddenly work. A tad weird, wonder what is going on?
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    Wierd safari issue and the [H]

    I am having the same problem also. It has been occuring for me since Saturday morning. EDIT -- Figures the second I post this it starts to work again....
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    which upgrade do i need the most?

    I ended up upgrading the ram, it was a good choice but I still feel the hard drive is holding me back. So I would consider thinking about upgrading the hard drive in the future. That 2MB cache on it isn't helping it much. :rolleyes:
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    Dual core G5's could be in the making

    If they put the G5 in the Powerbook line it's going to become quite hard to wait for 12" Powerbook with an Intel.
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    Anyone playing WoW on a newer iMac?

    He's talking about his Powerbook.
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    Free Yahoo 360 Invites

    Thanks! Edit: Thanks, again!
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    More crack!

    Really? I hear Expose` doesn't run too well with only 32MBs of video ram. Does it run choppy?
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    post up your tiger experience

    Although not my experience, Anand has a review of 10.4 up if you would like to take a look.
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    I bought a mini!

    If you got some time (and a camera) throw up some pics. Or some specs, please. :)
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    I bought a mini!

    Yep a good choice. I plan to pick one up after my birthday, May 1st, so hopefully Tiger will be installed and good to go.
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    FT: Logitech MX700

    Sounds good.
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    FT: Logitech MX700

    Kind of a weird trade. In anycase, I am looking to trade my MX700 for a MX500 or MX510. The mouse comes with everything, mouse, charger, and Installation CD. Any questions just shoot me a PM or e-mail. nintendofan AT Feedback: E-Bay
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    New DRebel Thread (w/pics)

    Emberghost, you take some of the best Sunset pictures I have seen. Love them all. Keep it up, and keep them coming.
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    Bluetooth Keyboards and Mice ?

    They're not all that bad, I have an MX700 and it gets the job done, and is great for gaming. As for Bluetooth mice and keyboards, I have heard they are equal or better then that of RF.