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  1. Armenius

    RoboCop: Rogue City

    Patch #03 is dedicated to fixing crashes. The notes say they fixed 22 crashes.
  2. Armenius

    Resolution question

    No, but regardless it was obvious on the desktop when using the DSR resolution. I'm not saying that integer scale is without flaws, as the image clarity was still worse than native going to 5K, it just wasn't as bad as 4K.
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    Resolution question

    I've used DSR to get up to 5K resolution on my old PG278Q and it still ran at the monitor's native refresh rate of 144 Hz. I don't see why it wouldn't work in this monitor. The image is more blurry using non-integer factors. 4K is 2.25x the pixels of 2560x1440, and using the same example...
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    Assassin's Creed: Syndicate

    They rebranded it to Ubisoft Connect 3 years ago.
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    144 is evenly divisible by 48 while 120 is not, though I don't know if there is a lot of 48 Hz content out there. Avatar: The Way of Water is a notable recent release that is 48 Hz.
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    Odd display issue, lines on screen on startup, remain with no input

    Yes, this is known as the "pin 20 issue." Try a different DisplayPort cable and see if it goes away.
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    Would you ever go back to LCD after experiencing OLED?

    Samsung's OLED panels are RGB, the subpixel structure is just arranged in a triangle shape. 1st gen QD-OLED: 2nd-gen QD-OLED:
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    They both use the same panel. This one is just overdriven to get 138 Hz refresh rate. There was a firmware update on the C3 that fixed the VRR flickering. I got my C3 on day one and it was really bad before the firmware update. If you mean on just LG televisions. We already have OLED...
  9. Armenius

    Super Mario RPG (2023)

    I have the same issue with the jumping rope in Final Fantasy IX. Was able to do it with some warmup originally, but that was on a CRT. I ended up using an autohotkey script on the PC and PS4 version...
  10. Armenius

    HDD component supplier ‘collapses’

    True, but one day after the Tom's article was published, they are still the only site reporting on this.
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    4090s will be in short supply for the next 2 years

    Spring 2025
  12. Armenius

    Most demanding game right now in 2023 ?

    Cities: Skylines II
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    Valve accidentally reveals that Left 4 Dead was a Counterstrike mod

    Natural Selection could have certainly used Valve's magic to polish that game.
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    HDD component supplier ‘collapses’

    Tom's is the only one reporting this, probably due to a bad translation of the Chinese sources they're pointing to. The Yahoo! Taiwan page they link to was taken down. One of their staff was probably looking at a news wire and got excited about having a scoop in the US. Here are some articles...
  15. Armenius

    4090s will be in short supply for the next 2 years

    I think this is just the way the website behaves. I was having similar issues trying to buy a 4090 earlier this year from Gamestop.
  16. Armenius

    Nvidia pulls in some $18.1B up from $5.93B this time last year...

    AI making the decision to kill humans is what The Creator is basically about, by the way.
  17. Armenius

    Nvidia pulls in some $18.1B up from $5.93B this time last year...

    Then you won't like this:
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    4090s will be in short supply for the next 2 years

    Gamestop, not Gamespot, but yes they do. They have sold graphics cards for many years at this point. Remember that they started out as Babbage's, and assimilated Electronic's Boutique and Software, Etc.
  19. Armenius

    New Ghost Recon Project OVER

    That video is just a compilation of footage from Wildlands and Breakpoint. Looking at the person's channel shows they are your typical content leech. The only thing we have about this is the internal name for the game, which Tom Henderson leaked in a tweet from July...
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    Killer Instinct

    Not on Steam.
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    Resident Evil 4 (remake)

    If it's like the original RE4 you can still trigger a reload animation by pressing the reload button, if you want. There are plenty of mods for discerning perverts out there.
  22. Armenius

    Cyberpunk 2077

    That first sentence is quite the run-on, so I doubt it. Many other issues with it structurally. LLM-generated, perhaps.
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    Windows 11’s AI-powered Copilot (and its Bing-powered ads) enters public preview

    Microsoft integrating "AI" into Bing is why I stopped using it.
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  25. Armenius

    Doom Eternal

    The default HUD colors are what I disliked, so I'm glad they included options to change it. Eternal is in nearly every metric superior to 2016.
  26. Armenius

    Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (remake)
  27. Armenius

    Diablo IV - The Real Official Thread

    I don't think it looks washed out. It looks exactly the same on my Series X and PC.
  28. Armenius

    Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2
  29. Armenius

    OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Fired, ChatGPT Hired As Interim CEO

    AGI isn't possible so long as all the stakeholders have ideological motivations. We already see the bias built into the ChatGPT algorithm. Look at what Microsoft did to Tay.
  30. Armenius

    Atomic Heart

    Because it's 2023 and everybody wants to play as a cat. Thanks, Stray!
  31. Armenius

    [Dead]MicroCenter: $300 7800X3D. $289 7900x. Pricematch with Best Buy.

    Keep in mind that board is B650, so no PCI-E 5.0 support.
  32. Armenius

    Redfall (Arkane Studios)

    *On Steam.
  33. Armenius

    I have the 42 Inch LG C2 and want something smaller

    38" UHD: 38" QHD:
  34. Armenius

    NVIDIA RTX 50 “Blackwell” GB202 GPU GDDR7 384-bit memory

    Can't wait until we start seeing the DP 2.1 monitors on the market in 5 years :ROFLMAO:
  35. Armenius

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Ultimate Edition comes out December 5. I don't know why this is needed when they're already selling a bundle that includes Phantom Liberty. Maybe it will cost $60 instead of $80?
  36. Armenius

    Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection

    Now on GOG with a 40% discount.
  37. Armenius

    Western Digital Ships 24TB & 28TB Hard Disks, Declares "Total Supremacy"

    24GB? I don't think anybody makes drives that small anymore.
  38. Armenius

    PS5 Headset Recommendation (Nobody can hear what I'm playing)

    The Sony Pulse headset is already closed-back and has some of the least sound leakage for over-the-ear headphones. Is she sitting right next to you while you game, or something? Unfortunately, the only way to get less leakage is to use a pair of earbuds. I only use buds at work for music, but...
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    The patch adding DLSS to the game has been released to the main build channel. It is available now on Steam. Not sure about the Xbox app.