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    YouTube TV Expands Its Service Nationwide

    Some are 1080, some are 720. While I cant compare to other services, quality isn't the best. It was about the same as my old cable service though (Spectrum). Its do-able but netflix and amazon have higher quality streams. Of course, live encoding is a lot harder than pre-rendered. FWIW, delay...
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    Nvidia CEO Claims GTX 10 Series Cards Have Almost Sold Out

    It was, to move the old pascal stock. Hopefully with it gone, we'll get a price decrease, but realistically they wont reduce the prices unless forced.
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    Nvidia CEO Claims GTX 10 Series Cards Have Almost Sold Out

    Which was their plan all along.
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    Here Is the Official "AMD Radeon VII: World's First 7nm Gaming GPU" Reveal Trailer

    Let just hope Navi is as good as people are saying and they're just trying to dump all Vega chips before they release Navi later this year.
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    The Division 2 PC Features and Specifications Have Been Released

    1080/60 isn't that bad for the 970. I think The Division 1 ran at 70-80 maxed out.... I guess I should start thinking about upgrading. Weird being forced to upgrade rather than wanting to upgrade, says a lot about current gen gpu offerings.
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    AdoredTV Discusses the Recent AMD Ryzen and Radeon 3000 Series Leaks

    Its 8 core chiplets, so still only 2.
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    AMD Radeon RX 590 Graphic Card Releasing November 15th

    Wow, didn't the RX580 have a low 200 msrp? hope that info is wrong. AMD trying to milk the inflated prices as much as possible if so.
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    AMD ThreadRipper 2nd Generation, Intel i7-9600K & i9-9900K Cinebench Scores Leaked

    I still think the i7 will be hyper thread (6/12). There will be a 8c/8t but will be a low i9 variant, 9800?
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    Facebook Wants Messages in TV Ads That Force Your Phone to Record Audio

    Just turn off all the permissions for the apps.
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    CPU Utilization is Wrong

    Yup, why game 100% loads produce different temps than say Prime or IBT 100% loads.
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    Samsung Electronics Estimates 56% Jump In Profit

    Time for another power outage to increase profits another 50%.
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    Half of Notebooks Expected to Have SSDs

    I always buy dell lease returns for my laptops, because I'm cheap. A few years ago they started showing up with SSDs, picked up one for $250 and it had a 256gb ssd in it (when 256gb ssds were $100 new still). Great score and still using it to this day and runs great. Its a Sandybridge system, so...
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    Microtransactions and DLC Have Tripled the Value of the Game Industry

    I spent probably $40 on csgo skins. I didn't open cases but just bought what I wanted... so I supported it in a way. I am part of the problem.
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    Intel Preps Dual-Core i3-7360X for X299, but Why?

    I still have a feeling they're going to drop the K series and overclocking in anything but the HEDT platform in the future.
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    Intel's 12 to 18 Core Skylake-X CPUs Delidded

    This happens even with soldered processors. My 5820ks have a > 10c delta between cores. IIRC my 2500k and q6600 did as well.
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    The Top 5 Best Overclocking CPUs of All Time @ [H]

    Good list. I only had a sandy bridge on this list. My first computer had a pentium 90 that I switched the jumper setting and made it run at 100MHz. Every system after that I overclocked. Going to a Celeron 366@550 after that, then Thunderbird Athlon @ around 1ghz (dont rememeber the exact specs)...
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    Nexus 6P Bootloop Fix Found

    I am a 6P ow...... Powering down.
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    Intel Bringing 6-Core CPU SKUs to Market Soon

    Won't Coffelakes still have 16 pcie lanes?
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    Linus Has Some Things to Say about Core i9 and X299

    I have a feeling that the HEDT x299 will be the overclocking platform. They'll remove the K skus from the main stream platform, and you'll be stuck with the HEDT if you want to overclock. But they're trying to throw too much into the single chipset.
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    AMD Ryzen 9 Threadripper Lineup Leaked

    The 5820k was pretty affordable.
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    What is The Best Thermal Paste to Purchase in 2017?

    After I lost my AS3 I went with some Prolimatech that I've had for a while now.
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    This Is What The 2016 Nexus Phones Will Look Like

    The 6P has front stereo speakers.
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    Is A 2 Hour Game Worth $18?

    What should the cost of entertainment be for video games? My general rule of thumb is the same for going to the theater to watch a film, about $8 an hour or so.
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    Microsoft Rewrites Activation Rules For Windows 10

    I updated my rig to x99 a few days after installing windows 10, now my copy isn't activated any more. I called to see if they could reactivate, they said theres an issue with their servers and wait 24-48 hours to see if it would clear up, but it hasn't. I haven't called back but read online I...
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    FS: i7 4790k Processor

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    FS: i7 4790k Processor

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    FS: i7 4790k Processor

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    FS: i7 4790k Processor

    I'm selling my i7 4790k. Reason for selling is I'm upgrading to a 6 core. This is processor only, no HSF. Will come in the original box, but no factory Intel Heatsink. It seems to be a decent overclocking chip. I currently have it running at 4.6ghz @ 1.26v using a Phanteks 120mm cooler...
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    Steam 2015 summer sale is here! runs from June 11th to June 22th!

    I spent more then I thought I would. Picked up Borderlands 2 Call of Jaurez Fallout 3 GOTY Edition Project CARS Homeworld Collection Remastered It think it was $58.xx
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    Black Mesa Is Now On Steam Early Access For $20

    I was wanting to play it, to relive the HL1 experience and didn't mind throwing a few dollars at it, but for $20, I think i'll pass.. $5-10 I would of jumped on board.
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    Square Enix Humble Bundle 2

    This is what I do as well. It was $6.25 when I bought it so did $7. I Had Tomb Raider and Sleeping dogs but none of the rest, so worked out well for me.
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    Did EVGA Steal The Rivatuner RTSS Design?

    So, when will precision 15 be available to dl again? I preferred their interface over MSI's.
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    post your cinebench r15 scores please...just want to see were i stand

    Heres my i5 2500k @ 4.6ghz... a touch slower than yours at only 4.4ghz.
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    So.. when did you start your Steam account?

    December 25 2007. Built myself a new gaming pc for Christmas and got myself Orange Box. I think my old pc was a athlon t-bird and a geforce 3 ti 200 at the time, haha.. needless to say hadn't played any games since like 2001-2002. I remember i tried to make a steam account back when it came...
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    Watch Dogs

    I haven't had any issues with stuttering, but only have a 2gb car so high textures everything else on Ultra, smaa i think. Gets 45-60fps at 1920x1080.
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    [Rumor] Steam Summer Sale starts on 19th and lasts 8 days?

    I got quite a bit. Bastion Batman: Arkham Asylum Batman: Arkham City Bioshock 2 Bioshock Infinite Dishonored Dragon Age Farcry Farcry 2 Farcry 3 FarCry 3 Blood Dragon Game Dev Tycoon Garrys mod Hotline Miami Metro 2033 Metro Last Light Sleeping Dogs Terraria Tomb Raider Witcher 2 Total of...
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    Post Your NEW 3DMark Sky Driver Benchmark Results

    Turned the cpu up to 5ghz and reran for shits and giggles.
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    Post Your NEW 3DMark Sky Driver Benchmark Results

    Heres my i5 2500k@4.5ghz 680 @ 1215/3500